The Electric Vehicle Charging Problem

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Writing by Sam Denby
Research by Sam Denby and Tristan Purdy
Editing by Alexander Williard
Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
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  1. cherub cortiguerra

    cherub cortiguerra10 דקות לפני

    My advice : BUY A #TESLA :p @Wendover Productions :P

  2. Carlo de Guzman

    Carlo de Guzman34 דקות לפני

    chevy volt is a plug in hybrid. 50 mile ev range with gas extender.

  3. Sam

    Samשעה לפני

    If federal government is expected to build super chargers, will they be expected to build petrol stations? As I understand it gas stations are generally privately owned.

  4. Realist

    Realistשעה לפני

    And where is ALL this electricity coming from...coal fired electric plants.

  5. /u/ Unidan

    /u/ Unidanשעה לפני

    I've lost a lot of respect for this channel after seeing the blatant misinformation spread in this video particular about Chevy cars. Are you seriously not going to take this video down and release an edited version?

  6. Dark Lonestar

    Dark Lonestarשעה לפני

    Sound like those people who want to be eco-friendly have to make algae into fuel which wouldn’t be a bad thing we can make it into a food and make it into medicine also would help to make more jobs opportunities in the United States

  7. Radium King

    Radium King2 שעות לפני

    5 minutes should be the magic number.

  8. vineet agarwal

    vineet agarwal2 שעות לפני

    I generally love your videos, but very disappointed that you are confusing between Bolt and volts, and new nissan leafs have 200mile + range.

  9. monica dubois

    monica dubois2 שעות לפני

    hope you do not have to many brown outs with the electric cars. wind and solar are not going to hit the mark. better get working on the billions and billions of dollars for new dams. just another dumb idea on green bs. the charge stations are your smallest problem the electricity is a big one .

  10. Chris Farrer

    Chris Farrer3 שעות לפני

    Thanks for posting, but your information is incorrect. You keep referring the Chevy 'Volt'. It's not an EV. It's a PHEV. It burns gas. And it's discontinued. I think you meant to say Chevy Bolt EV, which is a great EV. I have a Model 3, it has a 55kWh battery. I level 2 charge at home, charging is not an issue. I usually charge once a week. Long distance trips however, you need to rely on the Supercharger network, 150kW chargers, charging the car to 80% in less then 30 minutes. Again, charging not really an issue as long as you have Superchargers along your route. IMHO, I wouldn't buy a new ICE vehicle today. It would be like buying a Beta VCR tape player.... kinda short sighted, you're buying a legacy product. But I think there is good value in buying used ICE vehicles , sure they still burn carbon, but they would do the job, as long as the cost was low. Otherwise, maybe lease an ICE, if you have to, so you can give it back when you don't need it anymore. 👌

  11. erwin flores

    erwin flores3 שעות לפני

    hahahaha another paid endorsement .

  12. Not A Piegon Pecker

    Not A Piegon Pecker4 שעות לפני

    I Trust the gov dream of EVs as I did on their diesel wet dream

  13. Chiang Cheng Kooi

    Chiang Cheng Kooi4 שעות לפני

    The EV battery cost a fortune.

  14. Cody Shealy

    Cody Shealy5 שעות לפני

    I waited though the entire video for you to tell the truth about why so many Americans wont make the jump to electric vehicles and you didn't. One of the biggest reasons many Americans wont make the jump is because the cars are the embodiment of big brother. All Tesla cars are connected to the Tesla super computer and when it crashes all Tesla's stop. All Tesla's are monitored in real time meaning at any given time your location and travel plans are monitored. Your car can be controlled, every movement logged, and since its not your cell phone you cant even decide to leave it at home. There is no real need to attach the operation of electric vehicles back to the manufacturer so this monitoring must be the point.

  15. Murilo Vidal

    Murilo Vidal5 שעות לפני

    Okay, hearing you constantly use the word "inverter" for a AC-to-DC converter is really getting on my nerves.

  16. Michael Fuller

    Michael Fuller5 שעות לפני

    Did you all mean chevy bolt? You kept saying volt. You know that car runs on gas right. Sure the volt has a battery for some electric driving but not much. How can you make a whole video and say the wrong car name?

