Game Recap: Trail Blazers 108, Warriors 106

The Trail Blazers defeated the Warriors, 108-106. Damian Lillard recorded 22 points, five rebounds and six assists, including the last eight points of the game for the Trail Blazers and the go-ahead 3pt FG with 13.7 seconds remaining in regulation. Carmelo Anthony added 22 points for the Trail Blazers in the victory, while Stephen Curry tallied a game-high 35 points, along with seven rebounds and five assists for the Warriors in the losing effort. The Trail Blazers improve to 20-14 on the season, while the Warriors fall to 19-17.


  1. SavyTheGawd

    SavyTheGawd29 ימים לפני

    Dude theirs no way to warriors are even keeping up the the blazers the blazers have a all around better healthy team

  2. Kim Mads

    Kim Madsחודש לפני

    Pass that fuckin ball to melo and portland have a better chance of winning,that's a fact

  3. JJ Knowledge

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  4. risa centinales

    risa centinalesחודש לפני

    Warriors is always been cheated by referrees🌷🌷

  5. Mixbass

    Mixbassחודש לפני

    Worst commentator eeeeeever 👇🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👇🏻👇🏻🤌🏻

  6. Peder Solvang

    Peder Solvangחודש לפני

    Steph still getting compared to Lillard even though he way out of Lillards league

  7. chelseaFC

    chelseaFCחודש לפני

    That was not a charge.

  8. Louis Celis

    Louis Celisחודש לפני

    Excellent Dame has always been and will be more, taking the decisive shot while Curry hesitates and prefers to pass the ball to the least indicated player on the court.

  9. Yusuf Yıldırım

    Yusuf Yıldırımחודש לפני

    This DAME isnt even All Star starter how is that possible ??? Best PG right now , he is winnin games and too clutch , not Curry, Dame is the best PG in the NBA .

  10. Michael Andrew Poda

    Michael Andrew Podaחודש לפני

    Gsw is true warrior no. Matter there lost

  11. Micah Kiyimba

    Micah Kiyimbaחודש לפני

    Both these teams won't make it past 1st rd of playoffs.. it's better if GSW don't make the playoffs...their bench is trash and Curry is the only one that can get 20 pts per game.Portland is missing a 3rdnpiece to fight for rings

  12. hui zhou

    hui zhouחודש לפני


  13. Matias 2312

    Matias 2312חודש לפני

    my man curry playing alone

  14. Cj Axiel Yangson

    Cj Axiel Yangsonחודש לפני

    Both the Warriors and the Lakers are on a 2 game losing streak

  15. Bakary Kanyi

    Bakary Kanyiחודש לפני

    Dame time again



    Lucky blazers

  17. Edgar Yair Laguna Rodriguez

    Edgar Yair Laguna Rodriguezחודש לפני

    Awesome match but I think that the last play is defensive faul, and we need to Oubre jr for more points

  18. Αλκης Γεωργιου

    Αλκης Γεωργιουחודש לפני

    Love for Portland from Greece.

  19. Nathan Kennedy

    Nathan Kennedyחודש לפני

    Dame Dolla does it again😍

  20. ÆH 88

    ÆH 88חודש לפני

    Why is Steph curry so sick!?

  21. Mesid Almogthwi

    Mesid Almogthwiחודש לפני

    Yep he’s not on his best shape and still scores 35 points

  22. effetang

    effetangחודש לפני

    The Only Time draymond scores a clutch bucket y'all dumass refs call offensive foul... that was bucket and One clearly

  23. Hubertr Albo

    Hubertr Alboחודש לפני

    Though Green offensive foul might be a bad call, trying to be clutch is not in his DNA might as well just pass the ball to a legit shooter,

  24. Milos

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  25. Plata o Plomo

    Plata o Plomoחודש לפני

    Blazers player of the game : referees

  26. Miguel Sardão

    Miguel Sardãoחודש לפני

    @Ajarn Eddie Clips you should read the rule book. Im not a Warriors fan, but its clear that Lillard took that charge illegally. He basically stepped in front of Green. Just because you líder another team you dont have to hate on the players.

  27. Ajarn Eddie Clips

    Ajarn Eddie Clipsחודש לפני

    Read the rule book homes!

  28. T H

    T Hחודש לפני

    how is that a foul on draymond? lillard stepped infront of him

  29. Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnsonחודש לפני

    @GB nah he right

  30. GB

    GBחודש לפני

    @Ajarn Eddie Clips lol that's a blocking foul stop the cap

  31. Ajarn Eddie Clips

    Ajarn Eddie Clipsחודש לפני

    Read the rule book dude. He was outside of the line. That’s why they put that line in the key a couple decades ago in order to clearly tell what is a charge and what is a blocking foul. Draymond got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and Lilliard is just more clutch Curry!

