Porsche Panamera Buyers Guide 2010-2016 (Common Problems, Specifications, Options, Technology)

Buying a Used Porsche Panamera 970. Used Panamera buying advice.
This video will cover everything you should know or look for when purchasing a used Panamera. This is most comprehensive and complete buyer's guide from a real Panamera owner. Introduced for the 2010 model year, the Panamera 970 was the first 4dr Porsche Sedan.
We begin this video by discussing why Porsche decided to build the Panamera, its history and development. Next, we cover the exterior and interior styling, the engines available, a quick overview of the 7 speed PDK transmission, the options available, the common problems, and finally the aftermarket support. The video provides in-depth knowledge that covers everything you've ever wanted to know about the Porsche Panamera.
Have you ever wondered about:
Panamera Buyer's Guide
Panamera Common Problems
Panamera Reliability
Best Panamera Options
What to look for when buying a used Panamera

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  1. Whats Up?

    Whats Up?10 ימים לפני

    Would love to have this car...I can afford the purchase but am afraid for the maintenance en running costs

  2. Montaser Abduljalil

    Montaser Abduljalil29 ימים לפני

    Did all panamera 4's have all wheel drive?

  3. Useful Vids

    Useful Vids29 ימים לפני

    Yes, the “4” designates AWD.

  4. Chance Jones

    Chance Jonesחודש לפני

    Can you tell me where you found the picture of the black on at 11:35? Would love to know the specs on the body kit and wheels!!

  5. Useful Vids

    Useful Vidsחודש לפני

    @Chance Jones No problem - thanks for watching!

  6. Chance Jones

    Chance Jonesחודש לפני

    @Useful Vids thank you!!

  7. Useful Vids

    Useful Vidsחודש לפני

    Look up the Panamera Stingray GTR. I believe only 25 were made.

  8. nissan gt-r

    nissan gt-rחודש לפני

    I was looking for either the v6 diesel or the hybrid but they cost a fortune in Turkey sadly

  9. Najwieksze Odszkodowania

    Najwieksze Odszkodowaniaחודש לפני

    So much thanks for information. That is amaizing you know all of that 👏

  10. bobbarker14

    bobbarker14חודש לפני

    2013 Platinum 4 with 49k miles. Still under CPO warranty and other than a broken dash clock, no issues. Love it.

  11. OctoMan PC's

    OctoMan PC'sחודש לפני

    Just bought a V6 Panamera, I LOVE IT!

  12. DH

    DH2 חודשים לפני

    Just going to pick my 'new' (2015) Porsche Panamera today.... very stoked!! :)))

  13. NigWard Tennackles

    NigWard Tennacklesחודש לפני

    Does it have good leg room? I’m 6’4 and finally ready to upgrade from my 07 Maxima 😂

  14. Allosaurus Fragilis

    Allosaurus Fragilis2 חודשים לפני

    That prototype was a lot better looking than the panamera. Shame they didnt go with that design

  15. hughess004

    hughess0042 חודשים לפני

    Best Panamera info video on youtube, thanks

  16. Greg Muzyka

    Greg Muzyka2 חודשים לפני

    I was just to post this same comment. Informative, comprehensive, thx to the people who committed it :)

  17. Luis Foreal

    Luis Foreal3 חודשים לפני

    I've seen some going for as low as $20k on Craigslist with 70k miles... Great looking car, scary maintenance costs.

  18. Simon

    Simonחודש לפני

    dont buy one as a porsche mechanic at a main dealer these suffer with all sorts of problems rust being the main one and pretty much all the engines suffer with bad oil leaks also the transfer boxes like to fail very often they just are not worth it save yourself some cash and buy a bmw or audi

  19. Dogman Turtle

    Dogman Turtle3 חודשים לפני

    Got one couple months ago.

  20. Dogman Turtle

    Dogman Turtle3 חודשים לפני

    Also got car with three year warranty as the previous owner bought 3 year warranty. Also previous owner bought $3.5k Pirelli tires. For an oil change it cost around 400$ if you take it to Porsche factory. For me, I call one of the worker at the Porsche factory to come to my house for changing the oil for my car. I pay around 100$.