  17. J. Wagner

    J. Wagner5 שעות לפני

    ..and we'll need more coal generators overpriced by corrupt gov and more kids mining lithium in africa than ever And when he says "incentives" it's means "taxpayer money". It's not hard to figure out.. more EV's = more taxes and inflation on electricity for everybody

  18. roybo1930

    roybo19305 שעות לפני

    And what about heating and air conditioning when needed! Both suck batteries down bad!

  19. roybo1930

    roybo19305 שעות לפני


  20. Guillermo Vargas

    Guillermo Vargas5 שעות לפני

    What an irony. If Edison had won against TESLA in DC currents , electric vehicles would be cheaper and better .

  21. Will George

    Will George6 שעות לפני

    at 7:02, what do you want an inverter for? you don't say. An inverter takes DC and makes ac. Do you consider charging off batteries rather than the grid?

  22. Gregarious

    Gregarious6 שעות לפני

    Remember when there was an organization called ANSI that actually solved problems such as this by acting as an independent arbiter between competitive designs?

  23. hunterraoulduke

    hunterraoulduke7 שעות לפני

    30 minutes still sucks to charge it. I can fill gas in minutes.

  24. SKAntoniou

    SKAntoniou7 שעות לפני

    I am in the UK and infrastructure isn't there yet like you said. But there are plans for it. Chris Harris made a video with a guy from the national grid and explained it quite well. TLDW, national grid are going start adding the power lines so startups can cheaply make charging points where ever. Harry garage made another video where he talks about having a non-testa EV isn't useable with current infastructure and got a hybrid. (heavy paraphrasing his video). Think this is the first video on PHEV BMW he got on long term loan from BMW would recommend watching both of them if you are in the uk

  25. Ziggyzaggy 300

    Ziggyzaggy 3008 שעות לפני

    Id want my car to refill in less than 2 minutes. Oh wait, i can.

  26. P H

    P H8 שעות לפני

    Until electric can beat gas on efficiency, cost and refuel in around the same amount of won't happen. The mass market will not make any significant changes. People do what is the easiest/cheapest route. You don't have to force what works the best. If it works better the free market economy will move on it's own. Nobody had to be forced to buy a car over a horse, cars were better option for the every day consumer. Electric will not replace gas until a better battery is invented, storage will always be the enemy of electrical power. When enough people switch to electric, people will be stuck at charging stations for hours as people line up to charge their vehicles, the people at the front take a full hr to charge.... 🤣

  27. Lam Par

    Lam Par8 שעות לפני

    Using super charger on a regular basis will destroy your EV battery prematurely with present battery technology.

  28. pham lieu

    pham lieu9 שעות לפני

    The one grease isely cycle because tachometer energetically happen but a unused addition. unhealthy, longing comb

  29. u

    u9 שעות לפני

    OMG. Not so out standing shipmate. Do not press on. Ever.

  30. Miramar Gustofson

    Miramar Gustofson10 שעות לפני

    Great Video. It’s pronounced Sa - Line - A , Kansas. Long I in Salina

  31. Cordel Wieberg

    Cordel Wieberg10 שעות לפני

    That low key burn how he basically says the us Government is shit. So true

  32. wrangler548

    wrangler54811 שעות לפני

    Fact IS that today's electric power grid couldn't possibly provide enough current to power even 7% of battery powered cars , any more would black out the power grid . Battery powered vehicles don't have the torque or tractability of internal combustion powered vehicles .

  33. mizzouxc

    mizzouxc11 שעות לפני

    When they can haul a bass boat 450 miles, top the tank off in 5-10 minutes, they'll be viable. Until then, EV's are just a toy for city folk.

  34. Ryan Chapp

    Ryan Chapp12 שעות לפני

    wouldnt adding a second charge port on the car help with charging so say 2 250kwh chargers charging the car do it

  35. mizzouxc

    mizzouxc12 שעות לפני

    Cow dung has a 17X higher energy density than lithium ion batteries. To put it in perspective, a 50kWh battery is the equivalent to1.39 gallons of gas. A great feat of efficiency, but terrible energy density. You need a REALLY large cable to carry this much current!

  36. Serf Ally

    Serf Ally12 שעות לפני

    Ya, whew who wants to save $ 30 bucks in 1/2 hour at SuperCharger. Brake pads that last 220 miles. Then charging in garage ...omg overnights charge $ 4.50 roughly for me for 300 miles. You ? Do the math dudes if you CAN. I KNOW rugged,eh ?


