Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

It's time to meet your new maker! Lucifer is back with eight thrilling new episodes. Season 5 Part 2 premieres May 28th.
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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix
Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.


  1. Raman DJ

    Raman DJ2 דקות לפני

    My favorite the beyondor 😁

  2. Rico Villete

    Rico Villete21 דקה לפני

    Man I really thought jesus would eventually make an appearance

  3. Derek Dodson

    Derek Dodson31 דקה לפני


  4. NUMBER 23

    NUMBER 2353 דקות לפני

    Devil is no god this show is making people think devil is god just watch it for entertainment but don’t believe in that as most of people are doing satan is evil wicked 😒

  5. Seba Franklin

    Seba Franklin59 דקות לפני

    I want chole and luci to love and married at part 6 😻😻😻

  6. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou5 דקות לפני

    wait wait what is that end what did he mean by saying "if i say those three words it would be a lie" what are those three words "i love you" ????

  7. Utku Özoğulöz

    Utku Özoğulözשעה לפני

    nice nice nice

  8. Yessirski Bitch

    Yessirski Bitchשעה לפני

    Why do I feel like the only guy who watches this shit

  9. Yessirski Bitch

    Yessirski Bitchשעה לפני

    why we gotta wait til the 28th tho we been waitin for this forever bring it to netflix on the 15th or just release it now since its done anyways I mean seriously whats the hold up

  10. Skylea Novea

    Skylea Novea2 שעות לפני


  11. Amel Amoula

    Amel Amoula3 שעות לפני

    Our God is not a father

  12. XXZ3ROXX

    XXZ3ROXX3 שעות לפני

    Ain’t it funny how every problem Lucifer has it always relates to the case somehow.

  13. Brooklyn Smith

    Brooklyn Smith3 שעות לפני

    CANTTTTTT WAITTTTTT😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Wazz Newman

    Wazz Newman4 שעות לפני

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  15. Wajeeha Zee

    Wajeeha Zee5 שעות לפני

    HEY NETFLIX ... M not sure this comment will be seen or not, but I have a request... I've been searching for Tom Ellis' more projects on Netflix, but none are listed there... If u could please list them too, that would be great.. we wanna see more of him. Also, PLEASE DO MORE PROJECTS WITH HIM... THE MAN IS SOO SOO TALENTED, WE NEED MORE... GIVE HIM MORE CHANCES!! Lucifer is on its last season... Don't ghost us after that... Bring more Tom Ellis projects 😍 Thank uu 😊😊☺️

  16. Ohanwe Mathilda

    Ohanwe Mathilda5 שעות לפני

    Okay so,the future is still blurry for lucifer and chloe? I'm tired!🤦🏾‍♀

  17. Muhammad Tayyab

    Muhammad Tayyab5 שעות לפני

    Going in a wrong way. Definitely not gonna watch this part. It should have ended at season 4. That would have been a perfect ending. Just down grading with every coming season.

  18. Joshua Frith

    Joshua Frith5 שעות לפני

    Bet he doesn't love her what do people think

  19. Blueminggi

    Blueminggi5 שעות לפני

    Oh God 😳

  20. Blueminggi

    Blueminggi5 שעות לפני

    Tanrı niye siyahi bu ne yaa bdjsbxjshx Allah'ım sen affet yarabbim

  21. Ryo Sato

    Ryo Sato6 שעות לפני

    wait wait what is that end what did he mean by saying "if i say those three words it would be a lie" what are those three words "i love you" ????

  22. Eliza Erchel

    Eliza Erchel7 שעות לפני

    When this will be available?

  23. The Winchesters with the colt

    The Winchesters with the coltשעה לפני

    May 28

  24. Pail

    Pail7 שעות לפני

    1:50 new flaming sword

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  26. Jonathan M. Lamont

    Jonathan M. Lamont7 שעות לפני

    The whole season spoiled in one trailer...

  27. Stuart Damien

    Stuart Damien6 שעות לפני

    They did the same last season with Eve though so its to be expected now.

  28. Елена Маткова

    Елена Маткова8 שעות לפני

    Привет Карина иииииииииииии иииииииииииии иииииииииииии иииииииииииии иииииииииииии иииииииииииии иииииииииииии иииииииииииии 👸💑💀✨

  29. Tom The cat

    Tom The cat8 שעות לפני

    I'm going to be god, love that line 🥰🤗😁😈😇✌

  30. القبيسي الشهري

    القبيسي الشهري9 שעות לפני

    wow wow wow this is the war hell vs heaven 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. Rex Lol

    Rex Lol10 שעות לפני

    God was showing off when he made lauren

  32. TECHNICUS Channel & scrap

    TECHNICUS Channel & scrap10 שעות לפני

    hmm one week and 4 milions of views, awesome, i wait for next episodes of sex education here in czech republic , have all great day!

  33. Kyle121

    Kyle12110 שעות לפני


  34. asia demir

    asia demir10 שעות לפני

    'I would be lying if i said that' WHAT DO YOU MEAN??????