  21. Anton Zgurskiy

    Anton Zgurskiy4 חודשים לפני

    Do u think basic parameters and S model have huge performance differences?

  22. Useful Vids

    Useful Vids4 חודשים לפני

    V6 has good performance, but V8 will sound better and is definitely faster. Both are good choices! Find the cleanest one possible.

  23. bowieinc

    bowieinc5 חודשים לפני

    Thank you for this thorough review.


    TECH WOLF5 חודשים לפני

    Nice one man - great info thanks! I love Panameras

  25. prick the hun

    prick the hun5 חודשים לפני

    It's like family version of 911 lol

  26. Me

    Me6 חודשים לפני

    Can you do a Lexus IS video

  27. Angel Reborn

    Angel Reborn7 חודשים לפני

    every V8 engine in the world consumes oil....thats the reality...if u want a car without burning oil...get a car with less then 200 horsepower...toyota in particular....u wont have this problem ...chears

  28. Razrmotocop

    Razrmotocop7 חודשים לפני

    Am I the only one who thinks he sounds just like Ferris Beuller?? Nice channel though.

  29. Scott Beach

    Scott Beach7 חודשים לפני

    Very helpful!! Thanks.

  30. David Marino

    David Marino7 חודשים לפני

    No, it’s heinous looking. Front starts out okay then it gets worse and worse looking.

  31. niacal4nia

    niacal4nia7 חודשים לפני

    Thanks but I'm sticking with my 1986 Porsche 928S (180K miles) with an old school 5 speed manual transmission and more reliable than these newer Porsche.

  32. nanah p

    nanah p7 חודשים לפני

    This is a high tech car which means expensive.

  33. Curtis Penner

    Curtis Penner7 חודשים לפני

    How many miles/km's can you expect to put on one of these cars? I see a lot of the models for sale in my area are being sold around the 70-80000 km mark (42-48,000 miles). Makes me wonder why.

  34. Karl Berry

    Karl Berry8 חודשים לפני

    I own a Panamera and Just got a Cayenne. I get the best of both worlds. I have the protection film on the front of my panamera. It is pricey but well worth it!

  35. Hemanth Kumar

    Hemanth Kumar8 חודשים לפני

    Great video. Thanks!!! I plan to buy end of this year....my first Porsche 😀...any forum suggestions? Recommended trims? And I will be going from a 535 M sport pkg to a panamera...comments? Thoughts? Cheers

  36. Useful Vids

    Useful Vids7 חודשים לפני

    I recommend getting a GTS if you're into speed and fun. Although all models of the Panamera are great. In my opinion, it's a completely different vehicle to drive compared to your BMW.

  37. Oscar Masias

    Oscar Masias9 חודשים לפני

    You should only buy one if you do research. Maintenance is expensive. It’s funny to see people only bought one to flex and when it comes to maintenance they freak out. If you complain about price then you should’ve never bought a Porsche. It’s a nice vehicle don’t get me wrong but again it’s very pricey.

  38. Rock Flock

    Rock Flock9 חודשים לפני

    Hello. What years have the oil problems?

  39. Malfeitor

    Malfeitor10 חודשים לפני

    I own a post 2017 model, but the more I look at the pre-redesign model the more I like it

  40. David A

    David A10 חודשים לפני

    I picked up mine 2 weeks ago. Coming from a BMW 3 series, there is truly no comparison!

  41. Smokescreen Inc

    Smokescreen Inc5 חודשים לפני

    @David A any mechanical issues so far?

  42. David A

    David A8 חודשים לפני

    @Steve S. Auckerman Yeah it's very strong. I'm 6'2 and it's the comfiest car for my back I have ever sat in. You are not going to have a problem.

  43. J M

    J M10 חודשים לפני

    A fair review, I agree with all points. 2011 4S owner.

  44. SD Cleveland

    SD Cleveland10 חודשים לפני

    $20,000 for 4-corner carbon-ceramic brake job at 100,000 miles. No thank you. I’ll stick to conventional brakes and 10% longer braking from 100 km to 0.

  45. HS

    HS10 חודשים לפני

    Buy the diesel.......only!

