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PSV won the second leg match 2-1 however that would not be enough as Olympiacos will advance to the UEFA Europa League Round of 32 with a 5-4 advantage on aggregate. Zahavi had a brace scoring goals in the 23’ and 44’ and it seemed that PSV would be on the way to pulling off the big second leg win to propel themselves to the round of the 16. However, in the second half Olympiacos locked down on defense and didn’t allow PSV another goal. The offense found its stride in the second half breaking the tie on aggregate when Ahmed Hassan found the back of the net late in the 88’. That goal broke the tie and propelled Olympiacos to the Round of 16, 5-4.
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  1. lestato21

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  2. Rasa Romco

    Rasa Romcoחודש לפני

    ElArrabi was one of the best strikers in la liga but wasted his career following the money in the Golf, he could have been something else.

  3. A Poocumber

    A Poocumberחודש לפני

    Wow great game

  4. L 8

    L 8חודש לפני

    Both teams played well

  5. pamela angela

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    The right opera formally crash because violet consecutively dream beneath a evasive lock. depressed, domineering grape

  6. Zane Brinkley

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    Does anybody know what the score on the right side of the actual is

  7. L 8

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    Aggregate score

  8. Muktar Monkey

    Muktar Monkeyחודש לפני

    Arsenal they will beat you up olympiacos

  9. Abraham Rico

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    no one: the post: \ 👁👄👁 /

  10. Matthew Connelly

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    Zahavi came to mainland Europe too used to be a machine

  11. Ianx-Cast

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    What a game

  12. A

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    my jaw dropped watching the second goal

  13. Ben Hopper

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    Great game. Both played well enough to go through.

  14. Bboy777 7

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    As an arsenal fan ... thank God we get em next ... PSV would’ve been a problem with those set pieces and shot takers .... #RevengeorNothing

  15. Ishmael

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    Sokratis vs Arsenal lol

  16. Ishmael

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    So funny how a goals in the 88th minute to only make it a 2-1 loss is the winner

  17. Tom Odul

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    Olympiakos just got what they wished for for hahaha 😆😅🤣!!

  18. Nrg Unknownsweat

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    Young boys vs Ajax

  19. Nrg Unknownsweat

    Nrg Unknownsweatחודש לפני

    Milan vs man United

  20. Nrg Unknownsweat

    Nrg Unknownsweatחודש לפני

    Tottenham vs dynamo

  21. Farrukh Rakhimov

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    El Hassan🤣hero of the hero

  22. Corvus 2

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    Can i ask a question of any PSV supporters.... why is the banner across the stands that says “proud to be a PSV fan” in english instead of dutch? I know lots of dutch can speak english but just curious why they would put it in a second language

  23. Achilles Triantafyllos

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    @Jan Kleijn that’s a good dig at them 😂😂

  24. Jan Kleijn

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    Ajax speaks to an international audience by its fantastic brand of football causing European upsets. PSV doesnt quite manage to do the same, so they end up just using English on their banners 😏

  25. Oliver M.R.

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    These games with no fans sound like your local Sunday league games with only a few people watching from the bleachers 😂

  26. Yo Buck

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    Look how happy my dudes are. That’s the beautiful game for you!

  27. ASU Sun-Devil-

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    zahavi 赞 扎球王牛逼

  28. JackAllstarTT

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    Oh Dear PSV. I felt that. Sincerely an Arsenal fan.

  29. Emisael Lopez

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    Europa league was way more entertaining than champions league this week in my opinion.

  30. Yousuf Shaaban

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    Fuck Zahavi😂😂😂 Fuck Israel. تحيا مصر🇪🇬🇪🇬

  31. O. Bottechia

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    Honestly this was a good game, Europa league is fun to watch!

  32. Mason Balogun 08

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    What if arsenal draw olimpiakos after this I would be pissed

  33. Zxe

    Zxeחודש לפני

    Olympiakos was have Many chance but hit the posts

  34. Egyptian King LFC

    Egyptian King LFCחודש לפני

    Wow Zahavi. Fantastic performance

  35. Francis Cano

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    6:08 bruh

  36. Chidera ann ugwu

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    That fee kick from Psv was superb ❤️❤️❤️👑🙌🙌

  37. Al ja3free

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    Egyptians are the men of the last minutes Koukaaaaaaa 💪🔥❤️❤️

  38. Ok

    Okחודש לפני

    PSV was robbed

  39. Δικαστής Φρόλο

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    pedro martins γαμας φιλε. Ο πιο εξυπνος στρατηγικος προπονητης


    ΣΠΥΡΟΣ ΕΛΛΗΝחודש לפני

    Hassan , THE BOMBIST !!!!!! ............ or in Greek ............ "Χασάν , Ο ΒΟΜΒΙΣΤΗΣ !!!!! "

  41. timkondo

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    They thought they would beat us easily like arsenal last year

  42. Alexandros

    Alexandrosחודש לפני

    Can someone please explain to me why Europa league doesn’t have VAR? An offside wasn’t called and some fouls that olympiakos didn’t win that they should have.

