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Richard Hammond takes the redesigned Maserati Gran Sport out for a spin, but when it comes down to it, can be beat the resident Maserati test driver around their track?
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    CJAOSHENY JCחודש לפני

    "Huge 19' wheels" you mean the standards on an audi estate? 🤣 oh how times have changed

  2. Bruno da Silva Brandão

    Bruno da Silva Brandão2 חודשים לפני


  3. Matthew Breen

    Matthew Breen5 חודשים לפני

    Why even put this video online, if you going to release it in such low quality? I’m really starting to hate the BBC.

  4. paul firkins

    paul firkins6 חודשים לפני

    Can someone please tell me what the tune is that play from about 6:18, I cannot find anywhere !

  5. Daniel Philcox

    Daniel Philcox8 חודשים לפני

    Maseratis are good for one thing and that's looking good in your driveway, not running, cause Italians don't know how to build a reliable car.

  6. Tesla Fab

    Tesla Fab8 חודשים לפני

    Just love how you can hear the warped rotors during the lap time....

  7. Douglas Berg

    Douglas Berg8 חודשים לפני

    This car really hasn't aged well

  8. bryant velez

    bryant velez9 חודשים לפני

    Thar some one I know got one for 30k not bad

  9. Riker1701NCC

    Riker1701NCC10 חודשים לפני

    Flap in the exhaust? TÜV SAGT NEIN

  10. Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria

    Juan Pablo Correia Echeverria10 חודשים לפני

    Is this 72p?

  11. No Name

    No Name11 חודשים לפני

    So how much did maserati pay?

  12. RenatoGamesBR

    RenatoGamesBRשנה לפני

    I can watch this in my Apple Watch

  13. Chris Readman

    Chris Readmanשנה לפני

    Feb 2020 here. These are cheap as chips

  14. James Harrison

    James Harrisonשנה לפני

    Gorgeous - whilst under warranty. A total nightmare if you’re not the first owner. Bono and Jamie O own one - guess they can afford the repair bills.

  15. dickcheese663

    dickcheese663שנה לפני

    You can pick up one of those pieces of trash for 5k hahaha. Quattroporte as well but why would you want to. Used QP and even newer GTs are LandRover/Lotus levels of trash build quality

  16. trumpit 2020

    trumpit 2020שנה לפני

    Why the quality of the video, it's so bad.

  17. Fellippe Galletta

    Fellippe Gallettaשנה לפני

    Richard Hammond is a knuckle dragger.....doesn't know what he's talking about

  18. Marco Dalli

    Marco Dalliשנה לפני

    the 4200 cambicorsa was always a fantastic car, top gear messed up first time round , not the car.

  19. HoldShiftt2Run

    HoldShiftt2Runשנה לפני

    I miss this top gear.

  20. HoldShiftt2Run

    HoldShiftt2Runשנה לפני

    Why is BBC uploading in 240p?

  21. Sam Rogers

    Sam Rogers2 שנים לפני

    Top Gear Minecraft edition 👌

  22. Marco Dalli

    Marco Dalli2 שנים לפני

    this shows how stupid top gear and Clarkson was about the 4200 they first tested. , I owned a 355 and other ferrari cars and spent a week in the 4200, it's the best sports car I have ever driven, you learn how to drive it, and Clarkson comments about the racing driver Gabriele just shows how it ignorant he is.

  23. C Joe

    C Joe2 שנים לפני

    5:35 "flat on this chicken"

  24. C Joe

    C Joe7 חודשים לפני

    @Edged Light haha

  25. Edged Light

    Edged Light8 חודשים לפני

    *Chicane* Pepega

  26. William Sinolungan

    William Sinolungan2 שנים לפני

    Remember spending a fortune to have internet fast enough to load a 240p a little bit faster? Yea, those were the times Now 240p is a joke, they really need to update the episode (Highly doubt it'll happen)

  27. segocarib

    segocarib2 שנים לפני

    Can you imagine that video resolution can fit 86 times into a 4k resolution.