  46. Ross Hoy

    Ross Hoy10 חודשים לפני

    Next 5 years. Im planning on a 2012 panamera 4 or 4s. Not sure if I want the v6 or v8.

  47. Maximilian Alvim De Faria

    Maximilian Alvim De Faria9 חודשים לפני

    Ross Hoy You’ll regret not getting the V8, I can promise you that. The sound is so much better.

  48. yadagani sricharan

    yadagani sricharan10 חודשים לפני

    Could you please also make a Video on Panamera diesel

  49. B2NO

    B2NO10 חודשים לפני

    Buy one used? Absolutely NOT!!!. Had a used 2011 turbo. Loved it while it was not at Porsche racking up bills. I have never had a car spend more time at the shop.

  50. Pinnacle Success Group

    Pinnacle Success Group11 חודשים לפני

    Loved this video, have watched it several times. I bought a 2010 S model 1 1/2 years ago and It has been the a fabulous purchase. Most enjoyable car I have ever owned. Maintenance can be steep, but you have to find a local independent that works on Porsche's. Will save you 30-40%. Like any car though, change your fluids on time, brakes, tires and fix something when it goes so things don't pile up. My car runs better now than when I bought because of a little tender loving and care.

  51. Paul

    Paul5 חודשים לפני


  52. Alexi7666

    Alexi766610 חודשים לפני

    I had my share of German cars in the 1990s. Horrible quality control. Things broke that should never have broken(accelerator pedal linkage, rear hatch latch on a 928, HVAC on any German car), so I switched to Lexus and Acura products and never looked back. The Germans forget about the little things that make ownership pleasurable.

  53. D J

    D J11 חודשים לפני

    The 989 prototype is much better looking.

  54. Who Knew It?

    Who Knew It?11 חודשים לפני

    Thanks bro. I’ll be getting mine very soon before my birthday

  55. Markus Ionescu

    Markus Ionescu3 חודשים לפני

    Enjoy bro!

  56. Shaz U

    Shaz U7 חודשים לפני

    How is it?

  57. Merlin Zhai

    Merlin Zhai9 חודשים לפני

    im selling my gts, let me know if u r interested. 2013 year model, it has all the options, like buttons are functional, non blank buttons.

  58. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson11 חודשים לפני

    Well done vid. Thanks for the great information.

  59. Neighbor's Complaint

    Neighbor's Complaintשנה לפני

    Great video! I am considering buying one but am finding one thing bewildering … the number of prior owners these cars all seem to have. I saw a 2012 with only 24K miles and a clean Carfax that had 7 prior owners! A number of them have had a minimum of 2-4 owners in 40K miles. On a normal car, this says they are a maintenance nightmare and the car has been shuffled from one owner to another when the owner has had his fill of the bill. Is this a good assumption or do people just buy these as toys, drive them a year and move on to something else?

  60. OatzMealHero

    OatzMealHeroשנה לפני

    This video is sooo helpful. I appreciate this video so much. Im buying one in the next few months. Now I feel confident buying it.

  61. Kxng Earner

    Kxng Earnerשנה לפני

    toyota is GARBAGE

  62. Kxng Earner

    Kxng Earner10 חודשים לפני

    @Inger Huston toyota is a UGLY Piece Of SHIT

  63. Inger Huston

    Inger Huston10 חודשים לפני

    It's not a Toyota

  64. Kxng Earner

    Kxng Earnerשנה לפני

    toyota is TRASH

  65. Pete Sampson

    Pete Sampsonשנה לפני

    Great details !!!!

  66. DK viking KD

    DK viking KDשנה לפני

    I love it too - why do people hate it??