  32. Yacine Diop

    Yacine Diopחודש לפני

    Greeen green chef steph

  33. moza arsenal

    moza arsenalחודש לפני

    Im sure goatmentator asking this girl working from home or something..

  34. Eddy mmm

    Eddy mmmחודש לפני

    She makes 2 minutes last for more than 2 minutes... Damn I am sleepy asf right now

  35. Hypnotic

    Hypnoticחודש לפני

    Warriors almost didn't lose 😂

  36. João Praia

    João Praiaחודש לפני

    Draymond last seconds decision making it's rubish and it's costing GSW a lot of narrow defeats. Why are they putting the rock in his hands on clutch plays?

  37. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    I hate draymond so godamn much some times it’s unreal

  38. Reybert Jover

    Reybert Joverחודש לפני

    Green was already on air before Lillard stablished his position. That should be called as a blocking foul.

  39. John Johannes

    John Johannesחודש לפני

    @Jury Bounackoff man ur team sucks and you cant use it as an excuse PATHETIC

  40. Jury Bounackoff

    Jury Bounackoffחודש לפני

    @John Johannes man, u don't have any smallest chance to beat me) u hardly beat GSW with a bag of trash and Steph)

  41. John Johannes

    John Johannesחודש לפני

    @Jury Bounackoff facts that is the main reason we beat u

  42. Jury Bounackoff

    Jury Bounackoffחודש לפני

    @John Johannes it is not about tears..score is always on the table, and Green never should touch the ball in the last minute of the regulation) it is obvious) But they have reviewed this moment on TV. And they keep the decision. It is strange for me. I'm starting to think that I don't understand something..

  43. John Johannes

    John Johannesחודש לפני

    @Jury Bounackoff please Save your tears for another day

  44. Angelo Jose Trinidad

    Angelo Jose Trinidadחודש לפני

    it wasnt an offensive foul, i dont know to the refs why

  45. Angelo Jose Trinidad

    Angelo Jose Trinidadחודש לפני

    warriors got cheated again

  46. Chris Gutierrez

    Chris Gutierrezחודש לפני

    @Ajarn Eddie Clips you hatin more on curry and the dubs more than you actually like your team... haha you’re a “textbook” hater

  47. Ajarn Eddie Clips

    Ajarn Eddie Clipsחודש לפני

    Warriors cheated themselves due to the fact they couldn’t stop Lilliard. The Warriors dynasty is clearly over!

  48. Aimee Williams

    Aimee Williamsחודש לפני

    If they dont make playoffs i will cry

  49. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    I guess,but I’m not familiar with blocking rules

  50. Angelo Jose Trinidad

    Angelo Jose Trinidadחודש לפני

    last game was on mavs

  51. Neduisboss

    Neduisbossחודש לפני

    So high it was almost illegal that was nice

  52. Esteban Caicedo

    Esteban Caicedoחודש לפני

    Commentator: Whait, that's illegal

  53. A A

    A Aחודש לפני

    That want an offensive foul by dryamond. Basket should of counted

  54. Domantis Binkis

    Domantis Binkisחודש לפני

    @VArsovski10 he moved his leg when he jumped

  55. Ajarn Eddie Clips

    Ajarn Eddie Clipsחודש לפני

    @caoimhin shankeysmith Again, not an essay. Where is the thesis statement?

  56. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @VArsovski10 nice essay

  57. VArsovski10

    VArsovski10חודש לפני

    How ? I mean sometimes the basket counts but that's PURE ROBBERY on the defenders.. Happened to Mavs vs Suns this year when Ayton did an offensive foul on CP score at the same time.. The verdict ? FTs on the opposite end and then the Possession back to Suns.. I was like WHAT ?, but then ppl said it's in the rulebook lol So here's my problem, by saying that the Basket should count, have a FT round on the opposite end and then GSW ball again, WHAT ?, I mean no ofense, but NO BASKET SHOULD EVER count with an ofensive foul, basket or no basket OFs should count as a TURNOVER and give the ball to defender.. Forget the FTs even, it's a pure and simple TURNOVER, just as any other ball missplay or travel, even if you score a travel is a travel and the score gets nullfied Otherwse what happens is LITERAL ROBBERY vs the defender tbh (2 possessions and a basket for the one that committed it vs 1 FT round, WTF).. ?