  28. joseph gecho

    joseph gecho2 חודשים לפני

    86 Hammonds?

  29. Dav3

    Dav32 שנים לפני

    Is this the difference between sponsored and non sponsored review? From rubbish to excellent via magic and software updates lol

  30. Keith Wall

    Keith Wall2 שנים לפני

    Bono and Jamie Oliver are cool? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. daedalus_suzuki

    daedalus_suzuki2 שנים לפני

    Looks like it was shot on a Motorola RAZR...

  32. Flowcaine

    Flowcaine2 שנים לפני

    What music is this? 2:30.

  33. Cholerix

    Cholerixשנה לפני

    Craig Armstrong - Hanging

  34. Tony Tony

    Tony Tony3 שנים לפני

    2018 watchers anyone #stilla beauty

  35. Tommy's Timeless Treasures

    Tommy's Timeless Treasures2 שנים לפני

    Tony Tony for the love of all that's intelligent, stop these god damn comments.

  36. Jayy Jamar

    Jayy Jamar3 שנים לפני

    2018 watchers?

  37. LiberalsAreGarbage

    LiberalsAreGarbage3 שנים לפני

    That's still a beautiful car, even 10yrs on, it's sick as hell....

  38. ThaurusFury

    ThaurusFury3 שנים לפני

    Old but gold

  39. Kpacka23

    Kpacka233 שנים לפני

    2017 watchers?

  40. iAgentLu

    iAgentLu3 שנים לפני


  41. Mr. Bla Bla Bla

    Mr. Bla Bla Bla3 שנים לפני

    Hammond saying he doesn't like the look of it, but that's not what he said on his time on Men and Motors

  42. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin2 שנים לפני

    Could it be its predecessor, the 3200GT?

  43. Wild One

    Wild One3 שנים לפני

    I had two Maserati's 10 years ago the 4200 GT Manual then the Gransport, I was very privileged to have had the opportunity to own them thru a company I owned, the memories of them will never fade. The noise alone was one of a kind especially gearing down with the paddles, and it well stood out and eye catching as there was none in my area, one big problem they don't like standing water on the roads, aquaplaining was a common problem, I hit a stream flowing across the road at speed and it threw the car off the road into trees, totalled the car but I walked away. Brilliant to drive other than that !!!! Real lady puller lol. Awesome acceleration . I'm retired now with ill health but would have another if I had use for one,

  44. TheDriversPineapple25

    TheDriversPineapple254 שנים לפני

    2017 watcher

  45. Deer Lord

    Deer Lord4 שנים לפני

    Same here. :)

  46. Awayze

    Awayze4 שנים לפני

    I cant believe this was 9 years ago, I remember Jeremy laughing at him for being slower than the other test driver.

  47. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin2 שנים לפני

    Sidward This Gransport review is from 2005.

  48. Sidward

    Sidward4 שנים לפני

    It's even older than that. I think this was c. 2003

  49. Khrll Rdzwn

    Khrll Rdzwn4 שנים לפני

    At 5:36, did he just said "flattened this chicken?"

  50. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill3 שנים לפני

    Khairul Ridzwan maybe chicane.

  51. TheOrgano

    TheOrgano4 שנים לפני

    Hammond predicted James May in space (or at the edge of it, anyway)

  52. Kyong Hansen

    Kyong Hansen4 שנים לפני

    lol at all the 4k comments. So many people are still entirely oblivious to the demand required to actually sustain decent, smooth 4k playback.... You need pretty a pretty high end production piece to fully take advantage of it.

  53. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin2 שנים לפני

    They would never felt the struggle of the old days when people were watching videos through VHS tapes.

  54. Jack Hintze

    Jack Hintze4 שנים לפני

    Which pixel is Hammond

  55. joseph gecho

    joseph gecho2 חודשים לפני

    The left one

  56. Allan Zepeda

    Allan Zepeda4 שנים לפני

    spudnic88 😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Chris W

    Chris W4 שנים לפני

    So low res as to be almost unwatchable

  58. FisheeC3

    FisheeC34 שנים לפני

    Love and miss the Top Gear of old? It lives on in LEGO! Well... not without your support. Vote today for Top Gear LEGO for a chance to take home your own private little Top Gear!

