Game Theory: 3 NEW FNAF Security Breach Theories!

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Theorists, I have been up to my ears in FNAF theories lately and so I thought, " Why not do a rapid fire of 3 mini-theories in one episode?" That's right, you get not one, not two, but THREE theories today! WE are talking everything from new clues to FNAF Security Breach to what is going on in the newest Fazbear Frights books, to maybe even uncovering the TRUE villain we've all been overlooking! No time to waste! Let's dive in!
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick
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Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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  1. Weegeepie

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    That homage to Ronnie's animation is just so heartwarming fav GT episode

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    @Top Movie Clips stop

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    Ayy ma boi how’s it goin?

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  7. levelmaster2

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    At 7:00 is that his foot? Just curious

  8. Jordan Ezell

    Jordan Ezellשעה לפני

    The remnant metal, I think that was used on the Glam Rock models. Though the spirits are a coalesced mass of conflicting views, they are not evil. William Afton is trying to achieve omnipresence by consuming/erasing the friendly spirits. This would explain why they are seemingly trying to kill you at first, as demonstrated by Mont. Gator. You may have to cleanse the robots of Afton’s influence.

  9. Calypso Valdez

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    Matpat's transitions to talk about his sponsors are always toptier

  10. Dâcôdâ ťhê húsķy

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    Sorry I was a late follower but I heard the mike and Chris theory and I loved it

  11. Creation Gacha

    Creation Gacha2 שעות לפני

    That baby is not baby that’s Eleanor

  12. Emily Hammons

    Emily Hammons3 שעות לפני

    Hi, is just like to bring something up. In the third book The Fourth Closet page 78 (in the book book, not Audiobook) it says quote “” A little girl, she disappeared sometime between midnight and six am” (the line was from clay) if you know all of Scott's other books you might think of 1:35 am. What if that little girl was taken at 1:35 am, and possibly possessed Ella?

  13. supercatmariobros

    supercatmariobros6 שעות לפני

    I knew that the glamrocks are the toy animatronics before he made this theory 😂

  14. Beauty_b1tch

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    Am I the only one who really want him to talk about the fazbear frights in their own video like how he did?

  15. Zolt TheJolteon

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    The child spirits seeing Afton come back for the FOURTH TIME: How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!

  16. DJ H4L0

    DJ H4L06 שעות לפני

    Quick thought , in 4... has anyone tried to wake up from the nightmare ? Like maybe 1:35am “it’s time to wake up” is a clue, maybe the alarm clock in the room

  17. Random Stuff INC.

    Random Stuff INC.7 שעות לפני

    Hi, I have a new FNAF Theory that I need help with knowing if you talked about it or not. It's about the endoskeleton in FNAF 2, I was thinking that it might be the same endoskeleton that Henry used to kill himself. Here is the link to the video.

  18. dodat

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    What is the piano song in the background called?

  19. Cries In Broke :'D

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    Scott favors dawko

  20. Nathaniel Kim

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  21. PkMn Gamer Gian

    PkMn Gamer Gian8 שעות לפני

    Actually foxy had a toy version being mangle

  22. Susana Horia

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    7:30 Mangle: am I a joke to you?

  23. Senshi Sento

    Senshi Sento11 שעות לפני

    What if the gator is a reference, remember when afton was in the hospital and a kid with a GATOR mask kept him alive.

  24. •Inky_Wonderland•

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    Plot Twist: Actually Mangle is Toy Foxy


    ADAM COYNE12 שעות לפני

    I love your videos but can you stop ruining some parts of the FNAF books

  26. synical reaper

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    So, what is mangle?

  27. walter wettstein

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    I am hoping that he does a breath of the wild two theory

  28. Gregon

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    What about Roxy isn’t he the foxy for security breach

  29. Alex Linna

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    I've followed since 2012. Don't apologize. I love the old style.

