Lil Nas X - HOLIDAY (Official Video)

Official video for "Holiday" by Lil Nas X.
Listen & Download "Holiday" by Lil Nas X out now:

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Directors - Gibson Hazard & Lil Nas X
Production Company - Hazard Studios
Executive Producers - Matt Bauerschmidt, Jamil Davis, Liam Akiva
Video Commissioner/Producer - Saul Levitz
Live Capture - wølvesONLY
Producer - Nic Neary
Director of Photography - Scott Cunningham
Creative Direction - Brendan O’Connor
Creative Consulting - Jak Bannon, Oliver Cannon
Production Supervisor - Valerie Bush
1st AD - Jesse Hays
Production Designer - Nico Macciocca
Key Grip - David Riggio
Gaffer - Mike VanMeter
Editor - Gibson Hazard
Sound Design - Gibson Hazard & Jak Bannon
VFX - Glassworks VFX & Karen Arakelian
Wardrobe Stylist - Hodo Musa
Key Makeup - Raoul Alejandre
Choreographer - Phil Wright
Movement - KJ Rose
Colorist - Bryan Smaller

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  1. Mmmbook

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    My fav song rn fr

  3. Oreo Retu

    Oreo Retu5 שעות לפני

    Песня не че.,но перевод Г.....

  4. iChiQuaQua

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    Those Costumes are sick..

  5. Comrade Radrunner

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    This black Santa

  6. piotruxx

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  7. Johnnymations

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    Anyone just singing one thing “I’m as bad as Michael Jackson”

  8. AyeeHime

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    Panini was hotter.. HA get it..

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    Lle puede salir pueti

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    I love the song I like it 😘😘😘😘😍😍

  12. Ayden Silfa

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    I like this song is cool

  13. milk

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    1:01 for the best part

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  16. Hikaru

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    Лил нас подходит на роль Майлса Моралиса

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  18. Stella The cat

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    I have listened to this ten times

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    yeah man

  20. foxyb0nes

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    Just finished this music video and wow I’m so pleased with all the aesthetics! Keep up the great work, you’re wonderful!

  21. Lemon and Tuna 2.0

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    No cap listen to this when ever I can even at school so 🔥 keep it up

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    Does the king reply?

  23. Gurnoor Mukar

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    Editings too good man

  24. MagicxEU

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    its the guy from roblox !!!!!!


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    W´S !!!

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    Omg the guy from Roblox

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    Who else is here from Hot Ones? Best last Dab ever!

  29. xXxHa̶shim

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    name rappers who comment for than once doe

  30. Tybull

    Tybull5 שעות לפני

    Mad respect for future Santa, he keeps in touch with cars from 200 years ago and his sled is a stick shift

  31. Alec Collinsworth

    Alec Collinsworth5 שעות לפני

    I am not even a fan but this song and video is legit awesome

  32. Super Games UBERLAN109

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    Okay $100th

  33. Aman Singh 02

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    Hey Yo All Still Reading The Comments....

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  36. the boyx

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    This song is so lit , literally the best Song dropped 2020

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    hes very gray

  38. foxyb0nes

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    Came right on over to hear this after the episode on Hot Ones! You took that last wing like a champ!

  39. JordieSama

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    Ah, so that's where my PS5 went.


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    Yo lil nas

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  43. Maria Toca :3

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    Lol I think the santa is kinda creepy........

  44. Melcul Atomic

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    Who dosent like lil nas x is a big failier lil nas x is always the best who dosent agree with me comment me also🥳

  45. Jordaine Johnson

    Jordaine Johnson5 שעות לפני

    This finna be my Christmas song this year

  46. Darin Char

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    His music vids on another level

  47. Jorge Rodriguez

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    Here only for his wild hot wing stunt!

  48. Sizzle

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    this is rare footage of the north pole

  49. alxiyxah

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    200 years later and and we still have the ps5 -.- but clever placement xD

  50. Raviswatching

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    Lil nas x music videos are wierd and intresting

  51. Haytam

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    Santa got corona this year and Nas is replacing him

  52. kurczaq

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    Why the frick did you kill kermit



    Este comentario está en español pero se hará viral?🤔

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  55. TheLegendPlz

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    Song is actually lit bro. I love the key, bass boost dope, voice flows nice with the music, and oh my fucking god the beat, lit. Although probably should've released it on December 25th. Cool dude. Happy thankgiving.

  56. Thanos Gaming

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    This shit makes we wanna pop out he moonwalk

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    on roblox was better

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    Omg I watched this 14 time ahhh amazing

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    These guys are literally so HYPED when they saw this music video I mean if u want here’s the video:

  61. SlimeyR

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    If they make another toy story movie I’m sure lil bad is going to be the villian

  62. Daniel Sanchez

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  63. VV VV

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    Listened on Thanksgiving ✔️ Listened on Christmas 🔲

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    No one rly gonna ask what did it cost to cgi this whole spot


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    I also think that to

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    Русские есть?

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    I want a Christmas movie with SantaNas

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    I didn’t know the guy from roblox made music

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  73. Josh Huddlestone

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    “Bad as Micheal Jackson” may not be the best lyric considering the...... allegations

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    Da favk-

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    Enjoy this song before more people from tiktok come

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    Im here for roblox lol

  82. Ulises Marco Antonio Salazar Flores

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    I love the video an the song, the best song of the twenty twenty

  83. M A R T I N E Z Chamo

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    holiday thanks lil nas you happy the day

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    how does this get dislikes aggree

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    This song fire

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    8 out of 10 bc its tite but alot of searing

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    1week 38mil views

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    good song but you 're gay

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    Pls Chat

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    It came out cool, respect from Belarus