  35. Klaus Mikaelson

    Klaus Mikaelson10 שעות לפני

    allah zenciymiş moruq tövbe tövbe

  36. mister dumdum

    mister dumdum10 שעות לפני

    calm down "those three words" lucifers probably not talking about "i love you" they're trying to suprise us yk i fuckin hope so or this is gonna hurt-

  37. Lautner Moore

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  41. Darren Cuba

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  42. Christian Scott

    Christian Scott10 שעות לפני

    @Darren Cuba +1 = 5 =1 = 7= 5= 1= 3=5 = 1=4= 2

  43. DFQ!?

    DFQ!?10 שעות לפני

    My Reactions for this will begin a week after they air! Can't wait to experience the rest of this season along with you all!!!

  44. WavyNathanael

    WavyNathanael11 שעות לפני

    netflix should put fire force on netflix

  45. Rose G

    Rose G11 שעות לפני

    Lucifer looks good when he us angry. hot af

  46. Sharonda Bradley

    Sharonda Bradley11 שעות לפני

    they make god seem like a bad person im over here questioning stuff


    PLAYBOI SAMUSI11 שעות לפני

    Oh my God 😂😂

  48. Mias_area

    Mias_area11 שעות לפני

    Only me or someone else has it on repeat!?.

  49. Ana Muriel

    Ana Muriel4 שעות לפני

    Me too!

  50. sparkgamer07

    sparkgamer0711 שעות לפני


  51. johan

    johan11 שעות לפני

    @ trailer en 4k 60fps

  52. Kuba Kondratowski

    Kuba Kondratowski11 שעות לפני

    Im too hyped


    HTML&CSS PROJECTS12 שעות לפני

    I wish those 3 words are i hate you because we know the humorious nature of lucifer

  54. Sid Editz

    Sid Editz13 שעות לפני

    Kb ayegi 😂😂❤️

  55. Kayla Sanchez

    Kayla Sanchez13 שעות לפני

    THEY ARE PULLING A SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!! I'm screaming

  56. Kostas

    Kostas13 שעות לפני

    Finally what took you so long😂

  57. Jakub Wiegler

    Jakub Wiegler13 שעות לפני

    does anyone know what the music is at the beginning of this trailer?

  58. mpye

    mpye14 שעות לפני

    Satanist movie.

  59. Siddhant Srivastav

    Siddhant Srivastav14 שעות לפני

    so we are not going to talk about the fact that god was blleeding??

  60. Manas Ranjan Nayak

    Manas Ranjan Nayak14 שעות לפני

    Devil compromising with God for his love. Now that's is a story worth waiting...

  61. Semanur Yılmaz

    Semanur Yılmaz14 שעות לפני

    Yaaa uzun bir zamandır izleyemiyordum.YKS'den sonra devam edeceğim😈😍

  62. wow

    wow15 שעות לפני

    This is amazing

  63. Rock girl

    Rock girl15 שעות לפני

    Ok but if chloe and lucy don't end up together I no longer have faith in humanity

  64. kyle alarie

    kyle alarie15 שעות לפני


  65. Yash Nair

    Yash Nair16 שעות לפני

    Waiting so long for this

  66. bobtheminion493

    bobtheminion49316 שעות לפני

    “I will be the new god” um what

  67. Rock girl

    Rock girl15 שעות לפני

    Can we stop calling him God....that's a title, not a name. His name is Yahweh, put some respek on his name.

  68. Dipshikha Mukherjee

    Dipshikha Mukherjee19 שעות לפני

    So there's that! I always thought that Satanism is actually the back door to enter Christianity. Nice trap though. Anyways, I'm a huge fan of Lucifer. Just waiting for the season 5 part 2! :D

  69. Valarie Perez

    Valarie Perez19 שעות לפני

    No no no Lucifer you can not do my girl Chloe like that 😭 you cannot hurt her my guy 🥲

  70. Mdrajib1926 hossien

    Mdrajib1926 hossien21 שעה לפני


  71. AliRo

    AliRo21 שעה לפני

    0:53 no please no no no no that's not good

  72. Ninja geming

    Ninja geming21 שעה לפני

    I wit it so much 💯💯💯💯

  73. It's Me

    It's Me22 שעות לפני

    About time!

  74. NCS Video

    NCS Video22 שעות לפני

    Sad hit like Happy hit dislike Other can baaow baoow in comments🥴😂

  75. Ansh Arora

    Ansh Arora22 שעות לפני

    Literally watching trailer everyday until the season arrives

  76. Predator X

    Predator X22 שעות לפני

    Its proved then, God is Black🥴 Evangelicals back off😂

  77. baby girl

    baby girl23 שעות לפני

    Am I the only one e who see maze and Eve are back together

  78. Soul Hunter

    Soul Hunter23 שעות לפני

    "I am going to be god " probably the best part of this trailer

  79. Soul Hunter

    Soul Hunter23 שעות לפני

    What's up lucifer fans how many of you are waiting for 28th may ?