  59. technodoloris

    technodoloris4 שנים לפני

    how the hell does the BBC upload something in 240p? 2007 is not even a fraction of an excuse...holy cow

  60. teflonravager

    teflonravagerשנה לפני

    @Cang Nguyen ILmines upgraded to 480p in march 2008 so the best they could have done was 360

  61. Cang Nguyen

    Cang Nguyen2 שנים לפני

    technodoloris They wanted to present the show for free, so to watch the higher quality version, you need to pay for the whole season DVD. The movie was originally filmed in 480p in 2005. I am 97 years old.

  62. Chalky

    Chalky3 שנים לפני

    I pay enough of my damn money to the BBC while I literally watch nothing but Doctor Who on it, so the least they can do is reupload it at a decent resolution.

  63. Artem Ilyumzhinov

    Artem Ilyumzhinov3 שנים לפני

    If I am not mistaken, you can re-upload videos in higher resolution on ILmines on the url without anyone ever noticing it... if BBC only cared

  64. Prophetmaster

    Prophetmaster4 שנים לפני

    technodoloris ILmines didn't allow higher than 240 I believe

  65. 3-Legged Wolf

    3-Legged Wolf4 שנים לפני

    bbc in 240p

  66. chronodiver300

    chronodiver3005 שנים לפני

    There's zero wrong w the non grandsport versions. Grandsports are little more that bigger wheels and side skirts.

  67. Oliver Welsh

    Oliver Welsh5 שנים לפני

    Why is the video quality so bad on an official channel like this? When it aired on tv the video quality was astounding


    САLIMBO5 שנים לפני

    2007 ILmines quality

  69. RsSzopen

    RsSzopen5 שנים לפני

    240p? This is a joke?

  70. mimax45

    mimax455 שנים לפני

    definition so good you can count pixels

  71. Law Abiding Cat

    Law Abiding Cat5 שנים לפני

    This has always been my dream car. Other kids anted Lamborghini's or Ferrari's or Porsche's, I wanted a Cambiocorsa.

  72. Corrodent

    Corrodent3 שנים לפני

    Law Abiding Cat Don’t worry, have you seen on CarGurus how much did these cars depreciate?

  73. Law Abiding Cat

    Law Abiding Cat4 שנים לפני

    @dontVote4Brooks haha

  74. Sogard

    Sogard4 שנים לפני

    +Law Abiding Cat say what you will, but that engine is pure pornography! Gold intake runners up the middle flanked by Italian red valve covers. If I bought one I would have to bring a box of tissue every time I opened the hood.

  75. Sogard

    Sogard4 שנים לפני

    +Law Abiding Cat quick search on the internet shows some listed for the same price as a new Ford Fusion


    САLIMBO5 שנים לפני

    Ikr back in the day, kids in my school had only ever heard of those manufacturers.

  77. Connor Pitisci

    Connor Pitisci5 שנים לפני

    2016 watchers?

  78. N N

    N N24 ימים לפני


  79. James Nichols

    James Nichols3 שנים לפני

    Connor Pitisci 2018

  80. Zachary Lagler

    Zachary Lagler3 שנים לפני

    Connor Pitisci 2017

  81. Eurasian Lynx

    Eurasian Lynx4 שנים לפני

    2017 now

  82. The Desi Knight

    The Desi Knight4 שנים לפני

    ~raises hand~

  83. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star5 שנים לפני

    Yummy chicken

  84. sami Herz

    sami Herz5 שנים לפני

    This is a very affordable car after 50k miles or so in used conditions of course. Here in the United States you can get one for about 25k, affordable indeed, but the maintenance on the car is very high I think. This car goes through clutches every 15k to 20k miles, poor design of a clutch, I believe it costs you about 3500 t 4500 hundred dollars to replace, so while you still making payments on the car you better have a stash of cash that the wife doesn't know about. I like the car, a true supercar feel for the price of a Kia but it's not durable nor dependable, I've seen corvettes hit the 60k mark in miles and the clutch is still going strong. If you can afford a clutch every 12k miles or so then buy it, it's a beautiful car.

  85. zaher

    zaher2 שנים לפני

    Maintenance cost depends on driving style. City driving in auto mode your clutch is gonna last only 15k miles but if you keep it at manual & sport mode on gear changes are quicker that plus stricklly highway driving or twisties your clutch will last over 60k miles. Don't compare it with a corvette or kia. Compare it with a Ferrari. Ferrari engine=Ferrari maintenance cost but cheaper purchase price and more comfortable ride.

