Behind the Scenes of a Forces Perspective Trick #Shorts

Let me know if you want me to post more Behind the Scenes videos. #shorts


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    You don’t want to have camera movement if you’re doing forced perspective because it doesn’t look real if the frames are in motion

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    My life’s a lie☹️ I thought u were using magic for all these years

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    I like how he jumped in the chair😭💜

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    You mest up

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    How did that roll disappear from the table?

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    I knew it

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    Hmm i..... Hate..... You.......

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    Which one is bts... both look so confusing

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    Wtf I hate this 🙄

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    Watch carefully u can see that the rolls came out of nowhere I think-

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    I rwally dont like this kind of content.

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    Yo me quede con cara de... Whaaaat 😂👌🤔

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    Fun fact: you watched it thrice for the behind scenes and edited and conclusion...

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    How the bread got off the plate?

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    Wow coool

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    WTF !!!! someone please explain the food on fork part


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    Wow 😍😍😍

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    Hi sir

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    Editing mistake in beginning the floor behind you was LEVEL and when you fell the floor behind you did too just part of the trick I noticed so not really a mistake

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    Hooo lol

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    Grrrr why fake?😡

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    The question is, how he catch the food in table

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    Hey everyone they spent thousands to make a set hire professional cameraman lighting actors and set designers just for you to click on this shit instead of learn a task thank you algorithm



    I really want to copy you ZACHHH KINGGGGG

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    Mind blowing

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    You ruined this for me

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    hy mythical glory

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    Knew it

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    I don’t like knowing this I prefer the amazement

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    Its like the trick they used on lord of the rings. Its all about perspective

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    I don’t get it

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    OMG 😱

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    Pas réaliste

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    But how he gets the food on his fork

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    Thats cool how they did two screen and one of them was the special effects

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    🤔 Fail!

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    You looked at the little gap under the table to see the other guy and didn't find him...yeah, I did too

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    I had to watch this more than 5 times to understand what the f**k was going on

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    My life has been a lie

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    You r my fab magicians yt

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    🤔how did he get the food on the folk🤔 that's a bit confusing

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    Bro he cuted the parts😂

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    After all these years I find out it's fake 😨😨😨

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    This is zzzzzz

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    It confused me😪😆

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    *청원 링크에 청원을 해주세요* 여러분 현재 강원도에 우리나라 선사시대 유적지를 부수고 중국자본으로 인천 차이나타운 10배에 해당하는 차이나타운을 짓겠다고 합니다 타운을 짓고 중국인을 이주시켜 그 땅을 삼키려는 뻔한 수법입니다 강원도지사 최문순 이새끼는 중국 앞잡이로 우리 한국을 중국에 팔아먹으려고 아주 신이 났습니다 국민청원이 40만이 넘었는데 정부의 대응도 없고 뉴스에 보도도 되지 않고 있습니다 부디 이 글을 널리 퍼뜨려 많은 사람들이 볼 수 있게 해주세요 중국인의 지배 아래 살지 않도록 우리나라는 우리가 지켜야 합니다 영상에 맞지 않는 댓글 죄송합니다 하지만 꼭 많은 분들이 아셔야합니다 널리 퍼뜨려주세요


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    That why I hate dislike

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    The chair is actually big

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    Wow this is trippy

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    LOL there was another stage under the table

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    저렇게 만든거구나

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    How did the thing on the plate vanished without the man touched..??!!

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    You r my fab magicians yt

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    We want more of these

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    That is actually very cool. They did this kind of thing for Lord if the Rings.

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    I love this guy's ideas however the guy himself i find unbearably irritating.

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    My whole life is a myth..

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    Even the bloopers look magic

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    Dmm ảo thật đấy

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    Your thoughts are amazing waw!!!???love u 💖💖💖💞💞💞❤❤❤

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    just like magic

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    Woww cooolllll

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    bruh now i can’t be tricked by the normal video anymore

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    its all about the angle

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    It seems Little Feet has attacked him

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    Wowow...that's truly cool...amazing.. commendable..

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    Good idea lol

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    I admire how dedicated he is to his videos after all these years

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    I'm done watching your videos. It makes my eyes feel so small🤒🤒

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    O _ O this is what people who try to watch this video from two perspectives at once look like

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    This is how Peter Jackson shot the lord of the rings movies.