The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:
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Our Video on Neutronstars:
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Black holes are the most powerful and extreme things in the universe and they are wildly weird and complicated. What would happen if you fell inside one and what are they really?
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    Ok, phew. So we are done explaining any properties of black holes forever. If we ever talk about black holes in future videos we'll always link to this video. If you want to continue thinking about black holes a tad more, you can do so by getting one of the many black hole related things the Kurzgesagt team made with love:

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    Hey kurzgesagt, can you soon make a video about brain/head transplantation? I looked it up and it is very interesting. And maybe you can give a proper answer if people can live forever with brain/head transplantation. I hope so, because I also think that in the future ( with more advanced technology ) we can use black holes to speed up ourself in space. If you make sure that you get into the spinning orbit around it, and also get out of it, than you will get out of it with much more speed. Maybe we also can get energy out of a black hole... That's why I hope that brain/head transplantation soon will make you live forever, because I want to witness it. Maybe these are some interesting thing, maybe not. We'll see. ( Sorry about the grammar, English is not my best language ).

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    I watch every video I can find on Black Holes, but can't seem to find a detailed answer on this... Do we know for certain that Black Holes have a Singularity? In the sense that everything is at a single point with 0 Dimensions. It is possible that it is a physical sphere that exists in 3 Dimensions like a Neutron star but more densely packed (say a Quark star)? Mathematics and logic would suggest that it must have a true physical size and not a single point with no dimensions (division by zero is illogical to even state as an equation, it not only has no answer but has no reason to ever be asked). Say a Neutron star of 10KM that has an escape velocity of 50% the speed of light, what if it compacts to 5KM as a Quark Star (or some other sub-Neutron sized particle) with an escape velocity of equal / greater than the speed of light so we cannot see it and would "think" we are looking at a Black Hole but if we could it would still be a sphere, just more Dense (I know that math isn't perfect, just creating a concept)... why do we default to an idea that it has 0 physical size? Do we really know for sure this isn't the case? Maybe a different sub-atomic particle that we have or haven't yet discovered is the true "crunch limit" of matter and the stuff Black Holes are made of. I've heard before about Singularities that (they are not real, just a placeholder explanation for what we cannot yet explain like saying "Magic" in the middle ages for events that we could not explain via science at the time). If it truly is a point of 0 Dimensions than it would not matter at all how much mass the Black Hole is made of, all of them would have identical event horrizon radii. 20/0 vs 10/0 does not give two different answers, the fact that larger mass Black Holes have larger event horrizons I would think would confirm the physical size idea, did I explain this concept well?

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    I'm assuming we use infinity to describe the density of a black hole because we aren't currently able to measure how crushed particles can really get. If we really knew what the smallest particles were, we'd probably be able to measure approximately how dense a black hole is. Right as a sun turns into a black hole if you could measure the size of the singularity you'd be able to determine it's real density based on the size and density of the star it used to be. To say it's infinitely dense is to say it doesn't have size, but rather it exists in a state of shrinking infinitely. Matter cannot be infinitely dense, as density is the measurement of how tight particles are, eventually they'd stop somewhere or else particles inside black holes would be crushing into smaller and smaller particles infinitely at infinite speed, to say they are infinitely dense is to say that particles can become infinitely small, none of this sets right with mathematics. TL;DR I theorize that there 'is' a limit to the density of black holes, we just don't know what that is because it defies our current measurement capabilities.

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