The Crunchiest Homemade Latkes (3 Ways)

Everybody wants french fries, potato chips, and tater tots but is forgetting one of the biggest contenders, latkes. Yes, it's simple but more importantly, latkes are the easiest potato recipe aside from mashed potatoes out there. Let me show you guys how versatile these really are with 3 diverse versions.
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    did he just say garam masala for cinnamon, SIR garam masala is EVERY SPICE

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    Wait what are these delectable treats you've shown me!

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    Looks great but perhaps you forgot a little something special called matzohmeal

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    you really copy babish vid by vid lmao

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    No, no, no. You don't put the applesauce and sour cream on the latkes, you dip it into the sour cream and the applesauce is just a side dish. And you definitely don't eat them together. Source: I'm Jewish and I've never seen anyone have both. 🤷‍♀️ Also, if you want a faster way to make them use frozen shredded potatoes/hashbrowns. Let them thaw (ice in hot oil is no fun), then add in your onion, flour/panko/matzo, salt/pepper. You'll save time having to shred the potatoes and won't have to deal with wringing out the liquid. Plus they won't oxidize as fast and they taste exactly the same.

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    Why not grate the onions first and then the potatoes. They you don't have to rush

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    I am proud of you, Weissman. You understand that the right oil is king here, and that the right oil - both for smoke point and for flavor - is chicken schmaltz. Ninety-nine percent of online chefs do not understand this.

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    Latkes are delicious, but not as you prepare them. Why contaminate them with your fish, your cream and other cruelty-based foods? Totally unnecessary and quite unhealthy. There are so many 100% plant-based options for excellent Latkes, which you are obviously unaware of. Lean how to cook responsibly and ethically my friend.

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    It's okay, Josh. I'm Jewish so anytime is a good day for Latkes. And sour cream for that matter too. Don't know where to find Cream Fresh. Schnuck's Dierbergs, Aldi, and even Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market doesn't seem to have it. I asked at Schnuck's and I won't make that mistake again. They showed me everything but.

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    Anything goes tbh. Apple sauce is weird? Great polish childhood meant having a plain one sprinkled with sugar. My preferred version even now.

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    so you made hashbrowns

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    Josh, use Matza Meal instead of the bread crumbs. Use a hamburger press to form the patties. Then fry in a regular deep fryer.

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    A good way to use any left over ones that I grew up on is to dice one or two up and toss them in a pan with some diced bacon and onions (let those two go for a bit first so rendered bacon fat is what is refrying the potato pancake). Add in a fried egg and you get an amazing breakfast.

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    Garam Masala is pronounced Guh-Rum masala

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    Having grown up with a Jewish parent and lots of Jewish and Eastern European food - not only is there nothing wrong with the kimchi latkes, it really captures the spirit of how most Jewish-American people's primary food (especially when everything else is closed, like Dec. 25th) is Asian and Mexican food, while Jewish and regional stuff from where they emigrated from are the special occasion/comfort foods.

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    These are traditional Hanukkah food, eaten with, as he says, sour cream. Under Jewish dietary law, an adherent can't eat something cooked with chicken or duck fat alongside anything dairy such as sour cream. "Traditionally", if these are being eaten with sour cream, they'd be cooked with butter, or more likely, some kind of vegetable fat, or a combination

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