Painting The World's Longest Phone Mural ($80,000)

watch till the end to see what we did with all the custom phones
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    2:04 Me at the art class trying to bring the artists there:

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    No it is $80 million

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    Event though I'm late, can you do a pixel customisation? 🤔😅

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    My brain: you can do this! My hands: No you can’t do this!

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    I am a almost teen artist AKA young artist so maybe you can give us tips on drawing for other artists

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    What markers do you use?

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    Hi! I'm a Nursing Student in the Philippines. 🥺 I really hope I can have a laptop gift for my online class. Even a 2nd hand one. I really need it and for my plan to have some part time job. I hope this will notice💕 God bless U All! 🥰

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