    VYLH HDWQ13 שעות לפני

    People forget it took almost 50 plus years for the gas engine to fully catch on and an additional 20 to take off. So we’re looking at based on the popularity of gas Probably another 50 years to meet or surpass the gas engine Plus the electric car has to become more reliable Drive farther Charge faster And all chargers have to All work together/no guessing if my car will or won’t work on any given Charging station

  38. Kenneth Arntsen

    Kenneth Arntsen13 שעות לפני

    The irony here is that Tesla invited all car manufactors to join the SuperCharger network, but they wouldn’t do that to hinder Tesla to succeed. Tesla is now provining they will make it without a common collaboration on fast DC chargers. Car manufactorer countries such as Germany and France even changed the common EU standard to create even bigger strain on Tesla. So reality is that we have the poor charging network we deserve. If it was not for Tesla going forward and proove they will wipe out all competition alone, other manufactorer wouln’t produce electric cars at all if they could choose that. They was even fooling everybody with this hydrogen bluff for the longest time to make as much uncertainty about battery electric car as possible. VW dieselgate, criminal Audi directors and all other manufactorer actually doing the same crimes, I think they deserve to be punished hard in the merketplace by Tesla.

  39. Alex Zetsu

    Alex Zetsu13 שעות לפני

    I don't care if a car costs $36,000, $25,000, or even $11,000 I'm not getting car with a range less than 320 miles because public transportation sucks in US so I need a large range.

  40. Henry Espinosa

    Henry Espinosa13 שעות לפני

    One obvious solution that wasn’t mentioned in the video is that an alternative way to charge the electric vehicle is the way that is done in China by simply replacing the discharged battery with a fully charged one. In that system, you would take your ev to an ev charging station where they would replace your depleted battery for one that is already charged. The changing of electric batteries shouldn’t take longer than you would in filling up your gas tank with a conventional internal combustion engine. Then the ev charging stations would fully charge all the depleted batteries that were exchanged for the ones that were already charged.

  41. Reality Check

    Reality Check14 שעות לפני

    This video fails on a most important point: the EVs DON’T reduce pollution. The production of such batteries are producing pollution in places other than where they are intended to be used.

  42. Chris Robalino

    Chris Robalino10 שעות לפני

    Not in my neighborhood, but it’s OK in yours.

  43. George Cowie

    George Cowie14 שעות לפני

    What if everyone had a EV and plugges in at the same time?

  44. david

    david14 שעות לפני

    Thanks for a great "glass is half empty" video. You make a lot of good points, but every technology change is accompanied with inconvenience. As an EV owner (Chevy Bolt), I have found that the challenges you mention are all surmountable with a little bit of planning and forethought. Sure, I'd love to have more range, but, personally, I don't mind stopping for a 1 to 1-2/2 hr charge every 200 miles or so. I take a walk, and get a meal. I realize that not everyone can do this, but I love it! You make a few points that really don't hold water with me: First, and most obvious, you refer to a "Volt" in several places; that's the older Chevy PHEV, the Bolt is the pure EV. You also claim that the "Volt" (actually Bolt), does not have fast charge capacity, but my 2017 absolutely does, and I use it on all long trips (some early models didn't, but they all do now). You talk about DC fast charger stations being expensive, costing between $250-350K, but how does that compare to the many millions of dollars, increased footprint, and environmental damage caused by building a gas station?! You claim that Tesla would need to build 31K fast charging stations to meet demand, but ignore the fact that there are several other fast charging companies installing tens of thousands of new stations per year at this point. Checkpoint, EV-Go, Electrify America, etc. are all installing, and Teslas can use them as well (with some exceptions). Finally, range anxiety will start to fall by the wayside in about a year or two, as new EV's approach 500 mile range and faster charging times ... and those will only increase with each passing year. So ... yes, there are challenges, but the advantages of EVs are already so great that I will never again consider buying an ICE based car, and that seems to be the conclusion of anyone who's ever driven one. Though I appreciate your concerns, I see the glass as 3/4 full, rather than half empty.

  45. Roman Galas

    Roman Galas14 שעות לפני

    Stop making electric stations & electric cars....It’s not cost effective without government subsidy & our government is loosing control to govern being they are spending excessively & destroying our economy.