  58. 高木yu-can

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  59. Mana Glen

    Mana Glenחודש לפני

    Dame putting his body on the line to seal the win 👑

  60. Cellcinc

    Cellcincחודש לפני

    Seal??? He got so lucky it was a miscall.

  61. Ali Hamza

    Ali Hamzaחודש לפני

    Steph Needs Thompson . Because warriors roster ' According TO MY POINT OF VIEW' Are lacking and Not Working with Curry . They should come up with strong defence and Scoring inside Game . #GetWellSoonThompson 😔

  62. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    They need klay for championships,they don’t for just playoffs

  63. lastmadcow

    lastmadcowחודש לפני

    She is the best commentator out of those cringe clowns.

  64. Christoph Kögl

    Christoph Köglחודש לפני

    You speak the truth, man. Nothing but.

  65. Mehmet Cicek

    Mehmet Cicekחודש לפני

    They doubled Lillard the whole game and it worked. He wasn't good until it was winning time and then he scored 10 points in the last 5 minutes. King of the clutch 🔥

  66. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @preacherman George sorry I was taking to the guy who posted the comment.

  67. preacherman George

    preacherman Georgeחודש לפני

    @caoimhin shankeysmith I didn't say that but but he was 6-17 Melo was 8-13

  68. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    Lillerd was clutch cant lie

  69. preacherman George

    preacherman Georgeחודש לפני

    Melo bail Portland,he came of the bench play bring back from dead so lilard shouldn’t be highlights

  70. ᴋᴀᴛᴢᴜᴍɪ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    ᴋᴀᴛᴢᴜᴍɪ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢחודש לפני

    it's draymond green's fault

  71. Domantis Binkis

    Domantis Binkisחודש לפני

    @Amaro Moraishe was still moving his legs when they made contact

  72. ᴋᴀᴛᴢᴜᴍɪ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ

    ᴋᴀᴛᴢᴜᴍɪ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢחודש לפני

    Am sorry im just joking only 💖

  73. Rica Isabelle Bulario

    Rica Isabelle Bularioחודש לפני

    It's freakin' refs fault. They ruined the game

  74. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    It’s always that donkeys fault

  75. Amaro Morais

    Amaro Moraisחודש לפני

    How?! Green was already approaching the rim when lillard stablished his feet. Unbelievable call by the refs

  76. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYTחודש לפני

    can you just stop to only show Curry during GSW game recaps ?

  77. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @Ludovic STEYT I guess,but not a lot kids will wanna watch mid range jump shots and layups.Im not saying they’re bad but most of the kids who watch the highlights are gonna wanna see steph,not a mid range or a layup And also sorry for getting defensive and calling you a curry hater.

  78. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYTחודש לפני

    @caoimhin shankeysmith + i'm not a Curry hater, i'm just saying he's not the only player in this team, Green had a couple of good games recently and the only thing they're showing is Curry's highlights, i mean the whole team is there + they took the L and the only thing we see from the winning team is two jumpshots, how disrespectful is that

  79. Ludovic STEYT

    Ludovic STEYTחודש לפני

    @Bill Gates apparently you can't read recap in the title so leave my brain alone and care about yours :)

  80. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @Bill Gates they’re all curry haters

  81. Bill Gates

    Bill Gatesחודש לפני

    it's called highlights steph has the highlights on that team stop being butthurt and use your fucking brain

  82. 김동년

    김동년חודש לפני


  83. I ain't Tisoy I'm Kentoy

    I ain't Tisoy I'm Kentoyחודש לפני

    Fight fight Curry!!! Gogo GSW

  84. 오르마이토

    오르마이토חודש לפני

    How the fuck is that an offensive foul? Green was in the air before Lillard set down the right foot. This league needs AI officiating asap

  85. Николай Дуюн

    Николай Дуюнחודש לפני

    Where was Oubre?

  86. De Teacha

    De Teachaחודש לפני


  87. Emmanuel Obande

    Emmanuel Obandeחודש לפני

    What's with the dumb ass dance moves Steph

  88. ahmed hassan

    ahmed hassanחודש לפני

    if the warriors bench wasnt so shit they wouldve won the game

  89. firstgray man

    firstgray manחודש לפני

    Green mental block has started really costing the warriors crucial Ws. Why didn't he pass the ball to curry and the idiot with the last shot, you have never shot a ball from half court and you chose then to try your luck. Green's craziness is bringing indiscipline to the team

  90. effetang

    effetangחודש לפני

    This time he did a smart play dont blame him

  91. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @firstgray man are you dissing him or the refs?