  67. IANATOR 360

    IANATOR 360שנה לפני

    Y have porsche panamera turbo s 2009

  68. Daytona Says What?!

    Daytona Says What?!שנה לפני

    IANATOR 360 idiot

  69. IANATOR 360

    IANATOR 360שנה לפני

    @Daytona Says What?! yes, 550 hp, details and interior black

  70. Daytona Says What?!

    Daytona Says What?!שנה לפני

    IANATOR 360 no you don’t

  71. mamus4

    mamus4שנה לפני

    German made typical piece of shit. one liter oil consumption which is a quart for every 1200 miles is insane . i have a Ford with 4.0 liter engine, I never added oil between 5000 mile oil change interval it has (200,000 miles)

  72. PARA55A

    PARA55Aשנה לפני

    My 2011 had a problem with the headliner. It started to separate over the read passenger heads. Also, the drivers side AC leaked Freon

  73. anonymous62810

    anonymous62810שנה לפני

    If you buy used from a Porsche dealership and the car is Porsche Certified Preowned with a warranty for 3 years with unlimited miles does this mitigate some of these worries mentioned above? Especially if the car is 2016 and 16K miles? Thanks!

  74. Chuck M

    Chuck M7 חודשים לפני

    @Useful Vids CPO is the only choice - actually applies to any modern car, not just Porsche, especially with electronic components.

  75. Useful Vids

    Useful Vidsשנה לפני

    anonymous62810 - 2016 is the best year for the 970 chassis Panamera. Yes, a CPO car is a great choice!

  76. Mario aldalu

    Mario aldaluשנה לפני

    Love this car

  77. Mario aldalu

    Mario aldaluשנה לפני

    Love this car

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  79. Korbey White

    Korbey Whiteשנה לפני

    Great Video! I love my Panamera! Bought brand new in 2011. I did have the camphaser bolt issue but Porsche took care of me. Other than that just typical suspension replacement parts (shocks, springs, wheel bearings, recently cv boot tare).

  80. Coleopteros

    Coleopterosשנה לפני

    How many km have it now ?

  81. Robert Kertoikromo

    Robert Kertoikromoשנה לפני

    one morething !! what about emp shielding ?? and air filter like the tesla one??

  82. Robert Kertoikromo

    Robert Kertoikromoשנה לפני

    thanx for the info

  83. Jason Kissoon

    Jason Kissoonשנה לפני

    What wheels are those at 10:03 and 10:12?

  84. Jaye Jaye

    Jaye Jayeשנה לפני

    Very useful information.. will Be getting one in a few months.

  85. David Graham

    David Grahamשנה לפני

    Thanks! This was quite useful. I am looking at purchasing a 2016 model shortly.

  86. LEON LIU

    LEON LIUשנה לפני

    Thanks for the video, may I ask is 2014 panamera turbo 4WD?

  87. Useful Vids

    Useful Vidsשנה לפני

    Yes, 2014 Panamera Turbo is AWD

  88. gary gam

    gary gamשנה לפני

    Wow!! Im in the market for a Panamera & this very good information.. Thanks!

  89. Georgi Gospodinov

    Georgi Gospodinov10 חודשים לפני

    gary gam so did you get a Panamera ?


    901 TRUKK DRIVER REMYשנה לפני

    I will have one this year

  91. OrangeCayman520

    OrangeCayman5205 חודשים לפני

    901 TRUKK DRIVER REMY you buy a Panamera yet? Or is the Audi the replacement

  92. Joseph Davis

    Joseph Davis5 חודשים לפני



    901 TRUKK DRIVER REMY10 חודשים לפני

    I’m goin Saturday to see if I get approved my score is a 721 so ima go ahead and try

  94. Grandmahandsfood Vs Everybody

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    @Bianca Renee Me too

  95. Bianca Renee

    Bianca Reneeשנה לפני

    I will have one this year

  96. Dennis Snider

    Dennis Snider2 שנים לפני

    In sports plus mode the spoiler on the non turbo models will raise higher when extended.

  97. Paul Rathjen

    Paul Rathjenשנה לפני

    Turbo and Turbo S models raise higher in sport Chrono too!

  98. Nuno M. Pedro Silva

    Nuno M. Pedro Silva2 שנים לפני

    Does anyone know from where I can get the front bumper seen at 10:14?

  99. Useful Vids

    Useful Vids2 שנים לפני

    That's the Caractere bumper. www.caractere-exclusive.com/en/products/porsche/panamera

  100. Heath Detweiler

    Heath Detweiler2 שנים לפני

    Sport Plus on my ‘14 4S is grrreat!

