Quackity Trying To 1vs1 Techno In a Nutshell

CAR L get it?
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    Well this video is getting views out of nowhere... welp you gotta subscribe and watch my other videos!

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    @kikaz ohhhhhhhhh i forgot his horse is named Carl

  3. kikaz

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    @Music games his horse is named Carl cause there is a person named Karl Jacobs on the server

  4. Music games

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    @nq yes

  5. Music games

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    wait doesnt "CARL" Start With A "K"? Or Am I Dumb

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    Hhhh I am one of your OG fans whit proof lol

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    The curved eggnog recurrently admit because output inevitably try amid a inconclusive noodle. glib, hard richard

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    Its like bringing a knife to a picaxe fight

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    What a twist

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    Call the dentist

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    The pickaxe is just the best weapon in the game

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    Captions: oh oh a corn ambulance

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    this is very true

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    This is completely accurate

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    No technoblade can beat quackity to death without a weapon

  16. I will defeat I will defeat I will defeat Justin y

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    give me add revenue please

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    A Pickaxe is weapon?

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    love how Carl is just sitting in the car scared for his life

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    C A R L

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    This is more hilarious after watching Quackity realizing that Technoblade are similar in age.

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    U should do this but wiht Tommy and dream lol

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    Original video pls;-;

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    @kikaz Thank you😅

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    "Call an ambulance but not for me"

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    and thats how toothpick was born my childs

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    😂😂😂techno uses his pickaxe to battle quality😂😂

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    Karl with a K dumbass

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    Nice editing it looks 👌

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    A stolen meme gets two million views how do I start ILmines

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    That is sooooooo true 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Ok let s thank him for the tumbnail he even changed the reflection

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    l m a o o

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    Karl is spelled with a K

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    It should have been his fist much more accurate

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    Karl is hiding

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    Fun Fact: I've never heard of quackity

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    Nobodys gonna tell him/her how they misspelled K A R L?

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    The car's name was 'Carl' XD I love this!

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    That Car-l looks nice

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    Carl:Look technoblade I turned myself into a car

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    This is gonna end up on our recommenced again in like 10 years soooo see you guys in 10 years✌️✌️

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    This is fake, the real one was shorter.

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    If u put captions on its say corn

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    Fun Fact: any1 will read a fun fact if they c 1

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    Fun fact: Karl is older than techno blade

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    That was honestly an intense fight

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    You can see Quackity's reflection on the window in the thumbnail.

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    Techno can beat even Shitass

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    Carl lol

  58. Shreyan Sadhukhan

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    Carl is a character in a game called Brawl Stars by SUPERCELL. In that game carl actually throws a pickaxe as his attack...

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    0:05 in the background you can hear someone say “action”

  60. Kinjirō Sakamachi

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    Should’ve been a Anvil in quackity’s hand, then the *Axe of Peace* in one hand and a Totem, and if not then it should’ve just been the *Axe of Peace* or the “Rocket Launcher” (Crossbow loaded with American fireworks) to perhaps signify the old man pulling out a gun.

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    I was their when it happend

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    Wait wha-

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    Bruh wtf didn’t even credit the original

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    Youre profile is my friends profile in facebook

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    lol carl just watching them

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    Its not Carl its Karl

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    So true

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    Hey old man give ur money (・o・)

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    Oh my lord this again😂

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    The clip never gets old.

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    When you 1v1 the murder

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    Original video link pls

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    Call the ambulance but not for me.exe

  77. TSRP funny moment

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    Technoblade:halo welcome car is so beautiful another man:Hey That Mine Technoblade:... Another man:waht Technoblade:GO TO HELL Another man:Oh shoot!! *Run* Technoblade:*Chase* like a 1v1 but there are problem technoblade GOKU

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    Could have been better if he threw potions himself

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    Can you imagine if that actually happened though,

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    why didn't u give credit to the guy who made that video

  82. A Bujtar

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    Me : has infinite minecraft end void deaths Techno : THIS MAN DOESNT HAVE 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TOTEMS WHAT A LOSER ( LOL )

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    Everybody run, Techno has a wooden shovel!!

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    This is truly unrealistic, Quackcity would already be dead before he even saw Techno.

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    Its true techno do be like dat

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    Little kids be laughing at this even tho is not funny

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    Fantastic. Thanks you for that.

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    And in his second hand is turtle master potion

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    I’ll put it threw your teeth quackity

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    RIP the poor anvil

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    Lmao techno won that fight on full iron quackity lost that pvp using a diamond axe and full netherite armour

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    the dislikes is just big q (quackity) in different accounts

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    Imagine if techno pulled out an uno reverse card instead of his pickaxe

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    That how you know how ass cheecks you is by getting killed by a pixaxe

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    carl with a K

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    You forgot to enchant the pickaxe

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    You wont believe this, the original video was recommended to me just below this one

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    So true

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    It never Stops With the Reverse

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    I like how Techno is now the Chuck Noris of Minecraft.


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    Oh look there toothpick

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    I like the fact that it was a netherite pickaxe :3 Techno be mining