  30. TheRubyJailCell

    TheRubyJailCell15 שעות לפני

    mangle is toy foxy. mangle is foxy rebranded as more kid friendly. phone guy says so. mangle is a fox. what do you mean "foxy is missing from fnaf 2" mangle is right there??? this bothered me the rest is interesting tho, but like. that's. not accurate lmao

  31. littlezedy OwO

    littlezedy OwO15 שעות לפני

    Nice, a new furry horror game

  32. Ioki god of trickery.

    Ioki god of trickery.15 שעות לפני

    Just sayin' I think Micheal will return, he could be possesing GlamRock Freddy. (sorry for bad english)

  33. Hopefinders Productions

    Hopefinders Productions16 שעות לפני

    Happy late 10 year anniversary of game theory matpat!

  34. Cyria Angel

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    Fnaf has evolved into something way different than when it started. But I think that’s what makes it great

  35. Vanessa Hesney

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    After William died n in the fire he went to Freddy’s half dead and died forever he can’t be saying h alwa omes bak

  36. Vanessa Hesney

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    After ewilliammm

  37. Rolando Cavazos

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    I been watching fnaf for 6 years

  38. Pooj

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    Never stop the intros

  39. Bea the Bee

    Bea the Beeיום לפני

    This is a bit farfetched, but what if the girl with orange pigtails is actually Eleanor. As we see in the image we get from her, she has pigtails, a shirt (i think) and a skirt. Not only that but she began taking human parts to replace another person. What if she had done that to another girl and was just there in FNaF 4? It could also explain some things she said to the Crying Child. Again, this is very farfetched and probably not true. It's just a theory.

  40. Rolling Skill

    Rolling Skillיום לפני

    The only thing I want to know is about how in ultimate custom night we know the guy you play as is William afton but how in the game can you play against spring trap in the game

  41. Big puff Music

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    16:01 evan survived the apocalypse after all 😂

  42. The Misfit Owl

    The Misfit Owlיום לפני

    I have a mini theory, though it may not be anything ground breaking. I keep hearing that the Glamrock animatronics are modeling after the 80s decade, but I think it actually takes place in the 90s. Events from FNAF already took place in the 80s and the franchise is trying to rebrand from them. Huge mega malls in the 90s were very popular and had things like Mini Golf, Play places, Bowling and Arcades, all we see in Security Breach. VR arcade games weren't a thing till the 90s, and Vanny comes after FNAF VR was developed. VR in the 80s was too crude and expensive. And a VR arcade game is perfect for Glitchtrap to begin infecting people. That's my mini theory.

  43. ParralaxX

    ParralaxXיום לפני

    mat: oh yea, its all coming together. scot: im about to end this mans whole career

  44. B1 battledroids Lives matter

    B1 battledroids Lives matterיום לפני

    The human characters look like anime…. I like where Scott’s taking this

  45. kiy ninja

    kiy ninjaיום לפני

    what happened to mike aftton people think he died in a fire in fnaf 6 but what if he somehow alive will maby not but i just want you to see this and what you think and mayby do a thery

  46. brandi hoffman

    brandi hoffmanיום לפני

    Matpat that was 5 months before I was born

  47. Tom Southall

    Tom Southallיום לפני

    matpat for show and tell: i finally solved FNAF teacher: matpat this is the 7th time you've solved FNAF

  48. Bannaboi 91

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  49. Sheza Suhail

    Sheza Suhailיום לפני

    Love your vids!! And theories!! I have a theory actually: In one of your vids where you where explaining one of the "Fazebear Frights" books (sry cant remember which one) You said something about someone getting admitted in a hospital or something while they had no face, and stuff and said something about a kid or person who was wearing an alligator mask how was keeping the dude alive when he was supposed to be dead, and when you said alligator the first thing that came to my mind was the new game coming out "Security Breach" where Monty is an alligator so thing maybe that story has more information about Monty's origin story! it might be a coincidence but keeping up with the lore this far, I think we all know by now that Scott Cawthon doesn't do coincidences. Mabey I'm just overthinking it?!

  50. Jim Mckenzie

    Jim Mckenzieיום לפני

    I know what gender mangle is since she is based off of the funtime foxy that could be rented and ff a girl that means mangle must be

  51. DaBoiDatVlogs

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    yeah but in fnaf 2 mangle is foxys replacmet just broken boi

  52. 1BluGamerYT Gamer

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    in fanf security breach trailer, the kid has a watch in it has access to the camera and the map, inventory, logs.