  86. Mark Pomerantz

    Mark Pomerantz4 שנים לפני

    Who has aftermarket clutch for camnbiocorsa and how reliable?

  87. juan def

    juan def4 שנים לפני

    +Mark Pomerantz buy aftermarket clutch and cut the price in half

  88. Gabriele De Carli

    Gabriele De Carli5 שנים לפני

    +sami Herz secret is take one with manual trasmition, the cambiocorsa F1 shifter is a clutch destroyer..

  89. Mark Pomerantz

    Mark Pomerantz5 שנים לפני

    +sami Herz It costs more like $6500 plus tax for a new clutch

  90. Daniel Mason

    Daniel Mason5 שנים לפני

    I have a blue gransport/ my step dad

  91. Whisper Cars

    Whisper Cars5 שנים לפני

    2015 Buyers of Maserati Gransport ? Or Current Owners

  92. Belrias Piquet

    Belrias Piquet5 שנים לפני

    +Whisper Cars Or people considering buying a used one (which you can pick up for a song) as a project car to make it a good GT car. It isn't a sports car. Never was. But as a GT car for comfortable long range cruising, it'd be great.

  93. ComandanteJ

    ComandanteJ5 שנים לפני

    It is a roboticly actuated sequential gearbox.

  94. Paul Zernick

    Paul Zernick4 שנים לפני

    +ComandanteJ correct. Buy, easy, maintain, that's different. Just had my A8 in at my Alfa mech for 2mths while I try to source air suspension struts. $1300 from Malaysia. $10k from Audi. Champagne cars, beer money bro. It's a challenge, that's true.

  95. ComandanteJ

    ComandanteJ4 שנים לפני

    @V8Ziggy i had the dealership install the most aggresive firm and mappings for the new one, hell, it was new, so i didnt care too much if it would worn out faster. The difference was noticiable, upshift speed was improved and downshifts were more aggressive in Sport mode. And it was still very smooth in Auto or Normal modes. God, i miss that car, i had to sell it because i couldnt pay to maintain it properly. Some day i'll buy another one!.

  96. Paul Zernick

    Paul Zernick4 שנים לפני

    +ComandanteJ they are better in the gta's my mech says. I love it. If only the gt 3.2 came with selespeed I might buy one. Yes, can drive manual. Don't care love semi autos 😁

  97. Carlos The Jackal

    Carlos The Jackal5 שנים לפני

    Italian shite

  98. SamirIsHere •

    SamirIsHere •5 שנים לפני

    I see these for very cheap on auto trader with descent miles...

  99. elmetgwennhudkoad

    elmetgwennhudkoad5 שנים לפני

    Where's the nav screen?

  100. Scott Buzzatto

    Scott Buzzatto5 שנים לפני

    GranSports don't have them. Just the Coupe and Spyders.

  101. ライトニングVince

    ライトニングVince5 שנים לפני

    flat on the chicken

  102. Joseph Cottone

    Joseph Cottone5 שנים לפני

    I know he says "chicane" but I love saying "flat on this chicken" lmao Glad I'm not the only one.

  103. Case Castellano

    Case Castellano6 שנים לפני

    2015 watchers?

  104. N N

    N N24 ימים לפני

    Lol Feb. 2021

  105. Indian Scammer

    Indian Scammerחודש לפני


  106. Shivek Dhar

    Shivek Dhar10 חודשים לפני

    2020 will give u a surprise

  107. Daniel Pawlowytsch

    Daniel Pawlowytsch10 חודשים לפני

    2020? Year of the gamer

  108. Hariz Hazwan

    Hariz Hazwanשנה לפני

    How about 2019 lol

  109. dddboom

    dddboom6 שנים לפני

    Yet there's a couple of reviews by Richard Hammond on the old Coupe saying how great it was...