  46. USA Pitbull

    USA Pitbull15 שעות לפני

    lol 😂 I’m a tow truck driver I tow 8 EV cars every week ran out of power so I tow it to the charger site lol 😂

  47. Performance Photography

    Performance Photography15 שעות לפני

    who the hell said yes to 30 min wait time to have 3 quarter of Battery charged????? no one in their right mind would say yes to that, also most ppl want their cars to go as far as possible on one tank. enter the diesel car and you have more than 600km range.

  48. John Jackson

    John Jackson15 שעות לפני

    The receptive fiction microregionally dust because snowstorm genomically consider despite a acid loss. nappy, likeable fertilizer

  49. planner812

    planner81216 שעות לפני

    You need a car that can go 350 AT LEAST without any charging and 15 minutes to fully charge to get people to buy them Right now a car is only 36000 dollars because the government has subsidized the cost you need 36000 with out the government Now everybody needs a convenient place to charge them I am not even addressing the repair costs or car accidents The car is one big battery as the steam car was one big radiator You left out a whole bunch of stuff

  50. Ut V

    Ut V16 שעות לפני

    This can be a big problem. Before EVs are massively rolled out, we also need to make sure that EVs use a clean energy source - nuk e , wind, solar etc

  51. Charles Taylor

    Charles Taylor16 שעות לפני

    Well if their going to rely on renewables to supply electric , there wouldn’t be enough to power our kettles let alone charge a useless elec car !

  52. ArizVern

    ArizVern16 שעות לפני

    You don't understand, ninety percent of all EV charging is done at home (at night). Home solar really helps also.

  53. Kamal A. AL-Humaidi

    Kamal A. AL-Humaidi16 שעות לפני

    I think hybrid de facto is the only current solution on the horizon. Please advise.

  54. social3ngin33rin

    social3ngin33rin17 שעות לפני

    The problem is the Republican party + oil oligopoly

  55. sosnax1

    sosnax118 שעות לפני

    Thas unfied laws in EU is one of the reason i love and hate to be in EU. Love becouse of unified formats, no passports, tax free shippeent between countries, but sometimes they dictade ridiculus laws and u have to apply them...

  56. edward lee

    edward lee22 שעות לפני

    There will be 40 people wait on line just for one charger to be available

  57. edward lee

    edward lee22 שעות לפני

    Even 31 minutes will not work, think about that if I drove an EV from San Francisco to New York , with a range say 300 miles, I need to charge 8 times at least from SF to New York , with 31 minutes of charging time , it will take me 4 hours to charge the EV, what is worse I also need to wait on line for the Charger to be available , which means if will most likely take me 8 hours just to charge the car on my way, that is not accetable at all

  58. Pacific Neuroscience Institute

    Pacific Neuroscience Institute22 שעות לפני

    Main issue with this video is the assumption that everybody who owns EVs wants or needs to drive long distances. The vast majority of urban commutes are less than 40 miles. Hence, charging can be handled at home or work charging stations. The calculation should be made of EV and ICE owners to see average daily mileage and what the demand would be. Infrastructure improvement is necessary, but likely not at the vast capacity suggested in this video

  59. Glenn Shoemake

    Glenn Shoemake23 שעות לפני

    In Europe, Tesla CCS is proprietary and i cannot charge my Model 3 on a non-Tesla CCS charger. However you can use Mennekes, which is the European standard. The government sponsored free DC fast chargers have 3 plugs (Chademo, CCS and Mennekes), however the free charging at the shopping centers are almost always only Mennekes.

  60. kubanskiloewe

    kubanskiloeweיום לפני

    i give a shit to e-cars and cant wait refueling at a empty gasoline station with having a nice chat to the girl behind the desk ...greetings from germany

  61. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylorיום לפני

    Nicely done, subscribed.

  62. Lone Maus

    Lone Mausיום לפני

    It’s all about sound baby I love the v8 , I don’t want to hear a microwave when I drive

  63. Streetfangz53

    Streetfangz53יום לפני

    Hydrogen fuel cells solve the charging issue. They can have a full charge in 5 minutes.

