Lakers vs Nets HIGHLIGHTS Full Game | NBA April 10

Check out Lakers vs Nets HIGHLIGHTS

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Our Sports Talk Line team picked the best NBA game Highlights for you to enjoy.
In today’s game the Lakers beat the Nets in a thrilling game 126 - 101
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  1. Yilbert Jose Lama

    Yilbert Jose Lama15 ימים לפני

    The bes sports talks linea

  2. SEAN

    SEAN26 ימים לפני

    Sucks that this is LaMarcus’s last game. Hope he’s well.

  3. Hurelulga Enkhtur

    Hurelulga Enkhtur27 ימים לפני

    Imagine first game if we had schrouder we could win easly nets

  4. lamb0warri0r

    lamb0warri0r28 ימים לפני

    nba dont even upload their videos in HD- THANK YOU GUYS!


    RAUL PEREZחודש לפני


  6. Mister Mind KE

    Mister Mind KEחודש לפני

    At least have Dennis on the thumbnail, Lakers be ballin hard...

  7. Aasar Ptah

    Aasar Ptahחודש לפני

    Lakers surpass the Nets in a game with two ejection.....

  8. bozz 400

    bozz 400חודש לפני

    KD got exposed once again

  9. Melih Eren

    Melih Erenחודש לפני

    Look it this thumbnail???? Be trust bro, be trust.

  10. larry diaz

    larry diazחודש לפני

    YESSSSSS LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Khai Halij

    Khai Halijחודש לפני

    Hahaha..kawawa ang nets tinambakan hahaha...

  12. Gerry Gotama

    Gerry Gotamaחודש לפני

    Lakers when they hear Curry want to play with Lebron : we are gonna practice 3p

  13. Upload Terserah Master

    Upload Terserah Masterחודש לפני

    They destroy Nets without their superstar

  14. Captain Tower

    Captain Towerחודש לפני


  15. Gilbert Rojas

    Gilbert Rojasחודש לפני

    With bron and AD we can beat them.

  16. Jun Wang

    Jun Wangחודש לפני

    It is not the Lakers I remember.

  17. sergio alberis peralta

    sergio alberis peraltaחודש לפני

    No harder? No win

  18. The Goat

    The Goatחודש לפני

    Guys did you know it s the same team we are to figh on final

  19. Luca L

    Luca Lחודש לפני

    Lakers in 5💛💜

  20. Paulo Vieira

    Paulo Vieiraחודש לפני

    Defesa dos nets é muito frágil.

  21. Al-Ghuraba

    Al-Ghurabaחודש לפני

    With Mclemore and Drummond Lakers gonna be crazy when LBJ and AD are back!!

  22. Aurora Pontillas

    Aurora Pontillasחודש לפני

    Lets go lakers

  23. 卜聲瑞

    卜聲瑞חודש לפני


  24. Bruce Patawa

    Bruce Patawaחודש לפני

    Irving is so important

  25. milo lee

    milo leeחודש לפני

    So let me get this right...the lakers just smoked the nets...WITHOUT lebron AND ..AD...on the nets manor?!! Boy oh boy.....IF they do match up in the finals,in a best of 7 there is only one winner.

  26. mwangi maina

    mwangi mainaחודש לפני

    Lakers has easily the best bench in the league if ad and lbj are back and there's still time for the team to gel before playoffs then Lakers are still the clear favorites to retain it

  27. Angelo DC

    Angelo DCחודש לפני

    Bahahahhahahahjahahhahahhahahahahha Nets Bahahahhahahhahahhahjaa

  28. Melchor Bautista

    Melchor Bautistaחודש לפני

    paul gasol left the out for the BIG ONE..coming soon!..

  29. Drew Vac

    Drew Vacחודש לפני

    You know Unc Shannon be trolling Skip on Monday. lmao!

  30. SE M

    SE Mחודש לפני

    What will happen when AD and Leb come back?

  31. Omar Reid

    Omar Reidחודש לפני

    Mercy me Skip must be sleepless tonight after that match. Damn good showing by the Lakers. I am waiting to see more when the Thunder storm comes. Hail the King

  32. Kosi Mncube

    Kosi Mncubeחודש לפני

    NBA is any given night.Haha

  33. Teddy Bruckshot

    Teddy Bruckshotחודש לפני

    Lakers Erupted on Brooklyn Nets like St. Vincent Volcano, schroder and Turner was like ash to them in their eyes... too much ash Brooklyn wont see their way to the finals

  34. guywerb

    guywerbחודש לפני

    Wasn't expecting that AT ALL...

