BTS Blue & Grey Lyrics (방탄소년단 Blue & Grey 가사) [Color Coded Lyrics/Han/Rom/Eng]

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Artist: BTS (방탄소년단)
Track: Blue & Grey
Album: BE (Deluxe Edition)
Release : 2020.11.20
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Blue & Grey
BTS Blue & Grey LYRICS
bts blue and gray
bts blue and gray lyrics
blue and gray lyrics
blue and gray
blue and gray bts lyrics
BTS Blue & Grey
방탄소년단 Blue & Grey
방탄소년단 Blue & Grey 가사
방탄소년단 Blue & Grey Lyrics
BTS Blue & Grey 가사
BTS Blue & Grey MV
BTS Blue & Grey 뮤비
Blue & Grey lyrics
Blue & Grey 가사
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블루 앤 그레이 노래방
블루 앤 그레이 뮤비
블루 앤 그레이
방탄소년단 블루 앤 그레이
블루 앤 그레이 가사
방탄소년단 블루 앤 그레이 가사
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비 디럭스 에디션
방탄 비 앨범
앨범 비
bts be
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방탄소년단 Life Goes On 가사
방탄 라이프 고즈 온 가사
방탄소년단 내 방을 여행하는 법 가사
방탄 내 방을 여행하는 법 가사
방탄소년단 Blue & Grey 가사
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방탄소년단 stay 가사
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방탄소년단 병 가사
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방탄 컴백
방탄 블루 앤 그레이
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방탄 신곡
방탄소년단 최신곡
다이나마이트 가사
방탄 블루 앤 그레이 가사
라이프 고스 온
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    "I just wanna be happier. Is this a big greed?" No, it's not baby🥺. Everyone deserves to be happy there's nothing greedy about that. Some people may need just a little more to make them fully happy and some may not and that's totally okay. Man, it just completely breaks my heart to see people feel so lonely and depressed and unable to find happiness😭. Even the things that use to make them so happy have little to no effect on them anymore. I'm just happy and relieved to learn that he's much better now and I hope anybody dealing with this also becomes better. *Sending virtual hugs*💜💜

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    whenever yoongi starts to rap, i start to feel goosebumps.

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    If you really pay attention to the English and read when rm sings "when its rains, my world dancing over this city its foggy on a clear day on wet days we'll always be together" i know its not about army but i feel like he's saying that when they disband that army and BTS will always be together NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

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    V has a spesial voice, its like when u close ur eyes u will know its kim taehyung who singing.💜

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    Just like a winter bear , I hope you have a sweet night . The scenery makes me think of someone like you , although the stigma of being away from you increases my feeling of singularity . All I want is for you to hug me , or at least feel the same as I do. Even if I die, it's you , no matter what happens, or if it's a brand new day . Whenever I'm with you, I'm able to find my inner child . Even though we're only friends , I will always be there for you. Even if it's 4 o'clock in the morning.if u feel like Blue & Grey Its okay I will come to save u, I just want you to be happy!

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    V's part: oh this ground feels so heavier i am singing by myself....... melts my heart . Love. His soothing voice a lot 💜

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    I introduced the song to a friend, and my friend said it was good and the lyrics were special THANKS YOU BTS 💜

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    Honestly, this song touches everyone's soul!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜

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    Is it just me or when Namjoon says “On the wet days, we’ll always be together. Here’s a toast to all the grey.” the audio goes from right to left and then back to normal 😩✨

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    3:57 Please... something wrong. Before uploading, would you show your script to a Korean friend. Thank you for your video. 허공에 떠도는 "말"을 몰래 주워 담고 I secretly picked up "words" (not horse) in the air I secretly picked up "floating words" in the air --- more natural

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    This song is about disease or depression.

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    This song is Jungkook’s and Jimin’s era😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Whenever you feel sad, just remember that: You're Namjoon's nutella and bread' Seokjin's earth' Yoongi's hero' Hoseok's hope' Jimin's future' Taehyung's friend Jungkoo's Love And Bangtan's reason..!! my oppas uwu AFBF🥺💜😭

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    This is so sad and what makes it harder is the fact that it describes a cheerful lovable person like V 😭

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    If you ever read this i hope that you are okay, even if your world maybe falling apart. I hope that you will feel komfort from BTS. I myself is having a hard time with depression and i am almost losing, but bts is the only reason I am still here, they made me feel hope that i haven't felt in many years. So i want to thank them and hope that everyone that read this will have a good day or night. I love you, bts love you. And you should be proud of yourself for staying. I am proud of you 😊 (sorry for my bad english I just have been feeling very lonely lately)

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    Personal opinion - jin and tae's voice fit is sad songs like the voice shows the emotions

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    It’s hard to find true happiness if they don’t have the freedom to do the things they want to do, go places they want to go, and say anything they want without being hounded, judged and controlled by their fans and anti-fans.

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    The Music is so great and calming...... Taehyung deserves a Award for writing this song.. He is soo Precious..

