RICH vs POOR Fashion Girl || Compare Models on a Fashion Show at School! Battle by RATATA BOOM

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You're behind the scenes... The hall is full of people, and everyone is waiting for you to come out. One step... one more step... And now you're walking down the runway and you feel like a superstar! Sounds very tempting, doesn't it? But what if there is not enough money for a stunning dress, and you still want to be the most fashionable? Oh, dear friends, there are many ways to realize your dream, just show a little imagination! Our poor and rich fashion girls will give you a couple of tips on this)
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    I am not a big fan of you

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    I vote poor girl 👧

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    I wish I had all that candy 🍭 and I love you guys vids you do such a amazing job 🤩🤩 Keep doing AMAZING 😻

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    Rich vs poor

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    I. Like. Both. Because. It. Is. Nice

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    I love u

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  34. Geraldine Iwomi

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    I choose both because it doesn't matter if you are Rich or not both need to be famous

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    Ratata boom cemen karena gl bikin yang indonesi

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    When the poor is so poor so how can she buy a i phone 11 in rs 10000

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    Very nice video

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    Oh the poor girl has 1000$ to get the phone and she dont have money for everyday objects

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    I love your videos soooooooooo much

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