  35. ofw Kislapdikit

    ofw Kislapdikitחודש לפני

    Boom no AD no LeBron....hahahhaha super team knock down

  36. sheed -

    sheed -חודש לפני

    Oh lord skip is getting violated....can't wait for undisputed

  37. Djair Silva

    Djair Silvaחודש לפני

    Uauuuu amazing lakers surpreendeu



    So so nice Lakers.. In my widest imagination, I never expected us to win but we won.. Kudos guys..

  39. Linus

    Linusחודש לפני

    This is embarrassing

  40. Rain Bumz

    Rain Bumzחודש לפני


  41. Boden Smith

    Boden Smithחודש לפני

    Hands up if you predicted this! C'mon honestly tho

  42. milo lee

    milo leeחודש לפני

    Not in a month of Sunday's Boden. I thought nets by the same score...OR MORE! Talk about cat amongst the pigeons...jeeeezzz

  43. arlindo Mafanda

    arlindo Mafandaחודש לפני

    RIP to Skip uncle Shay Shay send his condolences 💐

  44. Coach OBI'S Personal Workout Tips

    Coach OBI'S Personal Workout Tipsחודש לפני

    He told him Thunderstorm was coming and it will not be a good time to be outside 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  45. Flávio Arthur

    Flávio Arthurחודש לפני

    Lakers in 5 LMAO

  46. Ivan Iliev

    Ivan Ilievחודש לפני

    As we like to say in my country, the Lakers thorn their thongs apart. I really thought the NETS are overpowered with Blake, Kyrie, Durant, Aldridge ...

  47. Ivan Iliev

    Ivan Ilievחודש לפני

    @sheed - True that, them signing so many superstars I lost the count of them.... :D

  48. sheed -

    sheed -חודש לפני

    Cousins????aint he with the clippers unless he got a twin in the NBA i didn't know about

  49. arlindo Mafanda

    arlindo Mafandaחודש לפני

    I wait on Monday Shay Shay on the Building Skip no excuse 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

  50. sheed -

    sheed -חודש לפני

    He may well pull a sicky

  51. arlindo Mafanda

    arlindo Mafandaחודש לפני

    @GLBizzie I knew somebody gonna say that 😂😂😂😂😂

  52. GLBizzie

    GLBizzieחודש לפני

    Excuse 1: They missed Harden!

  53. Piolo Pacqiao

    Piolo Pacqiaoחודש לפני

    Iyak na nman mga GayFans ng GSW na lumipat sa Nets putek Allstar nyu ginawang praktisan bwahaha😂😂😂😂

  54. Avsin Oztas

    Avsin Oztasחודש לפני

    Today morning i couldn't believe in result. Unbelievable win ✌️❤️

  55. Piolo Pacqiao

    Piolo Pacqiaoחודש לפני

    Putek walang sinabi Nets😆😆😆 wala pa si AD at Lebron dyn bwahaha😂😂😂😂

  56. redza jauhari

    redza jauhariחודש לפני

    Now u can see durant need more help

  57. 趙世強

    趙世強חודש לפני


  58. Kuys Raphy

    Kuys Raphyחודש לפני

    Always Remember "Defense is better than Offense in Basketball Game" no matter how great player you have, it can't win without Good Defense👎💪

  59. Ádám Holler

    Ádám Hollerחודש לפני

    Good defense wins Championships!

  60. Glauco Lousada

    Glauco Lousadaחודש לפני

    But it did matter yesterday, the lakers were hitting threes like it's nothing.

  61. potty

    pottyחודש לפני

    Great team! Great win! Bron and AD stay at home please‼️ GO LAKERS‼️💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💜🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. HoldThisVodka

    HoldThisVodkaחודש לפני

    Lakers are easily the best team of all time

  63. John Annan

    John Annanחודש לפני

    Nets were hurting before Uncle Drew was kicked out of the game - but they started hemorrhaging after he left

  64. Gabriel Dela Rosa

    Gabriel Dela Rosaחודש לפני

    nets ano nang yari😂😂😂no LBJ no AD.puro pa kayo star player home court pa ninyo.piro tinanbakan pa kayo. wag Kasi puro yabang.go Lakers.💪💪💪👊👊👊

