"I Have a Boyfriend" | Anwar Jibawi

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    Thanks for watching! Like this video if you think she has a boyfriend.

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    8 hh,

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    @bernard krief he has 800k views that is not bad

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    Great video man 🤣 you should raise your content creator's salary


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  9. Prashant Gusain

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    In today s internet world these pranks goes too far that human can't get genuine help from other people😭😭

  10. Christian Boodoo

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    Women again

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  12. Miguel Lopez

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    Me trying to talk to a girl

  13. Hahaa Family

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    humans in 2021 be like :

  14. Be a man27

    Be a man27יום לפני

    Girls who say that are annoying

  15. Raihan Khan

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    This is so funny but i am so angry when i see this😒😒wtf i have a boyfriend. It's so disgusting...

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    U copied twan

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    That was way stupid.

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    It’s in one ear out the other

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    Omg the ride

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    This video is annoying

  24. S S

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    that doctor's eyes tho

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    I came from tiktok

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    This is perfect ... 😂😎

  28. Abdillahi A. Suleiman

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    Finally he ran out of the room, and the breaking news 📰 is a man hang him self when the all world 🌎 goes against him. RIP 🪦

  29. Samuel Olumese

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    Who else felt like 👊👊

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    These kind of girls are sure annoying

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    it gave Anxiety!!!

  32. curly fine

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    This would be funny if it wasn't so true

  33. SportStars

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    Excuse me man, can u please help me? Sorry I'm a lesbian

  34. Jamie Delancy

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    I'm starting to hate this word more then life it's self

  35. Bikram Aditya

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    If I was there I would have said I am single

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  37. Adam Armstrong

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    She must be a illegal Israeli squatter gold digger lol

  38. dj5449

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    Jeewiz, this guy just doesn’t get it, they have a bf

  39. Rahul Budhathoki

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    😂😂🤣 "I have a boyfriend" trend

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    this girls is stupid 🤦🏻‍♀️


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    The first Bmw which do not have a gps

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    This was too good.

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  45. iHisam

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    plot twist he didnt have a wife in the car it was just his speaker , and they knew all along

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  47. Chittu Chee

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    तुम बहुत अच्छा करते हो अनवर। तुम्हारे सारे videos सुपर 👌

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    You copy Ashish , a Indian ILmines

  50. New User

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    Hey Anwar 🤗 You have gained WEIGHT 😂

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    Why does ILmines censor my password see - **********

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    This guy is a clown

  53. VAS K

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    Guys this is my current situation 😅 bruh 🤣🤣🤣

  54. The Legend

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    You copied ashish Chanchalani

  55. Sagar Chavan

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    You just opened my eyes 👀 to this world.. 🧐

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    I always love your vids❤️

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    Who else wanted him to hit them with his car

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    Who else is stuck on an Anwar loop 👀

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    I can't leave a comment here, I have a girlfriend.

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    فش عرب):

  63. Luqman Hakim

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    This video makes me hate pretty women who are so snobbish

  64. Greater IsLam

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    Fact:This Guy Is Palestinian American:)

  65. Snehangshu Mallick

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    When I would be there I would say those girls, "Fuck your day bitches "

  66. Snehangshu Mallick

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    Mann Ashish Chanchanali copied you

  67. Galaxy wolf

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    Please make a pt. 2 please...

  68. Blake Jackson

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    This is why I hate women

  69. Hasnaim Imtiaz official

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    last part was awesome!😂

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    I'm outa here

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    U'r just awesome bro but btw I've a girlfriend 😆

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  73. Your Life

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    AI is better than girls these days

  74. Ahmad Latouf

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    Why she not listening

  75. Dinith Pasan

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    The best outro

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    😅😂🤣 truly talented and gifted

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    I am first time here , and I am subscribing 😂

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    That is so funny, I have a boyfriend

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    I HaVe GiRlFrIeNd

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    I saw video like this on ashish chanchalani's channel but story is Different 👍👍👍

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    ‘Aaaaaaand I’m out’ 😂

  85. Burhanuddin Hussain

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    Doctors be like “congratulations ,it’s a pillow”

  86. Hayden Moy

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    Ohhhhhhhh my gooooodddddd!!!!! This is going to make me explode I’m never going to relax after watching this

  87. Mp frmda6ix

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    Female be like this 😂

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    I'm dieing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  90. Joshua Rampersad

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    It was just the universe telling him not to carry her to the hospital since it wasn't his baby..

  91. Sir Izmahjam

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    Sorry to be the buzz kill but the first bit doesn’t make sense. Why not use Google maps or Apple maps in the first place??

  92. Faisal

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    Bruhh what was that 😆😅🤣

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    She would Nat Like Dat 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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    yess lesgo no videos with ur mom and no videos of airplane can u not repost tho?

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    OMG this is so accurate


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    Are you muslim?

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    Anwar u look healthy 😆

  99. Ahmed Othman

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    *My open casket funeral* Women I don't know: Sorry, I have a boyfriend

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    The cop sucks at acting


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    no,i have a boyfriend.

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    Yeah , You can’t talk to girls these . They always said “ I have a boyfriend “

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    I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂😂😂

  105. screw you you screw

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    "I have a boyfriend" Anwar be like: I never asked so be quite I need directions to the nearest hospital not ur number