  80. Slug GaMiNg

    Slug GaMiNg23 שעות לפני


  81. BooshMasterOriginal

    BooshMasterOriginalיום לפני

    Can we stop calling him God....that's a title, not a name. His name is Yahweh, put some respek on his name.

  82. Impair Sosa

    Impair Sosaיום לפני

    Out on my birthday whoop 😂

  83. Carnage017

    Carnage017יום לפני

    If it doesn't have Devil Eyes by Hippie Sabotage, I ain't watching

  84. Casperly

    Casperlyיום לפני

    Is this show even better than money hiest?

  85. Devil

    Devilיום לפני

    I want to time travel to May 28

  86. Nuha Alsulaiman

    Nuha Alsulaimanיום לפני

    Not gonna lie, I feel from this trailer things are going down. Season five is not as I expected 🙂 or as good as the other ones. First fail is Michael showing up as Lucifer and being a twin . Do not hate on me! I love the show, but got disappointed a little.

  87. Nenr Nwne

    Nenr Nwneיום לפני

    I can’t wait at all I wanna see it

  88. Corvus Blackwood

    Corvus Blackwoodיום לפני

    Why did I watch this before bed!?

  89. KoolYetU

    KoolYetUיום לפני

    This show is my life

  90. Amit Kolachina

    Amit Kolachinaיום לפני

    Is it only me who wants charlette back badly , atleast a cameo would do ❤️❤️

  91. Amanat Illahi

    Amanat Illahiיום לפני

    Love you

  92. varrock4life

    varrock4lifeיום לפני

    Wow the devil wants to be god how original

  93. Rudra Singh

    Rudra Singhיום לפני

    "I am going to be god" Wow 😃😃😃

  94. Jenel T

    Jenel Tיום לפני


  95. kimbo

    kimboיום לפני

    i love eve and maze. but. maze and ella. 💔

  96. Mrighansh Agarwal

    Mrighansh Agarwalיום לפני

    Dude when it's releasing 🤔🤔

  97. Miana B.

    Miana B.יום לפני

    Ayyo this my birthday gift

  98. Okie Dokie

    Okie Dokieיום לפני

    Ok, netflix! And after that you should make the second season of "Rush" ! 🙏 Will Rush has to solve his daddy issues too.

  99. tarrynstar

    tarrynstar2 שעות לפני

    Omg yes I would like to see that too.

  100. عّبّـسڪْٱ

    عّبّـسڪْٱיום לפני

    الله حرامات اسود يو مخلينة ابيض وحلو شوي

  101. Michael Gonzalez

    Michael Gonzalezיום לפני

    Only person who would have played god any better would have been Morgan freeman

  102. ImLinsks

    ImLinsksיום לפני


  103. lifeandlivingit

    lifeandlivingitיום לפני

    Lol God attending therapy/ counselling😁

  104. GG REESE

    GG REESEיום לפני

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    NFFANVIDEOSיום לפני

    Remiel is back.

  106. Ana Muriel

    Ana Muriel14 שעות לפני

    Yep, I also think Remiel is the one who talks. Others say it is Azrael, we will see.

  107. Zuzu zuzu

    Zuzu zuzuיום לפני

    Çok şükür ya

  108. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTakenיום לפני

    I don't think Lucifer is going to have a kid with Chloe, at least not this series because we still have all of season 6 to go after 5b, and if you look at the clip, Chloe is standing when Lucifer says he's practicing dad jokes, and then when it cuts back to her giving a sort of disapproving look, she's crouched. He may be saying he's practicing dad jokes in relation to becoming God. He also says, when talking to God, something about the two fixing their relationship so that Lucifer may have a relationship with Chloe. So they surely aren't having a child yet.

  109. Ana Muriel

    Ana Muriel14 שעות לפני

    Yes, but this show makes jokes with a second meaning.


    NFFANVIDEOSיום לפני

    Lucifer introducing his father to his friends: Chloe: Hi. God, I'm Chloe. You probably knew that already. *Dan shakes his hand nervously, stuttering* "Hi.... Hello..... Uh.... Mister.... Uh... It's real nice to meet you." *awkwardly hugs him while still stuttering* Linda: Oh, my God. *smashs the table* I mean, You. *Pokes his arm* Yeah, I don't think I'm ever gonna get used to this. *God smiles* Ella: Oh, my God! It's so amazing to meet you! *hugs God* [Lucifer in his mind] *What the f---*

  111. Nctyourangel

    Nctyourangelיום לפני

    Lucifer must've taken over directly before 2020 cause something still ain't right😭

  112. Okie Dokie

    Okie Dokieיום לפני


  113. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Niיום לפני

    When they were revealing the god character , I was hoping it would be Morgan Freeman. But this guy works well too.

  114. MovieTube

    MovieTube3 שעות לפני

    Copied comment.


    NFFANVIDEOSיום לפני

    That teaser from Netflix Portugal was something else.