  64. Ethan Harvest

    Ethan Harvestיום לפני

    I do like however you put Wesson's name in there but you chose to leave out teslas entirely

  65. Ethan Harvest

    Ethan Harvestיום לפני

    No it's not just this bill should be between whether not we're gonna be able to be driving our own cars I need to buy or trade vehicles which will inevitably be the next type of vehicle look at China and then do this with you again

  66. Ethan Harvest

    Ethan Harvestיום לפני

    Oh OK so what you're saying is the most difficult time to charge is when people spend the most time in their houses OK so show me a real problem

  67. Ethan Harvest

    Ethan Harvestיום לפני

    Yeah, you should probably do some of that research because you're way off so far… I was hoping us story/video was like from five years ago? But what were you getting this from? I mean my money in the stock market so I know that you're dead off but what are you getting this from?

  68. Interferon

    Interferonיום לפני

    Inverters are expensive. But they aren't used for DC charging. They are used to convert DC to AC. Rectifiers are used to convert AC to DC and they are dirt cheap. What they use to regulate the charging current could be expensive though...

  69. Interferon

    Interferonיום לפני

    The government doesn't need to build charging stations. But they should incentivize standardizing plugs. The thing that sucks is that Tesla's plug design is much superior in both current capacity and simplicity compared to the other legacy plugs, but Tesla won't give away its plug patent. Nor will it allow third parties to buy Superchargers with their own capital and participate in the Tesla Supercharger network. Elon says that Tesla's main mission is to accelerate the adaption of electric vehicles. They could have made a huge step in that direction by using their market muscle to get everyone on the planet on the same DC plug standard. And it wouldn't have cost them hardly anything.

  70. Jason Odom

    Jason Odomיום לפני

    I don’t like how you say outlet

  71. GDP

    GDPיום לפני

    @wendoverproductions great production, but riddled with errors. The Bolt (not Volt) *does* have DC Fast Charge capability, just the cheaper trim doesn’t. Similarly, the Leaf has different trims, the base range is ~150, the + trim offers over 200. As others have pointed out, the Volt is a PHEV that has been discontinued. All Level 1 and 2 Charging (the majority of EV infrastructure) is AC. DC Fast chargers can be paired (usually are), like the CPE250 you referenced, thus delivering twice the amount of kW if just one car is using the stations. Nit-picking aside, the biggest hurdle for infrastructure is developers who continue building sites w/o the adequate electrical service to easily retrofit EV stations... soooooo much money would be saved by simply changing the 208/240V building standard to 480V, and pre-running conduit/wire *before* laying asphalt/concrete. Regardless, the vast majority of Charging will take place at the residence... a car is like a house cat, over 90% of its life, it is napping or lounging (parked doing absolutely nothing, or in the case of an EV, charging). J-plug and CCS plugs will win, but there are compelling V2G advantages to CHAdeMO, but this too will evolve. If you haven’t heard of V2G, I think it’ll revolutionize the consumer + utility relationship. Lastly, I’d highly recommend listening to Tony Seba lectures to catch a glimpse at what’s up ahead.

  72. MrJohnisthename

    MrJohnisthenameיום לפני

    Build a recharging generator into each axle so that whenever the wheels are turning they recharge the battery

  73. chinese redneck

    chinese redneckיום לפני

    Chevy BOLT not Volt?? Volt is a "plug-in hybrid" and not "EV", has about 300mi range, and hasn't been in production since 2019 and can't charge with a CCS plug?? And "BOLT" is $36,500. Silhouette is a Volt not a Bolt. Not sure which one you are speaking about.

  74. Faye Ming-Flagit

    Faye Ming-Flagitיום לפני

    At least as far as Teslas are concerned, I won't buy one because I associate them with elitist douchebags.

  75. marc ravey

    marc raveyיום לפני

    What good is that if you have rolling blackouts Ask California Your sales will plateau if there are not enough charging stations

  76. Jin Jiayi

    Jin Jiayiיום לפני

    True that filling gas tanks are faster, but now that you get to charge at home every day with EV, most of the time you don’t need to go to a charging station, and that charging time doesn’t really matter anyway.

