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  1. Ashersilasezra

    Ashersilasezra4 שעות לפני

    When he needs money

  2. Hi Ding dong

    Hi Ding dong5 שעות לפני


  3. Hunter Lawhead 31

    Hunter Lawhead 316 שעות לפני

    Please vlog even more

  4. Braiden Hopkins

    Braiden Hopkins9 שעות לפני

    This is awesome

  5. hhhuj kgjjn

    hhhuj kgjjn10 שעות לפני

    Jesus please post again its been a month

  6. janakiram danadugoala

    janakiram danadugoala11 שעות לפני

    Can u give me a gift to me sir

  7. SaberWaveMVS

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  8. Deiveson Figueiredo CLUB

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  9. Yishay 666

    Yishay 66613 שעות לפני

    You guys should watch Eli coohen in netflix, he's the main actor and it's real history very interesting

  10. Rudolf Coochise

    Rudolf Coochise13 שעות לפני

    I live in Kazakstan and I love borat lmao

  11. Madeline

    Madeline14 שעות לפני

    wait why isn’t he posting non his main?

  12. Tun Kom

    Tun Kom15 שעות לפני


  13. Wiley Dillon

    Wiley Dillon16 שעות לפני

    looks like someone remembered his ILmines password.

  14. Mr Oz

    Mr Oz16 שעות לפני


  15. Αntonis B.

    Αntonis B.19 שעות לפני

    She is possessed!

  16. Thomas H

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  17. Asadbek Mardanaqulov

    Asadbek Mardanaqulov23 שעות לפני

    check out his video congatulating katy perry

  18. Arielle Taylor

    Arielle Taylor23 שעות לפני

    I would commit mass arson to meet even 1 person from the vlog squad😂😳

  19. Jake Thompson

    Jake Thompsonיום לפני

    Just watched the movie, funny as hell omg

  20. MrWhooded

    MrWhoodedיום לפני

    That was actually Sacha Baron Cohen?

  21. Yeu Chua

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  22. Chef Tyler Peck

    Chef Tyler Peckיום לפני

    Very nice I’m the biggest fan of borat and David Dobrik ❤️

  23. Wild Kowgrrl

    Wild Kowgrrlיום לפני


  24. Tiny Reena

    Tiny Reenaיום לפני

    Ahhsjeifehgw ZANES WEARING A TMG HOOODDIEEEEE JDIEBWUEKFBEYWHWKD a crossover between my fav boys😭 somebody make it actually happen

  25. Jacockis Titsworth

    Jacockis Titsworthיום לפני

    The only David Dobrik video I've ever willingly watched.

  26. Daniel Pleitez

    Daniel Pleitezיום לפני

    Tricked us into thinking he was back 🙁

  27. Daniel Pleitez

    Daniel Pleitez6 שעות לפני

    Well him not posting more videos proves he’s not back🤷🏽

  28. Byron Butler

    Byron Butler15 שעות לפני

    He IS back! :)

  29. Erik Juarez

    Erik Juarezיום לפני

    remeber when jonah was skinny

  30. Reg Ova

    Reg Ovaיום לפני

    He always talk about Kazakhstan, when he will talk in Kazakh 😂

  31. Ta Hay

    Ta Hayיום לפני

    Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh .

  32. Little Panda

    Little Pandaיום לפני

    I like

  33. Lisa Fletcher

    Lisa Fletcherיום לפני

    To David from Brett this is my moms phone and my brother almost die bye a buggy accident and he broke his nose and his arm and road rash from his forehand to his knee and his Earwas 90%rip-off and he better and me and him r big fans we want to see you in real life but we don’t live in la we live in pa

  34. Lindsay Melher

    Lindsay Melherיום לפני

    How do they not see them in the backseat

  35. Hurst Shiftin

    Hurst Shiftinיום לפני


  36. Elpedro74

    Elpedro74יום לפני

    It’s funny the fact that Borat destroys everything in David’s house but because its borat it’s ok

  37. Matthew Ragusa

    Matthew Ragusaיום לפני

    Everybody in your house is your friendand it’s not even funny

  38. Hailey Figueiredo

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  39. Marco

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  40. BonggWick420

    BonggWick420יום לפני

    You should come to Australia

  41. Josh none

    Josh noneיום לפני

    This was just amazing. Sacha Baron Cohen is just so funny.

  42. Inch by Inch Stories

    Inch by Inch Storiesיום לפני

    I can't remember the last time I laugh this much. OMG

  43. youtert

    youtertיום לפני

    Could these people be quiet for a second

  44. WW1 & WW2 KID 2

    WW1 & WW2 KID 2יום לפני

    I cant believe it!

  45. Jack Clark

    Jack Clarkיום לפני

    this dude is just like when liza would pretend to be from another country. except he has props like bags of raw animal parts and he breaks the tesla door and says his car is expensive cuz its 300 etc. just more intense

  46. Ollie Boose

    Ollie Boose2 ימים לפני

    looks like someone remembered his ILmines password.

  47. Wealthy Prosperous

    Wealthy Prosperous2 ימים לפני

    Burat needs to introduce Joe Biden in his inauguration. Lol

  48. Bloop

    Bloop2 ימים לפני

    You should fly out the I love chipotle kid and give him a free 1year Chipotle card

  49. Michael Roche

    Michael Roche2 ימים לפני

    Post another vlog

  50. 1dashcamboatsandcars

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  51. Johnny Depp’s Wife

    Johnny Depp’s Wife2 ימים לפני


  52. Fahim

    Fahim2 ימים לפני

    I almost fainted watching the prom part of the second film..