  101. Hellbent706

    Hellbent7062 שנים לפני

    Great video. Thanks. I have the Turbo V8 model. I love it. There are a few issues I would like to add to your review. Anyone about to purchase a Panamera should understand that no matter how cheap you get one, if you can't afford the maintenance...Don't do it. A complete brake job at the dealer is over $3k, Plus there's an extra step called (Emergency Brake Adjustment) it can't be done by an ordinary mechanic shop. The dealer has to do it for $350. The Porches labeled battery cost $450. Same battery is $199 at Autozone. Just be sure to use a memory saver when changing the battery. My cam adjusters blew before the recall. CarShield denied the legitimate claim. They refused to fix it. That cost me $4k to repair. I cancelled them immediately. Thank God the part was recalled about a month later. So, the dealer reimbursed me $3k. A simple set of wipers cost $100 at the dealer but you can actually find better ones at Wal-Mart for less than $15 each. Rear window wiper does not come standard. Oil change $350 but with a Durametric scanner ($300) you can do it yourself forever for $70 or less and reset the computer yourself. A thermostat sensor only cost $39 but cost $1000 to install it. CarShield denied that claim too. 0ne spare key cost $450, headlight $1k, rear window replacement $3k. Here's the big one... A blown turbo engine cost $60k to replace. Hope that never happens. But if you can do your own maintenance, you can do it 2-to-10x cheaper. Factory Extended warranty is definitely worth it if you can afford it. Those aftermarket warranty companies like Car-Shield are rip-offs and are especially useless on a Porsche. I know this from personal experience. Regular mechanic shops are afraid to work on a Porsche. They can't wait to work your car...until they find out what kind it is. Most of them will simply say "Sorry we don't work on Porsche." They wouldn't even change the spark plug and coil pack on mine. I did it myself in less than 15 minutes. Launch control is great but you must be sure you even have launch control in the first place. It doesn't come standard. It requires you to floor the brake and the gas pedal at the same time then quickly release the brake to blast off. If you do this without the factory launch control software you will eventually destroy your both of your clutches. Remember the PDK transmission is basically a semi-automatic transmission with 2 clutches, 2 drive shafts and 2 gear boxes. PDK translates to "Porsche Double Klutch" in english can cost nearly $14k to rebuild. An alignment ""MUST"" be done at the dealer. Other shops will try to align it but they will fail. The alignment has to consider 3 different ride heights (not just the normal one) and there's no normal camber adjustment. You have to slide the entire engine sub-frame for that. Your local alignment shop won't do it but they will gladly charge you for a incomplete job. There are also two other available engines you didn't mention the Turbo-Diesel and the Supercharged V6. The regular Turbo model has 500 hp but Turbo S model has 550 hp and bigger turbos. There's also an "Executive" extended wheel-base model that adds almost 8 inches of extra leg room for the back passengers and a refrigerator in the console between the rear seats. The DVD player only plays sound from DVD (no video). You have to purchase the rear headrest monitors for video or add a aftermarket bypass hack for video through the head unit. Without a bypass, only the rear passengers can see video. Overall, it is a great car. Fun to drive and I haven't lost a race against any 4-door car. Ever! People driving Comaro's and Mustangs intentionally take off slow from red lights. They dont want me to think they're trying to race. But whenever I'm in my big stupid Yukon they take off fast as hell. There's only 3 things I don't like. All 3 are trivial. 1) There's no "lock/unlock" buttons on the doors. They're located next to the shifter. So if you're standing outside you have to reach across the seats to unlock the doors. 2) the defrost only has one speed "full-blast" which is too loud to leave on. That's really annoying. 3) While you can open the trunk from the driver's seat, you cant close it from the driver's seat. The trunk closer button is located on the trunk. So, you have to get out and go to the back to press the close button. I really been considering getting a redundant trunk closer button added to the dash. Would I buy another one? Yes! Without hesitation.

  102. Hellbent706

    Hellbent70615 ימים לפני

    @David Chavez No sir. I have never driven an Audi and I dont know much about the brand. But you're kinda asking the wrong guy. I'm totally biased! I would never choose a Audi over a Porsche Panamera Turbo. That being said, Ironmans Audi is an exception to the rule. His Audi is the only one I ever truely liked and it's too small to be a primary ride (it won't seat 4). As a 2 seater would have to be a second car and I couldn't afford it as a second car. On second thought, I did like the Audi A8 6.0 W12 that Frank Martin drove in the Transporter 3 but I still would rather have a 2021 Porsche Panamera Turbo Hybrid Extended Wheelbase Executive Edition.