  77. New Chaotic Order

    New Chaotic Orderיום לפני

    what is going to happen is a huge surge of buying ev's then its going to be a pain to maintain and charge and all of that....then people will buy non ev's while the ev stations are built but no one has any ev's anymore to charge and thus the stations will go out of biz too...and it will just be a huge waste of money the problem is powering the charging stations...that power has to come somewhere...and with democrats and the woke left wanting to get rid of fossil fuels and have no idea what to replace that with but magical unicorn power we are screwed.... i hear not one single woke left democrat speaking anything about fusion power or 6th and 7th gen nuclear power plants or being imaginative and creative and thinking of new ways of making coal almost totally clean as solar or wind.... instead we have these idiots out there just saying get rid of this and dont know anything...they are just heading our society into total collapse... we need to keep fossil fuels figure out how to make them cleaner and research heavily into new nuclear energy, fusion and far out ideas with making gasoline have zero emissions

  78. CharlieSAV

    CharlieSAVיום לפני

    this video does fail to mention most electric cars have to option to charge at home so the four minute average could be eliminated completely. The problem would then become are chargers equally dispersed?

  79. Fred Derf

    Fred Derfיום לפני

    OK, here’s something I have been telling people for years in regards to electric cars. Suppose all electric cars were built to accept a standard battery pallet that could be easily removed from the vehicle and a fully charged pallet installed in a matter of minutes. We already have a network of fill stations throughout the country in the form of gas stations who could have a charging bay where charged battery pallets would be kept. You pull in and release the locks on your battery pallet. The attendant rolls out the depleted pallet, which goes onto the charging rack and rolls a fresh, charged pallet into your car. You pay and drive out. Possibly taking no longer than it does to fill your gas tank. Until it is that fast, Americans just ain’t gonna sit around waiting for a car to charge.

  80. Matt

    Mattיום לפני

    The Government in the US does offer funding, and other programs to install EV chargers...

  81. Matt

    Mattיום לפני

    That denver to dallas route was fixed like a week after the video.

  82. Brian Lopez

    Brian Lopezיום לפני

    OR we could all mostly Stay Home to limit the spread of Carbon, except for the wealthy owners of electric cars.

  83. Tom G

    Tom Gיום לפני

    At least 30 minutes to "fill the tank"??? So only useful for short trips, not for many Americans' needs.

  84. invisibletape1

    invisibletape1יום לפני

    So many people Iive in apartments and have to park in the street. I guess they'll have to use a long extension cord.

  85. Neil MacKenzie

    Neil MacKenzieיום לפני

    Takes , maybe five minutes to fill an empty gas tank and your on your way . Sure beats a ten hour wait for a full charge , why not make standard size battery packs , and swap out low or dead batteries for fully charged ones. You would only have to wait a few minutes . Same cost for everyone for a fully charged battery with a rebate for the amount of charge left in your old battery . That would make it as convenient to take a trip with either gas or electric car

  86. Neil MacKenzie

    Neil MacKenzieיום לפני

    My cell phone won't charge f the temperature is low . Will my EV charge if it is out side in the winter time . Temperatures below -20c are common from December till mid March where I live . Will I have to push my Tesla into my living room to charge it ?

  87. TZAZ Arizona

    TZAZ Arizonaיום לפני

    That's all we need more government control, when the market will correct the problem in due time. Why not have government build more gas station and that would lower gas prices, don't forget electricity is not pollution free and don't spout the renewable BS that won't solve the problem.There is only one sure clean energy, nuke generation.

  88. noel leonard

    noel leonardיום לפני

    I wouldn't buy a 36 grand vehicle of any kind, that's for ignorant people.

  89. tony stout

    tony stoutיום לפני

    Hoping the Us government works out the logistics of infrastructure for electric vehicle charging is a laugh. For being called the United States, there is nothing united about us. Take, for example, the mes that was the 2020 presidential election: See how feds would not step in even when massive evidence accumulated for fraud and conspiracy, instead leaving it up to corrupt individual state legislatures? Yep, that's how coherent and ineffective our system is.

  90. Jim Shafer

    Jim Shaferיום לפני

    The idea that EVs need 290 miles of range depends on the ignorance of the public. All the range you need is enough to get to the next bathroom or eating stop. My wife and I like to stop every 2 hours (about 160 miles on western interstate). So a range of 200 miles is enough to travel almost anywhere in the USA.

  91. jon ericson

    jon ericsonיום לפני

    don,t charge them at the same time in same town but every body can get gas in town at the same time

  92. Chris Abraham

    Chris Abrahamיום לפני

    Battery power pack system is better rather than plug in. Where do you plug in when you run out of power in the middle of nowhere, you can be rescued with a replaceable power pack like being saved with a can of petrol. Turn up at a garage and swap your depleted pack for a charged one just as fast as filling with petrol.