  53. Johanne Flaherty

    Johanne Flaherty2 ימים לפני

    You know david dobrik is a big shot when Borat is on the second channel

  54. Avian Stinson

    Avian Stinson2 ימים לפני

    You need to vlog again

  55. isabella miranda

    isabella miranda2 ימים לפני

    Harry styles is in L.A what you will with that information

  56. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ2 ימים לפני

    2:28 not him saying a slur 👺

  57. Riley_ Skatz

    Riley_ Skatz2 ימים לפני

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen

  58. #BrosS

    #BrosS2 ימים לפני

    This video is very Aladeen

  59. Adriel Fameronag

    Adriel Fameronag2 ימים לפני

    Borat? Here in philippines we have burat.

  60. Strike Fuzer

    Strike Fuzer2 ימים לפני

    This is like another borat mini movie

  61. Burcu Satici

    Burcu Satici2 ימים לפני

    Why isnt he continuing?


    KEMORA QUEENIE2 ימים לפני

    Congratulations music vid

  63. Ant O'Toole

    Ant O'Toole2 ימים לפני

    This video is better than the film unfortunately

  64. shaan toor

    shaan toor2 ימים לפני

    it takes real skills to excute every joke without over doing it.

  65. Моська Сараңхаго

    Моська Сараңхаго2 ימים לפני

    қайдағы Қазақстан

  66. ラトゥル

    ラトゥル2 ימים לפני


  67. mael adzalla

    mael adzalla2 ימים לפני

    David Dobrik was able to make Sacha sound unfunny

  68. Pokerovacha Pokerov

    Pokerovacha Pokerov2 ימים לפני

    David Dubrovnik ahahahahaha

  69. Sarah Nicole

    Sarah Nicole2 ימים לפני

    Borat doesn't even need the promo, he 100% made this to shit on rich influencers by giving them their desperately-needed good content at the expense of their own vanity, wealth, excess, and privilege for which their popularity depends. He's my anarcho-socialist hero. Fucking brilliant.

  70. ouftae 2.0

    ouftae 2.02 ימים לפני

    david i miss you 🥲

  71. Andalyn Garrett

    Andalyn Garrett2 ימים לפני


  72. zeynergy

    zeynergy3 ימים לפני

    i think David is bill gates undercover he gives everything cars and everything to friends lol

  73. Michael Kelley

    Michael Kelley3 ימים לפני

    david infinite/caylus stole you car in GRAND THEFT AUTO 5

  74. Db_auto_photography

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  75. Mercy Is cracked

    Mercy Is cracked3 ימים לפני

    Can u guys go sub to MFG Demon

  76. Manish Maharjan

    Manish Maharjan3 ימים לפני

    He should change his name to David Dabronik.

  77. Paul Kelsey

    Paul Kelsey3 ימים לפני

    5:08 borat times

  78. Nick Breezily

    Nick Breezily3 ימים לפני

    David is a celestial Being of mythic legend


    MEMER MAN3 ימים לפני


  80. Hagan Rascoe

    Hagan Rascoe3 ימים לפני

    David- look it’s Minnie Mouse Borat- no that is not Minnie Mouse that is big mouse

  81. Ricardo Garcia

    Ricardo Garcia3 ימים לפני

    Fucking lit broo had me laughing and rolling the whole time.

  82. Tolga Ozer

    Tolga Ozer3 ימים לפני


  83. Nicole U

    Nicole U3 ימים לפני

    We need him back

  84. Extoxico09

    Extoxico093 ימים לפני

    Borax is so funny

  85. nayeli valle

    nayeli valle3 ימים לפני

    why does this feel.. weird?

  86. AJM Covers

    AJM Covers3 ימים לפני

    Borat is such a boring movie I hated it so much my parents watched it and it was so stupid and also, I don't know how the heck it's funny.

  87. FilleKakan

    FilleKakan3 ימים לפני

    2:37 i cried😂

  88. bryan marty

    bryan marty3 ימים לפני

    Breaking a nice car and a nice gumball machine is very funny!

  89. bryan marty

    bryan marty3 ימים לפני


  90. Relaps

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  91. Cameron Russell

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  92. synnurz_

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  93. MadMaxGamer101

    MadMaxGamer1013 ימים לפני

    It feels like I’m watching Borat 3😭😂

  94. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga3 ימים לפני

    Mmmavery nice

  95. Loval lolzz

    Loval lolzz3 ימים לפני

    He sounds different

  96. Mohit Kumar

    Mohit Kumar3 ימים לפני

    Borat is the person who can cure your depression by just talking to you.

  97. Jake Thompson

    Jake Thompsonיום לפני

    The amount of excitement I have watching this is indescribable ....VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Noi Tung

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  99. Kevin J

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  100. esntal

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  101. Jack Lyman

    Jack Lyman3 ימים לפני

    Mads Mikkelsen officially replaces Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts 3.

  102. M L

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  103. Lee Birkett

    Lee Birkett3 ימים לפני

    He’s back!!!!!!

  104. Sefa Ammar

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