I Upgraded My Dream Setup For The Last Time!

The Final upgrade to my dream setup until I move to my new home next year
▶Govee Flow Pro Light Bars: bit.ly/TSFlowPro
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27" 4K 144Hz Monitor: amzn.to/3cN0bKB
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Yunzii KC84 Keyboard: amzn.to/30Wq1X3
Glorious Model O Wireless: amzn.to/3vJAva7
Glorious TKL Wrist Rest: amzn.to/3eVqdOr
White/Red Mousepad: amzn.to/2NCIG7c
Kanto TUK Speakers: amzn.to/3vKiBnK
Kanto Speaker Stands: amzn.to/38Zv657
Kanto Headphone Holder: amzn.to/3tDYvde
ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3eYQ73U
Sennheiser HD800S Custom Painted: amzn.to/3tDXiTa
RODE Broadcaster Microphone: amzn.to/3vFLIZr
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Glorious Model O Wireless: amzn.to/30VKHym
Glorious TKL Wrist Rest: amzn.to/2OTjhGK
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ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3eYBtJF
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Yunzii KC84 Keyboard: amzn.to/3tE0jD2
Glorious Model O Wireless: amzn.to/3c2kPXI
Glorious TKL Wrist Rest: amzn.to/3lvrJb6
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Kanto TUK Speakers: amzn.to/3s5GlAr
Kanto Speaker Stands: amzn.to/30WEmmj
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ASUS ROG Strix Gaming Headset: amzn.to/3lwIXF0
Sennheiser HD800S Custom Painted: amzn.to/2P9hnlc
RODE Broadcaster Microphone: amzn.to/3s3lZIf
RODE AI-1 Audio Interface: amzn.to/3txueMQ
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Innogear Microphone Arm (Painted): amzn.to/2OHfU5Z
Uplift Ergo Chair: bit.ly/3sjiEoJ
WD 8TB External Hard Drive: amzn.to/3s3Muxl


  1. TechSource

    TechSourceחודש לפני

    Its been a helluva journey, but unfortunately its time to end the Dream Setup series for now. ❤

  2. Carl Grimes

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    @JDW Studios Cool!

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    @ᑭIKᗩᑕᕼᑌ who knows

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    What is that desk

  5. Aadi G

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    Yea right I bet he makes another vid

  6. Kujo Jotaro

    Kujo Jotaro10 ימים לפני

    I am a professional disappointment so I suggest you watch jojo's bizarre adventure . The plot is amazing , the fight scenes are also amazing the animation is on par with dbs since you are familiar with it and the characters are really lovable and badass. You will become a chad and a a 10x better man just by watching the show.I think you will really enjoy it . And forgot to add jOjO iS GaEh . jk DO NOT THINK THAT SHIT

  7. Mitsubishi_Ukko

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    nerd :D

  8. Lucifer

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    Day ten of asking for a new pc

  9. Im AbBz

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    me not not thinking dirty until he makes it dirty Imao 34:39

  10. Aireez

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    "i am so obsessed with the DEE"

  11. BIg Berd

    BIg Berd7 שעות לפני

    lol he was watching aot s4

  12. Chris Mohawk

    Chris Mohawk7 שעות לפני

    I love white setups but I've done it once before and if your a heavy smoker and don't have good ventilation your stuff will turn yellow even with lots of cleaning.

  13. Squire :/

    Squire :/8 שעות לפני


  14. Chiyo Sakurai

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    4:17 Ed is "OBSESSED with the D" lmao

  15. Moonwired

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    I get that it’s a joke throwing away a gifted mouse, but damn that hurt.

  16. Fuckinreece

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    “I am obsessed with the D” 4:17

  17. GumballGilly

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    "what are these made of titanium?" even tho titanium is one of the lightest metals.

  18. Amadeus Petram

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    Wow... when the master is building... that looks sooososos cool, i wish i had that setup. Everyone Subscribe and like.. he deserves it

  19. 123 TTV

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    Can I have your mouse pad please

  20. Parker Stein

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    can i have the wired model o pls?