  110. flyingphoenix113

    flyingphoenix1135 שנים לפני

    I know. It would be different if it was the 3200GT (arguably a different car), but one can find multiple accounts of Richard extoling the virtues of the 4200GT. This episode aired at a time when review coherence was an important principle for top gear. Therefore, Richard had to reiterate what Jeremy said, regardless if he shared the same sentiments or not. Think about the modern top gear. Sure, they review many cars, but they don't come to a consensus anymore like they used to. It's purely subjective, and I can certainly enjoy the senseless ramblings and endless bantering of the hosts, but I do miss the actual REVIEW aspect of Top Gear that is embodied in these early to mid 2000's episodes.

  111. Rohit Nair

    Rohit Nair6 שנים לפני


  112. June Elcock

    June Elcock6 שנים לפני

    REALLY AMAZING WORK TOP GEAR I LOVE IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. FastEddy95

    FastEddy956 שנים לפני

    Was filmed with potato?

  114. Patrick Harper

    Patrick Harper6 שנים לפני

    This was uploaded in 2007, ILmines quality was like this back then

  115. MSTANG_GT

    MSTANG_GT6 שנים לפני

    Love that car. Have it in Test Drive unlimited. Maseratis are just the definition of cool

  116. meow meow gamer

    meow meow gamerשנה לפני

    Suck it

  117. Seim Old DickHead

    Seim Old DickHeadשנה לפני

    Sounds godlike Should downloald tdu again

  118. toojerry

    toojerry6 שנים לפני

    It's not that bad, Richard. He would've only lapped you 4 times in a 70 minute race by the right math, and that's 4 chances to DNF him!

  119. Max Robinson

    Max Robinson6 שנים לפני

    240p... so we meet again!

  120. Jared Connell

    Jared Connell2 חודשים לפני

    I think its actually 144p which is 1/4 of 576 which is the pal resolution that this was likely recorded in originally

  121. 太陽ダビデ

    太陽ダビデ6 שנים לפני

    I actually thought it was lower than that XD

  122. whoohaaXL

    whoohaaXL7 שנים לפני

    Funny. During "Men and Motors", a show that Hammond was on before Top Gear, he said nothing but good things about the car.

  123. Chalky

    Chalky3 שנים לפני

    Being nice about the more expensive cars was probably the only way the manufacturers would let them review them because it wasn't exactly a rich channel.

  124. Jon Connorton

    Jon Connorton6 שנים לפני

    Wasn't he also quite complimentary about Lexus as well on M&M?

  125. RJ Bandsma #68

    RJ Bandsma #686 שנים לפני

    @Neokiller333 True, weirdly that channel was terminated recently.

  126. Oneironaut

    Oneironaut6 שנים לפני

    then again he was probably under pressure to do so

  127. RJ Bandsma #68

    RJ Bandsma #686 שנים לפני

    LOL, I bet ya could see that review on the Men & Motors YT Channel.

  128. Chero Bero

    Chero Bero7 שנים לפני

    what i love the most on maserati is their body design and the best maserati for me is the quattro porte. god i love that luxury sedan

  129. pdevroey

    pdevroey7 שנים לפני

    I just bought one :)

  130. lee nevin

    lee nevinשנה לפני

    pdevroey still got it?

  131. Antonio Dario D'Agostino

    Antonio Dario D'Agostino6 שנים לפני


  132. pdevroey

    pdevroey6 שנים לפני

    It drives and looks wonderful. The sound is amazing and this weekend it ate a Porsche for brunch :)

  133. Antonio Dario D'Agostino

    Antonio Dario D'Agostino6 שנים לפני

    How is it?

  134. charles thomas

    charles thomas7 שנים לפני

    I never get bored or tired of my GS every time i get in her its like i driving her for the first time, May the GranSport Live On Forever!!!!

  135. Kuzuri Kam

    Kuzuri Kam2 חודשים לפני

    @babineaux I'll answer for him... "No."

  136. babineaux

    babineaux5 חודשים לפני

    You still have it?

  137. Captain Catto

    Captain Catto5 שנים לפני

    +charles thomas So this is an opportune time to ask; do you still have it? / was it reliable enough to daily if maintained properly and driven?

  138. crackuhjack123

    crackuhjack1237 שנים לפני

    not ganna lie that car looks like fun on that track

  139. Lunchbox

    Lunchbox7 שנים לפני

    has always been one of my favorite cars. and can get them at a decently good value now.