  93. Sadnoize

    Sadnoizeיום לפני

    Did you really just say that Edison battled it out with George Westinghouse’s AC electricity?! Wtf dude, AC electricity was pushed by Nikolai Tesla If you wanted to bring up George Westinghouse you should have replaced Edison with J.P Morgan as then you would have been correct as George Westinghouse funded the Ac market campaign and J.P Morgan funded the DC campaign

  94. DaveNettles Music

    DaveNettles Music6 שעות לפני

    Tesla was the man. Smartest guy who ever hit this planet.

  95. doniel2008

    doniel2008יום לפני

    Biden needs to watch this

  96. Sadnoize

    Sadnoizeיום לפני

    Did you really just say that Edison battled it out with George Westinghouse’s AC electricity?! Wtf dude, AC electricity is Nikolai Tesla’s invention

  97. travis mitchell

    travis mitchellיום לפני

    The largest issue is the grid capacity. It is estimated that the grid would need to be 3x to 4x the current power to accommodate to concept of 80% EV’s. This does not include the conversion of homes/businesses to all electric power usage. Not to mention the massive addition of land usage for charging parking lots. 80% of homes, on average, park their vehicles on the roadways. Charging these vehicles would require enormous additional infrastructure. There may be a time, but it’s way further than people think.

  98. john jennings

    john jenningsיום לפני

    So i am supposed to spend 40 to 60 k or more to save the environment? That is half the price of my house. These cars pollute just as much when you look at all of the wind mills made of non recyclable petroleum based plastic. The energy used to make solar cells and coal or gas pollution from power plants. The destructive methods to mine lithium and the oil used to make plastic car parts. This is no savings at all financial or environmentally.

  99. Amnesia Iforget

    Amnesia Iforgetיום לפני

    The only thing I want is the aptera and full realization of their promises. 1600 mile range. And the right 30k price. And places to charge throughout the country. So I can visit family. As I will not fly anymore

  100. Caleb

    Calebיום לפני

    For people not in the U.S. infrastructure is up to each state (2019) like Illinois Pritzker releases details of $23.5B road construction plan, touted as ‘investing on the front end’ The money will go toward maintaining 4,212 miles of roadways and 9.2 million square feet of bridges, according to the governor’s office. ``According to the governor’s office, 75 percent of the funds are allocated to reconstructing and preserving roadways and bridges, while 16 percent is dedicated “to strategically expanding the system in areas where data have shown the investment will be highly effective.” The rest will go to “necessary traffic and safety improvements.” In total, $7.58 billion will go toward roadway reconstruction and preservation, $4.99 billion to bridge replacements and repairs, $1.59 billion to “safety and system modernizations,” $3.08 billion to strategic expansion of the system and $2.11 billion for system support such as engineering and land acquisition, according to the governor’s office.`` & The road and bridge infrastructure spending is separate from building infrastructure money that will be generated by a massive gambling expansion in the state. The roads and bridges are primarily funded by an increase of the state’s gas tax to 38 cents per gallon from 19 cents, with the tax indexed for inflation going forward. it's like this thinking of European union as one government same with u.s. government While each country in the U.U. like the U.S. States has there own rules and regulations Thats how the u.s. works because it's so large the government over sees the states but states are allowed to do there own thing Also 2018 ``Illinois Has 2,303 Structurally Deficient Bridges: Report``

  101. Tamer 1

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    To say that EVs are comparable in cost to their IC engine counterparts is BS. A Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf costs in excess of $30,000 - 35,000 USD. A comparable subcompact car with an IC engine is about $20,000 USD fully loaded. That 10 to 15,000 dollar difference will buy a lot of gasoline even at the Biden regime inflated price we're now paying. I believe EVs are the future, but the government shouldn't be in the business of picking winners and losers. When it does the winners are big businesses and the same politicians who reap the campaign donations, while the cost falls on the taxpayer who is also forced to pay as the consumer. Thus the taxpayer/consumer gets to pay twice for the same benefit while the politicians corporate cronies reap the profits for little or no cost and the politicians themselves simply rake in the cash and call themselves "statesmen."

  102. Joan of Arc

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    The U.S. federal government spends all and more of its avaliable money on enriching themselves no infrastructure to keep up with the rest of the world.No high speed rail. all its city's are turning into shitholes.