  53. Ryan Pearce

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    you do know that the crying child is Michael and the older brother is called Alex

  54. Itz Only Galaxy

    Itz Only Galaxyיום לפני

    Matpat: BaBy tEaMs Up wIth tHe tRaSh RaBbIt... Me: Eleanor Matpat its eleanor......👿👿👿👿👿👿

  55. Thatpunygirl___149 Yes

    Thatpunygirl___149 Yesיום לפני

    A crazy theory: I think that the stitchwraith will connect the book lore to the game lore. Maybe these books take place in the modern day Fnaf universe.

  56. The CharaR

    The CharaRיום לפני

    new book 8 is coming out, in Russia our russian theorist(Liberli, she is the most popular rus theorist, even Scott subbed on her too) found proofs of possibility of MikeVictim theory being right again, and I wanna know the English opinion about the book

  57. GangArts!

    GangArts!יום לפני

    can you make an fnaf theory about mcheal afton big brother that you say that micheal's childhood is like the crying child but I don't know who is the oldest I meant the oldest sibling of the afton kids

  58. ELGHAZI Mohamed Mehdi

    ELGHAZI Mohamed Mehdiיום לפני

    The best theory is the first one

  59. Just A Nobody

    Just A Nobodyיום לפני

    So Elizabeth afton will surpass her father and will try to reclaim her life as well as bringing friends along? Interesting.

  60. Alexis Angel

    Alexis Angelיום לפני

    WELCOME TO MY THEORY LIST (Warning: May destroy dreams, read at own risk) Theory 1/3 Security Breach takes place in 2030-2040. So this one I have mucho evidence. First fact: Ya know how they email and stuff, yeah that’s the *90‘s* Google was made in the 90‘s and im fairly sure that was a Gmail. But this isn’t the deal breaker really Fact two: Modern VR was made in the 90‘s as well. And that’s how Vanny was recruited right? So yeah Scott‘s consistent with these things. Thing 3: While this may not be a written fact like the others, it’s still important. Afton wasn’t double dead in the 80‘s either, BUT he might not even be Scraptrap which I will cover in the last theory. So if this was in the 80‘s, Glitchrat wouldn’t be Afton, *or existing lol* Theory 2/3: Timeline. Fredbears Family Dinner, First Freddy Fazbears, FNaF 4, FNaF 2, Fnaf1. FNaF 1 is last because of a few minor inconsistencies. Look at the face shape of Foxy or Chicas mouth or Freddys teeth on the withereds. They are clearly different than the "Originals" then look at the fixed withereds in FNaF AR which means NOTHING but it’s just lil more. Theory 3/3: Springtrap is Not Scraptrap this is like, a thought more than a theory but whatever. I want you to bring up a photo of Scrap and Spring. Preferably the one where you can see his corpse in Spring. Now look at the corpses . They are clearly different. One looks to have skin. Scrap is WAY shorter than Spring. Now unless someone hacked a piece of Scraps calf and super glued him back together, that doesn’t make sense. Take this THOUGHT not theory with a grain of salt. Could one of them be Into the Pit Spring Bonnie? I guess it could explain the voice line but I’m not sure.

  61. Jessica A.

    Jessica A.יום לפני

    hey game theroy in the FNAF Security Breach OFFICIAL TRAILER (FNAF 9) by @UC5enhS5tdXhHNbj8s_kdBUw on his channel (link here )( Vanessa the bunny that is chasing after Gregorie could be his nanny and or baby sitter? listen here it might be a bit confusing because I had so little information but I tried my best on trying to find an answer. it seems vanessa might be his nanny because she does say ''ur friends are worried come out please'' she also says ''Gregorie I may have lost my temper but it was just a glitch. it has been such a difficult day for all of us.'' maybe she was taking Gregorie to Security Breach with his friends. because possible she is the nanny. but then she lost control to glitch trap and now so hunting Gregorie down to try and kill him and possibly stuff him. and for his friends, she has already done that? and so that's why he is running? and so when she says its was a glitch it will not happen again. she is trying to convince him that don't worry it happened once I am fine now come out. as In trying to trick him. but idk maybe I'm looking to into it. oop oh well. (sry this makes no since)