  140. 4GUESTS USA

    4GUESTS USA7 שנים לפני

    I like Maserati.

  141. dickcheese663

    dickcheese663שנה לפני

    It's been 5 years for you to become an adult...... thoughts?

  142. Solid State

    Solid State7 שנים לפני

    I hear Maserati was using Ferrari engines at the moment.

  143. James Lavender

    James Lavender7 שנים לפני

    And an MCV?

  144. Frany

    Frany7 שנים לפני

    "Flat on this Chicken"

  145. WhiteTurboGT

    WhiteTurboGT7 שנים לפני

    when wore you born?

  146. Maurice W

    Maurice W7 שנים לפני

    objection!! this was uploaded 6 years ago

  147. Gavin VS Gavin

    Gavin VS Gavin7 שנים לפני

    We had 480P in the 90's and earlier.

  148. sbn025

    sbn0257 שנים לפני

    im in love with this car sound

  149. maher channel قناة ماهر

    maher channel قناة ماهر7 שנים לפני

    Some episodes are just boring

  150. Vodka Nick

    Vodka Nick7 שנים לפני

    @havscr6 dude the gransport is a little over 2 tons bro

  151. havscr6

    havscr67 שנים לפני

    i have a 2007 gransport with 24000 on the clock in scotland...bought new at £59500 and as a petrol head it is in mint,showroom condition, probably worth £33000 now but who fucking cares it is so much fun to drive with brutal power and noise and such a head turner......don't like the grantourismo...its 2 big and heavy and not nearly as much fun to drive. i'm a very lucky man and also a bankrupt one!

  152. Tedrick Leong

    Tedrick Leong7 שנים לפני

    Are you sure about that? Maserati 3200GTs go for dirt cheap prices these days because nobody wants them. Very often you can find ones for less than £15,000. I just found 3 that are under £10,000. The cheapest was at £9,950 with 40k miles on the odometer. Gransports are a bit more, a good one will set you back about £23,000, minters go for more than £30,000.

  153. Vodka Nick

    Vodka Nick7 שנים לפני

    @ChopStickZero seems like you don't know much about Maserati's, most new model is only up to 2007 YOP, and since For a 2006 one it costs $83,000 in AUS dollars which is about €65,000

  154. ChopStickZero

    ChopStickZero8 שנים לפני

    Im guessing he meant second hand.. In Europe, its around 30, 35k euro for quite a nice one 2008+/-. IMO great buy for the buck.

  155. toni toni

    toni toni8 שנים לפני

    put the maserati 2007 than you will se you fucking ignorant you ignoring top italian cars madnes

  156. Vlad Ionescu

    Vlad Ionescu8 שנים לפני

    in an 80 lap race he would've lap him 5 times. In a 70 lap he would have laped him 4.33 times.

  157. Fellippe Galletta

    Fellippe Gallettaשנה לפני

    The test driver would have never lapped him because Hammond would have DNF'd after a few laps.

  158. Vodka Nick

    Vodka Nick8 שנים לפני

    @kanaric u are stupid as fuck,30k?what is this a fucking ford?

  159. Pnut

    Pnut8 שנים לפני

    Dumb ass youtuber we meet again...

  160. TheWiseOne

    TheWiseOne8 שנים לפני

    240p we meet again...

  161. iMario

    iMario8 שנים לפני

    We started adding &fmt=18 at the end of 2007 for 480p vids, get your facts straight.


    GOLONGBOARD118 שנים לפני

    im pretty sure in 2007 they had better video quality than 240p

  163. misanthr0pe

    misanthr0pe8 שנים לפני

    flat on this chicane

  164. Hakasauars

    Hakasauars8 שנים לפני

    does anyone think the rear tail lights look like it came off of a honda prelude? or just me?

  165. Saarim

    Saarim8 שנים לפני

    which pixel is hammond

  166. Ferrari73703

    Ferrari737038 שנים לפני

    If you don't know what to post, just don't post. What do you prefer: A fabulous videogame from the 90s with dreadful graphics (By today's standards), or a videogame with excellent graphics but in terms of gameplay it's as boring as reading what you write? I'd have the good game in a heartbeat. Who cares about the graphics?