  43. John McGimpsey

    John McGimpseyחודש לפני

    VAR doesn't review offside calls unless a goal is scored or there's a potential penalty kick. Likewise, VAR doesn't review fouls outside the penalty area unless there's a potential for a red card. If it did, the game would get as long and boring as American football.

  44. Achilles Triantafyllos

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    @Alexandros there is VAR in Europa league Milan got a penalty decision against red star

  45. Alexandros

    Alexandrosחודש לפני

    @fuongbregas nope no VAR in Europa league I believe

  46. fuongbregas

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    Isn't VAR is being used?

  47. MONO G-4-

    MONO G-4-חודש לפני

    Siga ta ouva re

  48. Mohamed Fayad

    Mohamed Fayadחודש לפני

    Ahmed Hassan kouka great goal great player we proud for our player

  49. Ahmed Elazab

    Ahmed Elazabחודש לפני

    Hassan 🇪🇬

  50. Leandros Kwstopoulos

    Leandros Kwstopoulosחודש לפני

    Very nice potato field from the "civilised" Dutch. Hasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn.

  51. Vagg

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  52. Ti Kanis

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  53. Mark Alberda

    Mark Alberdaחודש לפני

    Why is everybody saying that Olympiakos has talent lmao look at their squad. PSV should have won.

  54. Alexandros sydney

    Alexandros sydneyחודש לפני

    @Mark Alberda once olympiakos twice,same position same number of attempts,game was for draw... olympiakos fairly to the next round

  55. Mark Alberda

    Mark Alberdaחודש לפני

    @Alexandros sydney psv hit the pose too

  56. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    Yes but remember it was the audacity and our none acceptance of defeat to motivate us to power up and gave us the final result.

  57. Alexandros sydney

    Alexandros sydneyחודש לפני

    By the way psv having the most talented cross bars....thats why they won the second game, otherwise it was for draw...

  58. P M

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    Obviously you were watching another game..!!! Maybe you should take a look at PSV's defensive line...One player worse than the other...A TOTAL DISASTER. The whole second half Olympiakos played them in their own half....They could have scored another 2 goals. So what exactly are you looking for?? If Olympiakos played the same way in the first half as they did in the second, the score would have been different...

  59. Peter Rak

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    Ball boy 7:01 is an Ajax fan 😂

  60. timkondo

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    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I am dead

  61. חביב לוי

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    Zahavi -the best player in psv by far

  62. Ti Kanis

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  63. ga7te0rDie

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    1 from 2 coaches must retire.... And thats not pedro martins.....olympiakos olympiakos

  64. Alexander Khlapov

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  65. Yiannis

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    Aahahahahaha olympiacos-Arsenal 😂😂🙏🏼

  66. Ilan Gur

    Ilan Gurחודש לפני

    zahavi is a great player....what a free kick...

  67. Shaked Sharabee

    Shaked Sharabeeחודש לפני

    @J Duffy true..he almost single handedly gave psv the place in the last 16

  68. J Duffy

    J Duffyחודש לפני

    I wish he didn’t waste his time in the Chinese league

  69. Mohamed Emara

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  70. Olympiacos Pireaus

    Olympiacos Pireausחודש לפני


  71. Ti Kanis

    Ti Kanisחודש לפני

    Διπλό στην Ολλανδία Θρύλε όλε ολε

  72. Ti Kanis

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  73. *BulletForMyValentine *

    *BulletForMyValentine *חודש לפני

    Το σύνθημα του τσαμπικου???? Χαχαχα ωραιος

  74. Akis Andronidis

    Akis Andronidisחודש לפני

    Den akouo ......