  62. blep blop

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    11:40 jake peralta? 👁👁

  63. Madhav Jaiswal

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    Foxy replaced by roxy

  64. super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzilla

    super smash ultimate with golden freddy godzillaיום לפני

    I don't think that image isn't in Monty mouth hes teeth is more lined in that image that could be the exit of that head will water form is mouth

  65. Olivia Forrester

    Olivia Forresterיום לפני

    one thing i think Mattpat was wrong about in his first theory Toy freddy and Glamrock freddy have different builds, Toy freddy has a stockier, tubbier look while Glamrock Freddy has a narrow lower body and a broader and more heavily built upper body, along with monty who would probably be mangle whose build is far narrower and thinner than monty



    deja vu (don't theory at me please)

  67. ꧁Starlina staria꧂

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    and ellie is a villion she kills she killed her brother to make william proud shes caboblue of "mhm" things and chris knows that lol

  68. ꧁Starlina staria꧂

    ꧁Starlina staria꧂2 ימים לפני

    one thing that makes go confusion and explode if william killed kids and if he made the animtronics to kill kids why did he make the toys and glam rocks not killers or idk if it is henry who build them i *doght* and why would henry do that? if it is back then when charlie never died then does he already know william is a murder-? or is he inceont

  69. Sleepest

    Sleepest2 ימים לפני

    Matpat, while it does make sense with the missing foxy theory like with the toys, the problem is I'm pretty sure that "Roxy" is Foxy

  70. Robot-dawn :[

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  71. Poop eater

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  72. Amy Charles

    Amy Charles2 ימים לפני

    15:05 your trying to tell me that theirs m-preg in the fnaf lore, i think thats enough youtube today 🚶

  73. jayden ickowski

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    I think I also see the bunny's shadow in the storage area

  74. jayden ickowski

    jayden ickowski2 ימים לפני

    who is the one anima Tronic in the kitchen?

  75. Camchu22 Pikachu

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    Bruh that intro is nostalgic

  76. Krystal Gilliam

    Krystal Gilliam2 ימים לפני

    ok not to hate or anything, but if baby is in control or whatever what about ucn? because baby is in ucn and using withered bonnie and ballora voice lines, we know that they are somehow sentient?idk i forgot what that voice lines where supposed to mean

  77. Hahathatisfunny Bro

    Hahathatisfunny Bro2 ימים לפני

    You know damn well the first theory is correct man. The glam rock animatronics are from the establishment just before the one in fnaf 2 and the news paper clippings or the phone call or whatever in fnaf 2 legit said that the toy animatronics were the animatronics from the previous establishment but rebuild. Or it said the ones from the previous establishment were used for parts for the toy animatronics. But yea

  78. Hahathatisfunny Bro

    Hahathatisfunny Bro2 ימים לפני

    One thing tho, if there’s no toy foxy what the hell do you think mangle is

  79. Hattan Ziyad

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    Roxy is a fox

  80. Shaun Abbott

    Shaun Abbott2 ימים לפני

    Losing her humanity early? Do people normally lose their humanity later in life?

  81. Lord tj Balague

    Lord tj Balague2 ימים לפני

    I have a theory for you MatPat if agony is powerful and can make you poses animatronics what about the other emotions are they as powerful ?????

  82. Finol oliver

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    only freddy and chicka are good

  83. Seannaa krew fan :D

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    Nyan cat was the best :) IMA DOWNLOAD IT ADTER TE VIDD

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    you reminded me of the Nyan cat song and it drives people crazy!

  85. Joyce Riley

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    im older than the channel, just barely

  86. Ness da PK Boyo

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    Ness is Vanessa

  87. Hello stranger

    Hello stranger2 ימים לפני

    Is it possible that Rosy, the other "friendly" animation could be this new version of you foxy? Almost like a never made toy foxy??

