Quicksilver Saves Everyone - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD

Quicksilver Saves Everyone From Exploding X-Mansion Scene - Sweet Dreams - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Movie Clip HD
As Xavier's Mansion explodes, Quicksilver saves everyone inside single-handedly.
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    Oh yeah

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    Recommend? Anyone?

  4. Ome Bradley

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    Maxim from free fire

  5. Faraz Mahmood

    Faraz Mahmood36 דקות לפני

    This was def my fav scene in this entire movie.

  6. IghzX

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    da most epic scene ever!

  7. Caleb

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    Everyone except (spoiler) 😞

  8. Dar Anod

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    Speed × 2

  9. Thekiller25

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    was about to ask myself how is everyone getting so many likes on an old video but then i saw the release date and everything made sense.

  10. Kuni Peg

    Kuni Pegשעה לפני

    He's so fast that he can goof off while saving everybody (well, almost, RIP Havoc) and still has enough time to eat a Twinkie.

  11. Krzysztof Krystian

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    haha nice to koleś maximof z xmen ! nice!

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  13. -shit-

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  14. burnandbleed93

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    Spoiler!!!! Hes not quicksilver sorry guys tough luck.

  15. Snake Byte

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    That fact that he also saved the dog and the fish made my heart warm😊

  16. Model

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  17. Fabian leyva

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    Una genialidad audiovisual.

  18. Loa ding

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    0:09 the ultimate "ah shit,here we go again"

  19. Anish Kumar

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    If they play this song in Wandavision's finale it's *game over*

  20. Jeremiah S

    Jeremiah S2 שעות לפני

    This is how speedsters should be shown, the flash is multiple times faster than Quicksilver yet they constantly show him moving slower than molasses compared to how he should be, I understand why they do it. Why would you even need the other characters given the story lines if you didn't underpower the speedsters, but maybe they should just write smarter stories.

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    Nadie Absolutamente nadie El pibe con 3000 de ping:

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  24. Jeff's house in flat rock alabama

    Jeff's house in flat rock alabama2 שעות לפני


  25. Агент ЧО

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    Полностью содрали у мультфильма "Футурама"

  26. Eric Armando Amador Perez

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    Sencillamente Quicksilver es Espapiripactico!!! 26/02/2021 EAAP

  27. Flatscreen Vox

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    Let’s give some credit to camera man, risked his life in an exploding building to get the footage

  28. Mylife72

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    One of the best scenes in the movie!

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  31. genericxusername147

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    calling it right now, we’re gonna get another scene like this in wandavision

  32. Nursyahin Ibrahim

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    I watch this at least once a day

  33. Liam Deane

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    Best x-men *move aside wolverine*

  34. TheMcpvideo

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    This is my favorite Quicksilver ✌️

  35. Kevin Payne

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    My favorite part of the movie in one of the actors that I really like until American Horror Story when he sided with the libtards

  36. Justin Leak

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    The only good scene in this movie

  37. Quang Le

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    So he is the most OP character in Marvel. Can literally kill anyone.

  38. LoveJuice

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    think about it: the 'slowed down' camera cant even capture his speed.

  39. Epox11

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    Es bastante op. Espero que sea más un personaje principal en el MCU.


    MATTHEW BUGSANGIT5 שעות לפני

    The Best scene in the movie

  41. Sans gamer x

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    My mans even save the fishes lol 😂

  42. Addison raee

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  43. Manbuildy GtaRP

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    Who watch the sonic version before this

  44. omar rengifo

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    Lo que no me gustó de la escena es que no logro rescatar a Habock

  45. Gina Corderman

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    Who else is here because of WANDAVISION

  46. Emerson Urbina

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    The best scene in this movie

  47. Le Lama

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    He ate that pizza fast

  48. Ji pi

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    the best movie scene it's a great idea -> thanks to the technicians !

  49. sarupk

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    only good part of the movie!

  50. Ooriley2

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    I love how he is messing around while saving them



    What car is this?

  52. Rafael Hernández

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    M A X I M (FF)

  53. Dos puntos uve

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    A ._.