  75. The Purefan

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  76. roberto.

    roberto.חודש לפני

    they did psv just like they did arsenal

  77. DK BOYKA

    DK BOYKAחודש לפני

    Hassan Kouka remember that name the next Egyptian Mo Salah ❤️⚡️🔥🔥

  78. Andrew

    Andrewחודש לפני

    Kouka is 27 already. He's good, but there's no way he's going improve radically at this point in his career.

  79. DK BOYKA

    DK BOYKAחודש לפני

    @Lopez Birsh he is bad when he destroys your team in the last minute?😂

  80. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    He is a golden substitution for us , so don't get over your head.

  81. Lopez Birsh

    Lopez Birshחודש לפני

    im from kouka is pretty bad

  82. vsslsmchlks

    vsslsmchlksחודש לפני

    Yeah but Salah is already from Egypt

  83. PrimeTimeAB

    PrimeTimeABחודש לפני

    Number 9 on PSV quality striker 🔥

  84. חביב לוי

    חביב לויחודש לפני

    He is one of the best scorrers in europe.

  85. Διονυσιος Καμπιτσης

    Διονυσιος Καμπιτσηςחודש לפני


  86. Haitham Ashrafenko

    Haitham Ashrafenkoחודש לפני

    Koukaaa 🇪🇬🔥🔥

  87. akis stef

    akis stefחודש לפני

    Μεγάλη χαρά να αποκλίσεις ολλανδική ομάδα. Οι Ολλανδοί είναι εκ των κυριότερων πολέμιων της Ελλάδας. Όποτε, μεγάλη χαρά

  88. Creative Person

    Creative Personחודש לפני

    Olympiacos is showing their talent in the Europa League! Hope they keep winning their matches!

  89. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    @Nikólaos Filippo Gollini Mihalopoulos you have no wrong but still we need to train them seriously and show them how strict they must be in a match . Never give opportunities to the opponents

  90. Tyler Mohlenhoff

    Tyler Mohlenhoffחודש לפני

    As an arsenal fan, no.

  91. Nikólaos Filippo Gollini Mihalopoulos

    Nikólaos Filippo Gollini Mihalopoulosחודש לפני

    @Antonis 220 and Sa is usually good, this was a bad day

  92. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    The ney additions need to work on the chemistry. The defence was amazing, only Sa was the problem

  93. Yiannis

    Yiannisחודש לפני

    Bad match but we believe in ourselves 🔴⚪️🇬🇷

  94. Michael Kantas

    Michael Kantasחודש לפני

    Pou na klisoune mati simera i bazeli

  95. WolfNickHD

    WolfNickHDחודש לפני

    All Olympiakos fans had continuous cardiac arrest watching them, corona should take notes.

  96. WolfNickHD

    WolfNickHDחודש לפני

    @Antonis 220 Ολυμπιακός είμαι... χάχα..

  97. Bill Carson

    Bill Carsonחודש לפני

    Piece of shit

  98. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    Your knowledge about Olympiakos is dangerously lacking. You can't withstand our might.

  99. Kostas Papadopoulos

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  100. kb be

    kb beחודש לפני

    Malen is egoistic s o n of a b i t c h

  101. Spark

    Sparkחודש לפני

    I'm not afraid of anything But that thing (Olympiakos) it scares me

  102. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    You fools we have 77 Trophies

  103. Achilles Triantafyllos

    Achilles Triantafyllosחודש לפני

    @Spark good luck bro

  104. Panagiotis Gardounis

    Panagiotis Gardounisחודש לפני

    Oh, sorry, we are coming again for you!!!

  105. george pitsos

    george pitsosחודש לפני

    And it should my friend,it should..

  106. Powerwheelz

    Powerwheelzחודש לפני

    LOL. Love it. From an Olympiakos fan. Good luck

  107. H7200q

    H7200qחודש לפני

    Yes shit israesel

  108. GamingVerse

    GamingVerseחודש לפני

    Olympiakos for me is Underrated can win big clubs

  109. Γιωργος Σαμαρτζης

    Γιωργος Σαμαρτζηςחודש לפני

    @Dz not you bro the guy whose name is gaming verse

  110. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    The most important thing is we made it, but let's not make hasty conclusions, we don't know when they will arrange the vote.