  88. Skater Fox

    Skater Fox2 ימים לפני

    There could be something else as well to consider with the nightguard and Vanny, if you look at the name of the security guard it says her name is Vanessa, could she possibly be Vanny and this is why you can see Gregory hide from the security guard or could she be working with Vanny.

  89. FoxGaming 2017

    FoxGaming 20172 ימים לפני

    April 18th is my birthday, and it’s Game Theory’s anniversary!

  90. Sydney Arkhangelskiy

    Sydney Arkhangelskiy2 ימים לפני

    Hey MatPat I have a theory for you! Remember how you stated that Mrs. Afton could be Ballora? I have something that goes along with that. Their are two possibility's of what happened. Theory number 1. Ballora is a spring lock suit and Mrs. Afton was stuffed inside it. I don't think its that one but it came to mind. Theory number 2. Remember the spring lock suit in I think Night four? I thinnk that Mrs. Afton was also shoved into that suit and died trying to escape. Michael Afton was just lucky that he knew what to do in a spring lock suit. I'm not sure if the suit was in Ballora Gallery but why else do we see Ballora and Minereenas if we fail. Please do take this theory into consideration, and sorry for spelling errors

  91. Lurchnblue70

    Lurchnblue702 ימים לפני

    There was a toy foxy, mangle...

  92. Kendall Gravish

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    Little does he know "babys" name is actual Eleanor the skinny type circus baby look thing that's not baby

  93. Sakura Wolf yt

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    🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🍕Happy birthday to the channel and you!!!!🍕🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  94. Springfreddy Child

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    I just realised if chica was first she wouldn’t of seen everything bc she died so u wouldn’t oh see anything

  95. Asher plays

    Asher plays2 ימים לפני

    I think baby is snatching body’s of difrent ages that she did not get to before she died so she can live a normal life

  96. Christashyah Hall

    Christashyah Hall2 ימים לפני

    let me put in something you can understand rox sand is fox sand and toy chica is something scot does

  97. Kinemia San

    Kinemia San2 ימים לפני

    What if Baby was the true evil, not liz?

  98. Kinemia San

    Kinemia San2 ימים לפני

    what if foxy was actually the only other animatronic that regained his sanity

  99. aidan swinford

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    Instead of trash Afton I think it should be trashton or trashin.

  100. Vanny the Van Van-

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    TOO MANY THEORIES 😭😭😭 I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE BRUV 😭✋ I wish it went back to the good old, simple days, when FNaF was just about a purple dude who lost his family and killed 5 kids 🤧✋

  101. Everkilled Vanhouten

    Everkilled Vanhouten2 ימים לפני whos making the noise in fnaf goes duh dum dum dum dum to a littile that the security guard? or maybe its one of the animatronics? not sure, interested to find out

  102. i cant think of a name

    i cant think of a name2 ימים לפני

    That's Foxy. The "dum dum dum" sound gets noticeably louder when you are looking at Pirate Cove in the cameras.

  103. Mac Cheezy

    Mac Cheezy2 ימים לפני

    _"Gaming's tangential learning experience"_ Love that.

  104. Must-E

    Must-E2 ימים לפני

    Now isn't Vanny the villain? Someone who has entered the spirit of Afton. Nowadays I was thinking why is he wearing a WHITE mask at Scott Games? The Vanny mask in FNaF VR was brown, so was the SB trailer. So there are TWO Vannys? Could the security guard be one of them (the two Vanny's IDs are Tape Girl and Vanessa, if you ask me).

  105. Superkids

    Superkids2 ימים לפני

    There is a new game because security breach isn't done

  106. Nuno Oliveira

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    Jake Peralta is messing with everyone

  107. Darien Houston

    Darien Houston3 ימים לפני

    Why would afton go into the suit by the way how would that protect him

  108. i cant think of a name

    i cant think of a name2 ימים לפני

    People often panic and make weird decisions when in distress. He probably thought that since he killed them while wearing the suit, they would be scared of it.