  65. Piolo Pacqiao

    Piolo Pacqiaoחודש לפני

    Panay yabang lang mga fans ng Nets😂😂 wala nman pala sinabi team USA nila wala pa si AD at LeBron dyn haha😂😂

  66. Jin Ee

    Jin Eeחודש לפני


  67. Demetris Mavros

    Demetris Mavrosחודש לפני

    that was humiliating

  68. Nyikiwane

    Nyikiwaneחודש לפני

    Super uncool to still put LBJ in the thumbnail! Let’s appreciate these boys’ work

  69. Edward Jimenez

    Edward Jimenezחודש לפני

    They put Vince carter too 😂🙌🏽

  70. Melih Eren

    Melih Erenחודש לפני

    Yeah yeah agree. That's unfair.

  71. Brett Ly

    Brett Lyחודש לפני

    Agree, cmon lamos

  72. kobbs99

    kobbs99חודש לפני

    You’re too right. Too right !

  73. Amabo Franck

    Amabo Franckחודש לפני

    Couldn’t agree more

  74. badrobot3 NG

    badrobot3 NGחודש לפני

    No defence. Bad recipe.

  75. Joemar Tabujara

    Joemar Tabujaraחודש לפני

    Kyrie erving got wild and angry when Dennis scrodder whispering to him "the earth is round,bro"😅

  76. Upload Terserah Master

    Upload Terserah Masterחודש לפני


  77. VirginiaFG G

    VirginiaFG Gחודש לפני


  78. Pengupas Kacang

    Pengupas Kacangחודש לפני


  79. kolasses

    kolassesחודש לפני

    Damn. Lakers just destroyed brooklyn. Even without their 2 champs.

  80. kailontong

    kailontongחודש לפני

    Hehe~~ Nets super team

  81. Savlon Darlie

    Savlon Darlieחודש לפני

    Go lakers

  82. denden mark

    denden markחודש לפני

    hell no my lakers beat the nets without AD and LBJ

  83. Hohepa Galvin

    Hohepa Galvinחודש לפני

    Can't wait to see what BS Skip comes up with...

  84. D.C. Hylton

    D.C. Hyltonחודש לפני

    U N B E L I E VA B L E 💜💛

  85. Randy Plett

    Randy Plettחודש לפני

    The Lakers 3rd & 4th stringers, their ball boy & the Lakers medical staff embarrassed Kevin Durcant, Kyrire “Mental Illness” Irving & the Sorry ass decrepit, degenerate Monstar wannabe reject Nets. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡

  86. Daniel Ojeda

    Daniel Ojedaחודש לפני

    Why the hell is lebron on the thumbnail?

  87. Joefel Maquiñana

    Joefel Maquiñanaחודש לפני

    Good job. Go lakers...

  88. Arizal Bachri

    Arizal Bachriחודש לפני

    I hope likers consistent on continue game

  89. Ferizal Trader

    Ferizal Traderחודש לפני


  90. Kavin Tan

    Kavin Tanחודש לפני

    sack nash, dumb coach ever


    ISAAC ARIMOROחודש לפני

    We ain't even gotta wait the playoffs! Legitimate shit! 🙌

  92. Jacky You

    Jacky Youחודש לפני

    I thought Lakes will get roasted in this match...

  93. tororo tororo

    tororo tororoחודש לפני

    Lakers crazy playing..

  94. Luciano Borges

    Luciano Borgesחודש לפני

    O Lakes passou o trato.

  95. Wyn'd Rider

    Wyn'd Riderחודש לפני

    no LbJ no AD no Kuzma ejected schroder but still 126 pts....we can do it! lets go lakers!!

  96. Eduardo Ponce

    Eduardo Ponceחודש לפני


  97. 牛逼

    牛逼חודש לפני


  98. Badan Pengawas_ Gayatra Raditea

    Badan Pengawas_ Gayatra Raditeaחודש לפני

    To easy bro

  99. Pin9zz

    Pin9zzחודש לפני

    Go Lakers!!

  100. F Luo

    F Luoחודש לפני

    Schroeder for Kyrie. good move

  101. Saad jmal

    Saad jmalחודש לפני

    This is so impressive

  102. Say Less

    Say Lessחודש לפני

    Hahah giving you lakers hope

  103. GLBizzie

    GLBizzieחודש לפני

    “Giving u Lakers hope”.... We missed our REAL Big Men, one even got ejected while u just missed Harden and jet u still can’t beat Lakers b-Team? Even if my Lakers won’t win the ring I don’t think it will be the Nets either. U Nets “Fans” overlook the Sixers since the beginning of the season.