  21. Omega_playz

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    4:18 pause Das gay

  22. swxft. sonni

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    thaat whold be my dream setup and he is calling it his room setup

  23. Pablo Lens-Gallardo

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    Try and build something like bruno did in setup wars. It was just insane

  24. Gunners-x-

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    I think the red around the mat ruins it, personally.

  25. Crunchify

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    "I'm obsessed with the D."

  26. 999 levi

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    you setup right now alone is a ultimate gaming setup

  27. Genji_playz

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    lol he was watching pokimane

  28. иx.

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    May I ask where did you purchase the M4a1 from? :D

  29. Reid Loveless

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    Him: Jesus what are these made out of titanium Me:😑

  30. Sxntax

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    Anyone still think the vinyl on the monitors looks bad?

  31. Sam Dawson

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    Ayo ed is obsessed with the d😂😳

  32. PlasmahX

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    What you doing with other monitor

  33. Adam Shinnawi

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    4:18 That’s what she said

  34. iKVNG

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    mane deadass like poki

  35. Dalton K

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    im going to have to dock you points for all the boxes in the corner of your room.

  36. The gaming of Chaz

    The gaming of Chaz2 ימים לפני

    my ps4 all dusty send me a pc pls JK

  37. GodPlaysILX

    GodPlaysILX2 ימים לפני

    his top monitor is the exact background as mine lmao

  38. Searz ツ

    Searz ツ2 ימים לפני

    Throws away model o-. Me: You fool, that was treasure compared to my mouse. Sell it at least

  39. CheaterFrip

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    I’ll take all the old stuff 😃

  40. Camille Olson

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    Yoo congrats on the new house!

  41. Jhuly Vlogs

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    Bro, I am here for your replaced mouse, keyboard, headset.

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    can i have your old stuff?

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    Sounds like hes 2 meteres from the camera his voice

  44. Joe Nunge

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    Do you by any chance give away or sell your older parts like the mic, keyboard, and mouse.

  45. Zo0TeR To0TeR

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    Ed you kinda just chucked the mouse I wanted in the trash (Model O-

  46. Laura Brown

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  47. HarriDoom

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    “I actually love the D” 😂😭😂

  48. Get epic

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    how?! i only have a old pc and monitor😔

  49. Camilo Almanza Charris

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    How can I set up that moving wallpaper at the end ?

  50. Cheeseburger

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  51. AssistOfficial

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    I really don't like the second monitor.

  52. akame

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    37:31 lets go ed watching Attack on Titan

  53. Mysteries

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    Ill take your leftovers 😂

  54. Sabry Shafi

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    What does he do with the stuff he doesn’t use no more?

  55. Ozgur Kaytazci

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    my desk is getting dusty after 2 days or like that i cant see 1 fcking dust on your desk

  56. akame

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    27:03 sneaky lil bastard with that ad

  57. Ozgur Kaytazci

    Ozgur Kaytazci4 ימים לפני

    It looks like a setup of a girl to be honest, bro too much pink it doesnt fit to a man like you haha, overall pretty nice and clean setup just change the theme :D

  58. Samuel Richardson

    Samuel Richardson4 ימים לפני

    Ed: I am obsessed with the D. Me: 🙄 don't make it weird, don't make it weird

  59. Samuel Richardson

    Samuel Richardson4 ימים לפני

    So the other subscriber payed for the pc... mind if I can take that one for free?

  60. Jack Glanvill

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    2:20 Gun just do be sitting there chilling

  61. Miles Messinger

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    Can I have the rest of the stuff🤣

  62. Milk

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    So anyway today I changed my wallpaper..

  63. Geovanni Sanchez

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    Can I have the keyboard plssss I’m your biggest fan plssss

  64. Fellow’Guys

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    He is ending it cuz stupid COVID :(

  65. The Corner

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    what desk is that

  66. JSavage 6716

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    "I am obsessed with the d" woah there bud.

