what if you create a wither in water

so funny!

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  1. Lyndon VIBES

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    Meggamanny Beat by steveee


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    This was actually pretty cool but the music was a bit annoying

  3. Finity_

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    bro how this guy grown up in youtube so fast, what he did???

  4. Priyanka Gupta

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    How to make a weather

  5. thetrue_roblox0OF

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  6. Just Another F2P potato gamer

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  7. Nezaniatoimya

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    Wither: *appears* Drowned zombies: CHAAAARGE

  8. Fun-sized Whitty

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    The true ending:Wither is garbage in water :(

  9. Memelord Catwoof Dogmeow

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    Wither: exists Drowned: and i took that personally.


    POKE TECH4 שעות לפני

    Wither: helo i am under the water Plz help me there to much rainning ooooo

  11. SushiRice

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    _wait wither explosions can break blocks under water?!?_

  12. BoxBoySweats

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    you turned him into a submarine with torpedoes

  13. 1cy_0c34n1

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    0:44 he's famous

  14. Ghostcool 05

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    0:46 lol that expression is the whither basically telling you: “why?”

  15. Shen

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    can we just talk about how fricking SMOOTH the sand is!?!?

  16. Yash Rana

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    Its will be like a trident farm😂😂

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    Thanks steveeeee

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    Copy johan

  20. JumpingJackStash David

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    I tried doing this before watching this and the same thing happened

  21. InsantCore

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    New method on how to kill the *WITHER*

  22. Irene Chen

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    ocean god: nah aint in my house ocean god: oh shit- they did it SECURiTYYYYY

  23. Haziq Iman

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    Wither: *shoots explosives* Drowned: You aint gonna nothin doin here Wither: Well your tridents also aint gonna do nothin to me Drowned: Well shit

  24. Bobdcoolkid

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  25. You're Pretty Good

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    Got you thinking maybe I'm the wither and I just don't know it yet

  26. omar m

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    I think you meant 7.8m • *8 years ago

  27. Simão Soares

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    Did just hear a cave sound on a Minecraft world like this THIS?

  28. Anderson Music

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    Hahaha Who ordered to dive in the water in Winter Boss

  29. Lego Burned Anakin

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    Nobody: My brain at 3am

  30. ghazii

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    Lol new metha

  31. Tomura Shigaraki

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    The Wither a litera god of destruction Drowns: WAAAAAAGGGHH!!

  32. Fujiwara Takumi

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    It will become a wather

  33. Emma Ghant

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    So no body’s going to talk about the drowns fighting the wither no just me okay


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    Never underestimate the power of a curious minecraft playa!!!

  35. Ecloaf

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    Next up: What if we create water in the wither

  36. yooshi

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    dsmp after watching this video: (recreating the first mizu)

  37. Olivia Maumus

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    How at the end the wither glares to the player like "What have you done.... Help"

  38. Steven Thomsen

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    The wither fires torpedoes

  39. Carolyn Dalmacio

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    yay 7.5M views in a week, yes

  40. Mr Lonely Shoutouts

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    Theory: This Guy Is Dream

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    Estive seu falso seu falso

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    cópia do johan 👎😡😡😡😡😡

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    I like seeing how this channel keeps growing faster and faster.

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    copy of Acenix😠

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    New character unlocked: Wather

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  50. Wᴀᴋғᴜᴜ シ

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    water wither...

  51. i ate kokichi

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    drowneds really said you shall not pass

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    i mean... i guess that works if ur trying to get urself killed by: 1. downed 2. u'll drown 3. wither

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    Wtf Already almost 1M WAT

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    💕🥰💕💕🥰💕🥰 it looks good 👍☺️ one

  57. Casual Woomy

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    The drowned: ATTTCK The wither: you guys feel something?

  58. oaoto

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    when the heads start flying around oh no..the enemy has released their torpedoes

  59. CaMaH GO

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    Как тебе удалось за месяц набрать 800к?

  60. thesmithclan

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    Tbh I though it might just delete the water

  61. Mad Hatter Maker

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    I've done this in my spare time, I already know what would happen. and still I choose to watch the video Lol

  62. LegendSM

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    i read the title as *what if you create a wither in a wither*

  63. GalaxyEXE

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    Congrats on getting famous btw cool vid,

  64. hip hop boy

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    how many people wish we grew like steveee like to show

  65. Barış Erdem Yazman

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    İ am waiting *Coconned Malled* Edit:İ didnt get *Coconned Malled*

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  67. Senior Toad

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    This could make a really could trident farm

  68. CrazyWarriorsCatFan

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    This man is asking the real questions

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    How. The. Frick. Did. You. Get. Over. 700k. Subs. In. 1. Month!?


    AYDAN MUHRIZ BIN SUFYAN Moe18 שעות לפני

    Stevee: Spams Wither Skeleton Head Villager’s who live above the water near the ocean water : WHAT THE F-

  71. Karly Yip

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    Imagine there was actually water blocks when it's in water lol

  72. Devon O'Carroll

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    exsquse me

  73. Tiny Lord

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    Straight and to the point, well worthy of a like

  74. Taj Gamer

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    Why does this look like bikini bottom?

  75. FoxPlays GamingHD

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    alternate title: how to kill the wither easier.

  76. xXShadowpheonix playz

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    The wither is probbably gonna say: Hello, please help me. Im unda the water-

  77. Nugget Nation

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    why have I never thought of this

  78. マサエくん• Macchan •

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    The drowns looks like they're ready to rail the wither 😳

  79. meme video 1001

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  80. Piglin Brute

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    Wgat if 3 players placed it at the same time

  81. NottPhantom

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    The drowned are probably like: 👁👄👁

  82. RE Paje

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    Me and the Boys at Scuba Diving:

  83. Nootonian

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    can you kill the wither using the max entity thing where you use minecarts and boats?

  84. SPR aMir tv

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    Who knew that some people could have many subs in a month like i cant do that i only have 6subs but congrats trending boi/gurl

  85. JohnGrabadors

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    Weather finally found a place where he will be treated equally

  86. Tanisha S.

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    0:46 _what did I do to deserve this, father?_

  87. Rainbow Doggy

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    A wather

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    1 Week ma 7.6 m views

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  90. We All Like it So Milk It

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    Unexpectedly found a way to make a shotgun

  91. VILO YT

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    Now wither is have an army lol

  92. AlphaMC

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    That one moment when the wither looked at steeve... best part.

  93. Zixin Art

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    The wither is Gru from minion and the other normal zombies are minions because there is a part in the movie,where all minions meet new boss

  94. pangcakeb 2910

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    0:00 you cant the heads wil just float awaya you can on,y do it in kand

  95. AKlovepups YT

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    The wither is like: HELP TOO MANY DROWNS!!!

  96. Daniel Alexander

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    He is killing all fishes and Drowns

  97. Daniel Alexander

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    WITHER: Time to die nerds HAHAHAHAHAHA

  98. Daniel Alexander

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    Fishes: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE'S!!!!! Drowns: Let's KILL the Wither LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!

  99. Prasham Viraaj

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    mom can we have a wither ? we have a wither at home wither at home :

  100. Prasham Viraaj

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    wither.exe has stopped working

  101. FNF Hex

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    Fun fact people already know: he sends a video every 3 hours to make your nofitication until 999

  102. Vikas Choudhary

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    Waht if we create wither in nether