  103. David Chavez

    David Chavez15 ימים לפני

    @Hellbent706 have you driven any audi? I don't know if its worth it to make more for the upgrade in luxury when the a7 is almost the same.

  104. Hellbent706

    Hellbent70615 ימים לפני

    @CACASMURF CACASMURF Man please dont wake that guy up out of cryosleep! You just preaching to the choir. At first he said the swaps dont happen, then he said just name one place that does it? You answered. Great answer of course. Thank you for that information. Now he's bitchin about cost. He has nothing constructive to say. Predictably, he'll just find something else to bitch about. You will never be right! and he will never be wrong! So please just let him make a couple of insults and wisecracks then ignore him and let him go back to sleep. Otherwise you will be arguing over trivial crap into infinite perpetuity.

  105. Hellbent706

    Hellbent70615 ימים לפני

    @David Chavez I totally understand. That's actually the entire point I was making when I first commented on this video. Don't buy a Porsche Panamera unless you understand and are able to deal with the Maintenance. Its a very reliable car for the most part but when it does need service it's hard to find a reasonable mechanic that knows what he's doing. And even if you do find one, they will charge you more simply because they figure you should pay more because of the name (Even though there's no difference in the part to justify the cost) for example Porsche charges $800 for a single brake rotor but you can get the exact same one from Autozone for $250. They treat Porsche owners like they're stupid with money and just want someone to take it from you. You constantly have to make them understand you are not going to be taken advantage of simply because you own a Porsche. This happens because rich people don't care what it cost. They'll willingly pay the sucker price for everything and average people get grouped up with them thinking we'll do the same.

  106. David Chavez

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    heyy i'm planning to buy US model Panamer turbo 2011 from my friend. Do you have any particular suggestions on checking the car ? My country does not have authorized Porsche service centre but there are independent shops that do so. Would you still recommend to buy Panamera?

  108. Steven jr

    Steven jrשנה לפני

    @Useful Vids what's your opinion in the GTS or 4s, i'm looking for a nob turbo model.i don't need all the power because i am a racing driver so i can get all of the engine/trans without 500 hp +.

  109. Max Myint

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    Really appreciate your tip. Is the excessive oil consumption an issue with the car or is it supposed to be that way considering its V8 Turbo.

  110. Useful Vids

    Useful Vids2 שנים לפני

    If the car has the recall done for the engine bolts, and also has all of the service records, that it should be good. If you can get parts in your country, then I don't think you have much to worry about.

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  119. Useful Vids

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    Mech Eng The PDK holds up really well and provides a much sportier feel than a standard automatic transmission. Engines are all mostly reliable, especially the face-lift (14-16) v6 models and the GTS.

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    @Steven jr Also make sure to have the dealer apply 3m paint protection or whatever brand so it always looks clean, easy to clean, and protect the paint from chips (to a degree of course). The only issue I would say is the infotainment system is a little outdated but I am driver and focus on driving. As long as I can play my tunes I am good, don't need all that other shit. Outside of that perfect car IMO. Oh yeah I live in WA too and drive in snow with no issues!

  122. Jermaine Ware

    Jermaine Wareשנה לפני

    @Steven jr Yep got a 2013 GTS in 2015. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Car is great, good size but when driving it feels like a coupe especially driving hard. Pretty amazing a car this size handles so well and 3.8 0-60 is no joke. EVERYONE love this thing around town and passengers have no complaints. If you get a GTS, you can't really do to much to it mod wise BUT, I just got a VR Racing tune which only add 25hp and 16pd of torque but the difference is very noticable and the shifts are MUCH better/smoother in Sport Plus mode (which you should always keep in!). Oh I didn't even mention the exhaust note (GTS)... ALL HEADS TURN.. ITS LOUD AND ANGRY!!!! Get the GTS, it is the perfect balance between a 4s and Turbo IMO.