  92. Designer

    Designerחודש לפני

    @firstgray man so you're telling me he should be worried about unfair calls at the end of games and when he shot the half court yes he should have passed to curry but he was trying to draw the foul but a casual like you wouldn't know. He has no mental blockage and go look at the 2019 series against the blazers and tell me hes undisciplined. Take my advice from before and try shutting up.

  93. firstgray man

    firstgray manחודש לפני

    @Designer shut up too u think I don't know it wasn't an offensive foul ofc it's a wrong call but do you think he was gonna get that call go for him. Calls in the final secs of the game are almost always subjective cos it's in the heat of the game.

  94. Designer

    Designerחודש לפני

    It wasnt an offensive foul and he even made the difficult bucket trying shutting up.

  95. parthiv_51

    parthiv_51חודש לפני


  96. Andre Xavier

    Andre Xavierחודש לפני

    The only time I accept a GSW loss is if Curry drops 30+

  97. Cellcinc

    Cellcincחודש לפני

    @dave stopa On another episode of awful takes in the comment section, we have this complete and utter moron named dave stopa, he seems to struggle charging 2 braincells together and is using awful arguements to why curry is overrated which isnt the case. Please tune in next time to view more idiots that seem to be more casual than casuals

  98. dave stopa

    dave stopaחודש לפני

    You could as well be a "Rockets" fan a few years back when they didn't win shit but Harden would score 30+ points every game, Curry is lucky he got injured last season because everybody would have noticed how overrated he was and just how important Klay and Kevin were to the team's success much sooner.

  99. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @Dj Genius that’s not what I was saying bro.

  100. Dj Genius

    Dj Geniusחודש לפני

    @caoimhin shankeysmith what's the difference? A loss is a loss

  101. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    Even if he lost,we know it wasn’t his fault

  102. Jean Apelt

    Jean Apeltחודש לפני

    It was not an offensive foul

  103. VArsovski10

    VArsovski10חודש לפני

    @Cold Meer foot, not feet, foot.. Yeah he already established the pivot, and though the sliding distance was bigger/questionable, those rarely get called tbh.. This one was more on the questionable side but not quite the bad call (except the case that it was also a game decider, but if it wasn't it would probably be called as a charge 90% of the time)

  104. Angelo Jose Trinidad

    Angelo Jose Trinidadחודש לפני

    something wrong again

  105. Cold Meer

    Cold Meerחודש לפני

    he moved his feet !

  106. Ošçârįūś

    Ošçârįūśחודש לפני


  107. Mshall S

    Mshall Sחודש לפני

    Dame Time on both ends?!?!?! Boy got heart

  108. G O A T

    G O A Tחודש לפני

    Dame is by far the clutchest player in the league, as in this moment, not even a debate.

  109. Thom Jones II

    Thom Jones II15 ימים לפני

    @Naod Thomas if you three points behind with 7 seconds left, rather dame than mj.

  110. Android Trickster PH

    Android Trickster PHחודש לפני


  111. Naod Thomas

    Naod Thomasחודש לפני

    @Thom Jones II mj is the most clutch player of all time

  112. Naod Thomas

    Naod Thomasחודש לפני

    @Thom Jones II if it's not funny don't read it

  113. Αλκης Γεωργιου

    Αλκης Γεωργιουחודש לפני


  114. Martin Brankov

    Martin Brankovחודש לפני

    Carmelo turned back the clock recently. ⏰

  115. Akinbohun Tomide

    Akinbohun Tomideחודש לפני

    Top top offensive player🔥🔥

  116. Louie Marinda Jr.

    Louie Marinda Jr.חודש לפני

    Damn Wardell

  117. Rossenvier Dulay

    Rossenvier Dulayחודש לפני

    So Dame only scored 14pts until his 8pts straight in the 4th?

  118. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני


  119. Arnau Sanz

    Arnau Sanzחודש לפני

    It was not an offensive foul

  120. caoimhin shankeysmith

    caoimhin shankeysmithחודש לפני

    @Angelo Jose Trinidad as per usual

  121. Angelo Jose Trinidad

    Angelo Jose Trinidadחודש לפני

    warriors lost again

  122. Susan Hart

    Susan Hartחודש לפני


  123. Jackytam 538

    Jackytam 538חודש לפני


  124. Ismail Fadeli

    Ismail Fadeliחודש לפני

    She said curry's name more than the commentators did that whole game

  125. kadir baş

    kadir başחודש לפני


  126. Andy Parker

    Andy Parkerחודש לפני

    I love these videos!