  67. Fes. Lynx

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    Try a Duckey one 2 mini. Keyboard ⌨️I have had no problems with it

  68. sanket lol

    sanket lol4 ימים לפני

    i like how rich people change stuff just coz it was a lil tacky and wired ??!! i use one mouse until it's fully broken and not functioning

  69. Isaac B

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    Where to find your wallpapers?

  70. ShqdySoul

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    Dont think I’ll ever be able to afford a pc

  71. scoptZ -Assassin ツ

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    Tbh I think U should hydro dip the grills for the speaker if you don’t know what Hydro dipping is you could search it up, just a suggestion😎😎😁

  72. ResrrecT

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    ffs ive had pink white and blue as my setup for ages, now people are just gonna think i copied u

  73. Sam Bloch

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    yo can i have the stuff that you replaced, my IG is samdaman_15. Dm me

  74. akame

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    23:00 Ahh yes Bleach

  75. Mpendvulo Sibiya

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    Sheeeesh...new house bro

  76. Leland melendez

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    I guess he couldn't stand having a prebuilt house .

  77. Raymond Vazquez

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    Watching those stuff get thrown away hurts me I want those

  78. assaad chems

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    can i have your old setup ?

  79. Anshuman Vishwakarma

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    I wish I had this setup.😭😭

  80. Om Thombre

    Om Thombre5 ימים לפני

    Hey bro are u gonna giveaway your old mouse cuz i would love to get a glorious model o. if u are gonna ok to give it away, my twitter is @YetiDee. Love ur vids and thank u.

  81. Unbox It

    Unbox It5 ימים לפני

    bro the rode broadcaster is a downgrade in my opinion and it even looks worse. should've sticked with the sm7b

  82. edlska

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    37:21 suspicious why u watching pokimane valorant hmmmmm

  83. Digby Smith

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    can i please have the stuff you no longer want

  84. Digby Smith

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    I'm looking at switching to keyboard and mouse on controller but cant really afford it

  85. Hayden Jull

    Hayden Jull5 ימים לפני

    i think the glorious 3x white mouse pad would have worked better but other than that amazing!


    NAFIM LAM5 ימים לפני

    yo whats that wallpaper software??

  87. Braylon Richards

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    “Im obsessed with the d”

  88. Max Sandqvist - Elev Törnströmska Gymnasiet HA1A

    Max Sandqvist - Elev Törnströmska Gymnasiet HA1A5 ימים לפני

    You should change the wallpapers to like one picture that is in 2 monitors, so it looks like one big picture but one monitor, love your vids!

  89. Taner Onarlar

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    @TechSource you Gift me your Monitor you dont use 😇

  90. Gabriursa

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    the bottom monitor being angled like that is still the dumbest thing i've ever seen.

  91. pykxe

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    0:28 when gamers find out houses are pre-built

  92. Rabi Csanad

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    Are you giveawaying your old things?

  93. spark_4TY 2

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  94. Nick Playz

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    I see we have the same love for goku black

  95. Versauce

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    casually watching AOT, just wait till he knows

  96. 100kilamaika

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    I'm really curious to know why did you go with the MX Master 2 instead of the 3?

  97. heresyV6

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    Solution for keeping your Mousepad clean: Buy too of them, so you can swap when you wash it

  98. Lucas Duran

    Lucas Duran6 ימים לפני

    Ed, if you want you can give me the model O wired, since you don't like it, I would love it

  99. Just_Me_onYt 74

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    That’s like my dream pc😂 I would build that exact setup. What’s the bottom monitor?

  100. Juice

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  101. Rxyse

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    I can’t lie those new wallpapers r so dog shit they just don’t match but the rest of the set up is 🔥

  102. JDogg

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    may i plz have the one you put in the trash 5:03

  103. Funny Vlogs With Friends

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  105. OfficialSalad

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    He painted it so find a desk similar to it

  106. Zack D

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    Do you need to use the camera for the flow pro light bars?

  107. xJonathan 2015

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    I think he said the nword on accident 3:10

  108. xJonathan 2015

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    Oh sorry he meant to say thing