  123. Steven jr

    Steven jrשנה לפני

    @Jermaine Ware did you get a GTS? What year ? Any problems yet?overall opinion? I'm also looking for a GTS or 4s though i would like a gts with low mileage.

  124. Jermaine Ware

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    @Omar Caminade The GTS is the last of the naturally aspirated!!! They all go turbo now. Get the V8! Got me one and luv it! So does everyone around town!

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  135. Useful Vids

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    Hello, the V6 in generally doesn't seem to have excess oil consumption. Generally, it's with the v8 models such as the S and Turbo. Owner's of newer 8cyl models seem to complain less about the oil consumption. Please note that some oil consumption is considered normal.

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  140. Suresh Kumar

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    What are your thoughts on the engine and transmission of the 2015 Panamera S e-Hybrid. I believe it uses a Audi engine. How does it compare to a Porsche PDK?

  141. Useful Vids

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    Hi Suresh, yes that is correct. I prefer the PDK since it feels like a manual transmission that is being shifted by a expert hand extremely fast. It feels more nimble and sporty to me. I also prefer the way it shifts, even though it may not be as smooth as the regular automatic in the S E-Hybrid. I think that if you decide to get that model, you'll love it, and it does deliver great power and good fuel efficiency for large sedan. Being able to drive in electric only mode for up to 20 miles is nice, and you can drive up to 84 mph, which is great for the freeway. I hope this helps.

  142. D Jiang

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    And the air suspension compressor is known to have problems under cold weathers (-10 Celsius and below) and causes chassis failure which the compressor would need to be replaced

  143. Hellbent706

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    I have noticed the front air suspension does get a little noisyer in the winter months which drops to only 10 to 25 degree on average here in Alabama. Probably much worst in northern States. Keeping your car parked in home garage helps a lot. It clears up on its own right before spring. I never had a problem with my compressor and never I had to replace a air shock. Thank God! I was told the newer models have addressed that issue with updated air shocks.

  144. Omar Caminade

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  149. Hellbent706

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    @Steven jr I Own a Panamera Turbo and they had to remove the whole transmission just to get to a damn screw. Wtf! I put the car in the shop just to fix a routine coolant leak behind the engine where I can't reach. This is common on older Panamera V8's but generally an easy fix for them. They initially removed the intake manifold to get to the leak but I guess this time that wasn't enough. They decided to removed the transmission without even asking. Maybe that's why it's no charge for the service. My car has been in the shop now for over 2 months. The first month was due to typical BS like waiting for O-rings to show up in the mail. Then they received the wrong parts. You know the routine. But overall, I'm still happy right now because they said there would be no charge for the removal of the transmission. That would have easily cost me another grand. And the loaner car they gave me is a brand new Porsche. We put the first 2k miles on so far. Great loner but I do miss my car. I can't wait to get it back.

  150. Steven jr

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    Jesus Barrera , can you describe your experience with the gts? Did you have any problems ,oil consumption ,i'm very interested in the technical problems like engine transmission and overall reliability.

  151. Useful Vids

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    Thanks! It's the JE Design Rear Spoiler.

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    Thank you for this post. I believe I'm ready to get one. I've been very hesitant in getting one because of that recall for the bolts. What is the yearly cost of maintenance/repairs for these vehicles?

  153. Useful Vids

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    Hello, the maintenance costs will really vary, but overall they're not bad. For me, it has been filters and oil changes. If you can DIY, you will save a lot. I wouldn't say it's more than any other car in the Panamera's class. They're very reliable, in my opinion. I wouldn't worry about the bolts, as long as the recall has been completed. Also, it's really only on the early 2010s-2012s. Thanks for watching.

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    I will have to replace my coolant temperature sensor myself. Mine stills works fine right now but the computer says it's been going bad for the last 2 years causing check engine light to come on occasionally. The dealer wants $1000 to replace it. I think the sensor itself is only $38 plus a gasket or something simple. Requires removal of the entire intake manifold because they virtually buried the sensor under it. I do have the tools and confidence do it myself once I can find a clear detailed video of the procedure on ILmines. The one video I seen on ILmines skip procedure steps and thus created too many unknowns.

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