  111. Γιωργος Σαμαρτζης

    Γιωργος Σαμαρτζηςחודש לפני

    @Leandros Kwstopoulos well φιλε ειμαι ολυμπιακος κι εγω οκ στο κοσμο τη καλυτερη δε μας λες αλλα γενικα εχουμε πολυ καλη ομαδα

  112. Fire Crackers

    Fire Crackersחודש לפני

    @Leandros Kwstopoulos hahahahaahhaahhaaahhaha ela re biggest club in the world hahaha klew vradiatika

  113. Dz

    Dzחודש לפני

    @Leandros Kwstopoulos ok

  114. ThanosGangsterVlogs

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    olumpiakos mia zwh reeeee pameeee

  115. Rotem Ezra

    Rotem Ezraחודש לפני

    Zehavi is just too good for PSV. Why all the hated towards him. He probably the best player in the team although his age and his "inexperience". The team and the fans don't deserve him to play for them. And Ajax I bet you regret for not signing him up.

  116. barry mckockiner

    barry mckockinerחודש לפני

    @David Renooij haller is fucking trash

  117. חביב לוי

    חביב לויחודש לפני

    @David Renooij zahavi is one of the top 10 scorrer in europe. ZAHAVI is too good for ajax. He need to play in top team in spanish league

  118. Od1sseas

    Od1sseasחודש לפני

    He literally scored all the 4 goals against Olympiakos

  119. David Renooij

    David Renooijחודש לפני

    Zahavi not good enough for ajax. Haller is better

  120. kb be

    kb beחודש לפני

    Malen sucks absolutely egoist

  121. DarkFighterGR

    DarkFighterGRחודש לפני


  122. Nikólaos Filippo Gollini Mihalopoulos

    Nikólaos Filippo Gollini Mihalopoulosחודש לפני

    Sà best GK

  123. Enrique

    Enriqueחודש לפני

  124. Vasilis Bikos

    Vasilis Bikosחודש לפני

    Το μεγαλείο σου

  125. Gresst 7

    Gresst 7חודש לפני


  126. Bill Katsanakis

    Bill Katsanakisחודש לפני

    Like αν είσαι Έλληνας οποίας ομάδας οπαδός👊

  127. Jan Sanono

    Jan Sanonoחודש לפני

    No thanks

  128. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    They underestimated us.

  129. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    Yes their debt has been paid.

  130. spiros botos

    spiros botosחודש לפני

    They pay the price and the manager swallows his words !

  131. spiros botos

    spiros botosחודש לפני


  132. Achilles Triantafyllos

    Achilles Triantafyllosחודש לפני

    @spiros botos έτσι φίλε

  133. spiros botos

    spiros botosחודש לפני

    @Achilles Triantafyllos koita, akoma exeis dikio prepi na sevomaste eine megali omada, apla o proponitis tous ellege oti otan pame se aftous tha mas fane Kai tha dialithoume Kai tetia

  134. Achilles Triantafyllos

    Achilles Triantafyllosחודש לפני

    @spiros botos αχχ είπε κάτι ο προπονητής, δεν το ήξερα φίλε

  135. spiros botos

    spiros botosחודש לפני

    @Achilles Triantafyllos gia afta pou elege o manager tous na mas paroun ta @@

  136. Achilles Triantafyllos

    Achilles Triantafyllosחודש לפני

    Μην σχολιάζεσαι φίλε

  137. An Achilles Tendon

    An Achilles Tendonחודש לפני

    Legend has it that Olympiacos only started trying once they realized arsenal was through

  138. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    @An Achilles Tendon I don't care what a envious slime like you is trying to discuss with me.

  139. Spartan7

    Spartan7חודש לפני

    @Spiro CAN'T WAIT!

  140. Lfc Blood

    Lfc Bloodחודש לפני

    I want Asteras Tripolis here next season

  141. Spiro

    Spiroחודש לפני

    And Olympiakos draw ... Arsenal! 😂

  142. An Achilles Tendon

    An Achilles Tendonחודש לפני

    @Antonis 220 don’t care, if you don’t like it you can avoid replying to my comments 👍

  143. Petronio

    Petronioחודש לפני


  144. Robert Lewandowski Memes

    Robert Lewandowski Memesחודש לפני

    Olympiakos pulled behind PSV 's Backs for the rest of the tie.


    UN CHICO Y SU MOCHILAחודש לפני


  146. prereqs

    prereqsחודש לפני

    Golden goal in swaps

  147. Antonis 220

    Antonis 220חודש לפני

    It was amazing and magical

  148. prereqs

    prereqsחודש לפני

    Rip psv

  149. The chicken nugget gang 2

    The chicken nugget gang 2חודש לפני

    Dang you beat me