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    Such a beautiful song

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    3:13 fav part😢

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    This song like "it's V's colours"

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    2:06 damn, that hits close to home 😢🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭

  84. Maria Herondale-Fairchild

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    Hearing this song for the first time, why is it so sad??? I don't even understand Hangul yet I somehow understand it?😥

  85. Jimin's Missing height

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    After listening to this song I realised that I only I knew taehyung and bts very well, but that's not the case , I don't know how real tae feels

  86. Jimin's Missing height

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    Who knew what taehyung hided this behind his smile

  87. fornsj

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    taehyung n jimin part make me soo abdkdkssksjd

  88. Malya / Aisha

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    lmao I was using one headphone and when it was RM's cool part I THOUGHT some parts of it was GONE. Or that my headphones were BROKEN. I used the other headphone and then I heard the missing part but THEN another part was MISSING. XD. And when I wore both headphones I just REALIZED. XDD Its so cool though

  89. Marissa Evans

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    I want to hear this live i want to hear v and jimin part together and jin and jungkook part but i want to hear the whole song this is just a recording and it holds so much emotion so just imagine it live

  90. BE

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    Another masterpiece from KTH1 into their group Album, Im waiting for Tae to drop KTH1 for more bangers like thid.

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    I really hope this gets an MV like black swan was to ON in the previous album.

  92. Trisha Chatterjee

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    Taehyung: "I just wanna be happier is this a big greed?" Hits different🙂

  93. Trisha Chatterjee

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    Taehyung in blue and grey: where's my annnnngel Me: Am I a joke to you? 🙂

  94. Bimal Morang

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    Like v's deep voice is killing me

  95. 문지렁이

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    정국이 파트가 너무 좋아 사람들은 다 행복한가봐 거기

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    Wow I never heard jk and jimin sing so low......their voice gets so deep

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    My seven amazing adorable Angels💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    i like this blue and grey

  99. my head hurts

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    I want to be her, i hate that fcking lie about self love. Maybe helped someone but it does not work for me, I hate myself and that will not change telling me I love you in a mirror.

  100. Kaysie Rader

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    Jimin and V: Oh this ground feels so heavier, I am singing by myself~ *But you aren't singing by yourself, I am singing with you :(*

  101. 김석찌이이이이인

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    Where is my angel 하루의 끝을 드리운 Someone come and save me, please 지친 하루의 한숨뿐 사람들은 다 행복한가 봐 Can you look at me? Cuz I am blue & grey 거울에 비친 눈물의 의미는 웃음에 감춰진 나의 색깔 blue & grey 어디서부터 잘못됐는지 잘 모르겠어 나 어려서부터 머릿속엔 파란색 물음표 어쩜 그래서 치열하게 살았는지 모르지 But 뒤를 돌아보니 여기 우두커니 서니 나를 집어삼켜버리는 저 서슬 퍼런 그림자 여전히도 파란색 물음표는 과연 불안인지 우울인지 어쩜 정말 후회의 동물인지 아니면은 외로움이 낳은 나일지 여전히 모르겠어 서슬 퍼런 블루 잠식되지 않길 바래 찾을 거야 출구 I just wanna be happier 차가운 날 녹여줘 수없이 내민 나의 손 색깔 없는 메아리 Oh this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself I just wanna be happier 이것도 큰 욕심일까 추운 겨울 거리를 걸을 때 느낀 빨라진 심장의 호흡 소릴 지금도 느끼곤 해 괜찮다고 하지 마 괜찮지 않으니까 제발 혼자 두지 말아 줘 너무 아파 늘 걷는 길과 늘 받는 빛 But 오늘은 왠지 낯선 scene 무뎌진 걸까 무너진 걸까 근데 무겁긴 하다 이 쇳덩인 다가오는 회색 코뿔소 초점 없이 난 덩그러니 서있어 나답지 않아 이 순간 그냥 무섭지가 않아 난 확신이란 신 따위 안 믿어 색채 같은 말은 간지러워 넓은 회색지대가 편해 여기 수억 가지 표정의 grey 비가 오면 내 세상 이 도시 위로 춤춘다 맑은 날엔 안개를 젖은 날엔 함께 늘 여기 모든 먼지들 위해 축배를 I just wanna be happier 내 손의 온길 느껴줘 따뜻하지가 않아서 네가 더욱 필요해 Oh this ground feels so heavier I am singing by myself 먼 훗날 내가 웃게 되면 말할게 그랬었다고 허공에 떠도는 말을 몰래 주워 담고 나니 이제 새벽잠이 드네 good night

  102. Purplecosmos

    Purplecosmos5 ימים לפני

    Honestly, BLUE & GREY perfectly describes what most people are going through right now, especially in this pxxdexic. Ever since the album released, I have played this over and over again. This song and album gives me hope in this time of uncertainty.

  103. Συμελα Σαρηγιαννιδου

    Συμελα Σαρηγιαννιδου6 ימים לפני

    Hope the Boys find a way to be happy again! Its so sad that all of them have or had Depression

  104. Ash Caguia

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    at the end it’s meant to say words not horse