  54. Dana Holtzbert

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    Evan Peters Quicksilver is the best Flash.

  55. Sidney Atkins

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    The Flash is not even that fast

  56. Marcus Luiz De Freitas

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  57. Mary Popps

    Mary Popps6 שעות לפני

    This scene is incredible but what about the rule that wanted the neck to crack if he doesn't hold their heads in the second movie ?

  58. Bailey Luckfiel-Achor

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    do you think he finished the twinky

  59. Francisco Corleone

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  60. marcelo milan

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    making DC the flash moviments

  61. 7 שעות לפני

    Let's all agree the MCU version was not as good as the xmen universe.

  62. palpers

    palpers7 שעות לפני

    This is one of the best Superhero senses to ever exist

  63. K-Lambanal

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    This is like when Fry of Futurama saves everyone after 100 cups of coffe.

  64. Reedified

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    I watch this scene like once a week

  65. Ryan Harvey

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    they should die by wip lash

  66. S

    S8 שעות לפני

    He's the best part of x-men besides Hugh Jackman

  67. Daniel Kolbin

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  68. Autumn Gill

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    This played next after I watched bears dance to sweet dreams

  69. Julián Anvery

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    Jajajajaja qué risa XD pero está ecena es viejisima porque la suben ahora 😆😂

  70. Dos puntos uve

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    Por qué el salió en un capítulo de WandaVision y pues aprovecho el momento y la subió

  71. Samuel

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  72. GamerWolfyPlaySZ

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    When quicksilver knows a classic.

  73. Anonymus user

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    For the people in the comments trying to justify his death saying "Marvel didn't have full rights so they had to kill him in AoU" The fact that he had to die was not the problem. The problem is HOW they wrote that death scene. We just saw in this scene what he can do, how absurdly fast he is, so having a SPEEDSTER get shot by a bullet is equivalent to a person seeing a SNAIL a mile away and still getting hit by the snail. Get it now ? It's just fucking stupid. Wanna know a simple and easy fix ? Make it so the character he had to save was somehow tied up / tangled / burried, therefore Quicksilver didn't have the option to just run away with him, he had to stay there and take the bullets.

  74. Belzar R

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    Best seen ever. Funny surfing last sceen👍👍👍😂😂😂

  75. Jules Arnold

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    his shoes are cool lmao

  76. Alshredder

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    This has to be one of the best scenes ever

  77. Cyrax 124

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  78. MONEY FF

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    Alguém em 2020????

  79. mason man coffey

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    This was the best part of the movie

  80. Rayツ

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    Everyone's gotta be honest he is way more comic than the flash because he's younger but that's why he shouldn't be able to time travel because the timeline would be more screwed than it already is lol

  81. wahid t

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    That would be ironic if one of the kids thrown into the pool couldn't swim and drowned.

  82. Joey Camargo

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    I Keep scrolling and this is ALL I have in my recommends

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  85. Colton Kissock

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    That dog is so freaking cute. That would have been the first thing I rescued. :-)

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  87. Kleber Alves

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    Muito top.

  88. Adam Piao

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    Young Quicksilver is one of my favorite characters. I didn't really like old Quicksilver in Ultron. Honestly wished there was more of him.

  89. just dont

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  90. Daniell FW

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    O filme não merece essa cena.

  91. Stargazer

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    Hat makes this more impressive is that he’s moving at super speed even in slow motion

  92. David Borras Campos

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  93. stux net

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    Waiting this sweet dreams on Wandavision

  94. Nexoris

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    What do you mean 'everyone'? What about Alex?

  95. bfj sug

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    The embarrassed sweater randomly mess up because trick historically bounce under a adamant pencil. gamy, nice bite

  96. kimberley franco

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  97. evelyn

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    one of the most iconic scene ever

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    Best. Movie. Scene. Ever

  99. Annasue Hardin

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    This has to be my favorite movie scene of all time. SO cool and well thought out

  100. Kevin Zavala

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    The ultimate when bae says she's home and her parents are out...