  104. Michael guap'Z

    Michael guap'Zחודש לפני

    Ay Naglaing da yot

  105. Ronnie Bandoma

    Ronnie Bandomaחודש לפני

    any excuses from the Lakers haters?

  106. Onni Cornwell

    Onni Cornwellחודש לפני

    didnt the lakers lose to the warriors? With that logic the warriors are going to the finals

  107. Oleeboy Perfas Buen

    Oleeboy Perfas Buenחודש לפני

    Sabi na e iyak ang nets no superstar no problem haha. Win lakers

  108. Widi Tigaras

    Widi Tigarasחודש לפני

    OMG lakers

  109. SKB

    SKBחודש לפני

    For the Nets wagon u better be scared. This strom approaching has earth quake and tornado ⛈️🌪️

  110. Ulises Gomez

    Ulises Gomezחודש לפני

    Buena estrategia, se les vino la noche , vamos LAKERS, 👊🏼

  111. Shiela may Samijon

    Shiela may Samijonחודש לפני

    Thats all nets? Thats the best you got

  112. GLBizzie

    GLBizzieחודש לפני

    @Ricardo Cambell “it’s just a regular season game”... If Nets would have won we all know what your actual comment would be like: They need LBJ and AD blah blah! Take the L and sit down

  113. GLBizzie

    GLBizzieחודש לפני

    @Onni Cornwell Actually it does otherwise we wouldn’t know who will go into the Playoffs lmao Salty ass

  114. Onni Cornwell

    Onni Cornwellחודש לפני

    Yeah because regular season matters 😂😂

  115. Ricardo Cambell

    Ricardo Cambellחודש לפני

    Is just a lost in regular season don't show nothing this is just starting playoffs is something else to see

  116. Oliver Nitz

    Oliver Nitzחודש לפני

    shout out from germany ! Schroeder has grown as a player , first string purple and gold player ! Respect from Germany !

  117. Luca L

    Luca Lחודש לפני

    Bin mega stolz auf Schröders Entwicklung. Hoffentlich holt er sich seinen Ring dieses Jahr👍🏻

  118. Noah Bigdeli

    Noah Bigdeliחודש לפני

    Bin auch Deutscher lets go

  119. Y-S Dahm's

    Y-S Dahm'sחודש לפני

    La fessée.

  120. gee haha

    gee hahaחודש לפני

    That was a complete hiding lakers just showed the nets who's the real champion are

  121. GLBizzie

    GLBizzieחודש לפני

    @Ricardo Cambell Just take the L God damn. Nets got exposed again. I still think Sixers would be in the finals before Nets lmao

  122. gee haha

    gee hahaחודש לפני

    @Onni Cornwell stop being jealous how championships have the nets won UMMM none bhahhaaa

  123. Onni Cornwell

    Onni Cornwellחודש לפני

    So you base one game for an entire series? Bronsexuals are different

  124. gee haha

    gee hahaחודש לפני

    @Ricardo Cambell lakers smashed the nets without LBJ,KK,AD so I'm sorry no excuses

  125. Ricardo Cambell

    Ricardo Cambellחודש לפני

    Never relay on one regular season game lol the league is just starting to get better let's see the playoffs coming whit 100 porcent KD in the game what will happen

  126. Rufat Imanli

    Rufat Imanliחודש לפני

    "BlAcK kiNg" was ejected?😅😆🤣

  127. okaepat

    okaepatחודש לפני

    The lakers bench has to perform like this in the playoffs in order for the lakers to repeat let alone make it out the west

  128. Ahmed Alwy

    Ahmed Alwyחודש לפני

    Maybe 50% of this...Le Bron, AD and Kuzma are walking 70+ points.

  129. weirdo

    weirdoחודש לפני

    I didn't see this coming

  130. Michael Kong

    Michael Kongחודש לפני

    Sorry, final is 76ers vs Nuggets

  131. GLBizzie

    GLBizzieחודש לפני

    Sixers vs Lakers. Legendary Meeting !

  132. indra12

    indra12חודש לפני

    "BRING IT ON!!!" ...GO LAKERS!


    God-FREY JACINTHEחודש לפני

    Good jod