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  1. Socksfor1

    Socksfor13 ื™ืžื™ื ืœืคื ื™

    sup gamers! Install Raid for Free โœ… IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack ๐Ÿ’ฅ Available only for the next 30 days

  2. Beau ASHWELL

    Beau ASHWELL17 ื“ืงื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Hey socks my name is mia and my older brother is beau im on his computer im a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. killermaster 29

    killermaster 292 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Socks can you please please continue the 1200 days in hardcore modded minecraft

  4. killermaster 29

    killermaster 292 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Socks can you please please continue the 1200 days in hardcore modded minecraft

  5. My pfp is fortnite But I don't play fortnite

    My pfp is fortnite But I don't play fortnite5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    STFU we just wanna enjoy your video not this garbage RAID game

  6. Snorlax_Sleepy

    Snorlax_Sleepy6 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Wow a video just for me :D

  7. Ahsan Ali

    Ahsan Ali28 ื“ืงื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Bro where is the next video???

  8. laura patricia byrne

    laura patricia byrne31 ื“ืงื” ืœืคื ื™

    idea: homer mod he can transform other players into donuts , he can throw a tv ,a donut or a botlle of beer to kill players and he can lose weight and run really fast to kill players

  9. Dafaa Kingdom

    Dafaa Kingdom40 ื“ืงื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    wait nadwe has roblox??

  10. DRI_MrDustin 47

    DRI_MrDustin 47ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    What happen to the hardcore Minecraft

  11. MamaCheese 69

    MamaCheese 69ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    Socks do more terraria maybe play with Ellpa or Khaios or someone

  12. Kevin Janca

    Kevin Jancaืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    Socks go play minecraft with random crafting again

  13. Impenetrable Music

    Impenetrable Musicืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    2:54 To skip sponsor ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Abbey

    Abbeyืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™


  15. rjc v

    rjc v2 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    how about you make another video the infection in the airship map

  16. Lentendon TV

    Lentendon TV2 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Nadwe: Dont mess with me socks. not even a second later...IM SOOORRYYYY 6:16

  17. Salim Gรถksu

    Salim Gรถksu2 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    The famous people that watched this video: โ€ข Joocie โ€ข Jimipapi โ€ข Laff โ€ข *Y O U T U B E*

  18. Jupitor John

    Jupitor John2 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Pleas do more 24 hour videos

  19. ab24ismyusername

    ab24ismyusername4 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Raid more like ball sack

  20. shamz33

    shamz334 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    How about pokemon nuzlock

  21. Pixel Bowser

    Pixel Bowser4 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Congratulations on being the first ever ytuber to have ILmines ITSELF comment!

  22. LordOllsworth

    LordOllsworth5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Doo doo hair

  23. Greninja Pro

    Greninja Pro5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    This is every Pokemon fan's dream mod in Among Us

  24. CondoBird YT

    CondoBird YT5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    You should do snorlax no kill cool down that would be so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. Abbey

    Abbeyืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    dude y e s

  26. R K

    R K5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    โ€œI play Pokรฉmon Robloxโ€ -Me with Friday Night Funkinโ€™

  27. Theresa Kaul

    Theresa Kaul5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Can you stop posting about among us for like 2 seconds

  28. Yellow Toad

    Yellow Toad5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Skip to 2:53

  29. Mary Jin

    Mary Jin5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    mod idea: the joocie mod

  30. 7E7N

    7E7N5 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  31. Snorlax_Sleepy

    Snorlax_Sleepy6 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Wow a video just for me :D

  32. Noah Rink

    Noah Rink7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Nadwe played Pokรฉmon Roblox so socks kills him for not playing real Pokรฉmon

  33. saul pascual

    saul pascual7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  34. Muh. Raihan Julian Pratama

    Muh. Raihan Julian Pratama7 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    F** among

  35. TheGreatGavin

    TheGreatGavin8 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    The Way Nadwe Screemed IM SORRY sounds like a little kid screaming when hes being beat with there dads belt

  36. Jamie Mings

    Jamie Mings8 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    not first

  37. Cody Barta

    Cody Barta8 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Do among us fortnite mod that imposter has guns

  38. Rhylin Reich

    Rhylin Reich9 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  39. ICEGUN Gaming

    ICEGUN Gaming10 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Video Idea: No-Visor. the impostors are just No Visor they. Novisor when he kills crewmates or other impostors he turns them into a hideous No Visor he can bite heads of and he is a ghost he will go through walls of course kills crewmates and u guys decide the kill animation. And just watch among us logic The Revenge of No-Visor so u will understand him...

  40. spider pig

    spider pig10 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I love how at the end of the sponser tbh gose full palatine with do it

  41. Wiktor Kuleszczyk

    Wiktor Kuleszczyk11 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    he is live right now

  42. Wiktor Kuleszczyk

    Wiktor Kuleszczyk11 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    go watch bluejay18 hes a new streamer/youtuber and he is really funny if ur bored go watch him playing on ps4 overwatch fortnite and other stuff like that

  43. Ruthless 891

    Ruthless 89111 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I hope you recovered well from your nose surgery!

  44. Brydie Gifford

    Brydie Gifford11 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Nadwe: I am a true Pokรฉmon fan Alright Nadwe name every move, ability, Pokรฉmon, and last but not least every single Pokรฉmon Trainer Name

  45. Brydie Gifford

    Brydie Gifford11 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Ps I am a hypocrite

  46. hugybear36

    hugybear3611 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    socks for one are you going to make another 100 days in a hard-core Minecraft but modded

  47. IcyWater24

    IcyWater2411 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Being back modded Minecraft pleaseeee

  48. Saul Gonzalez

    Saul Gonzalez11 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Dino is a genetically modified hybrid that escaped from Jurassic World and now he is loose

  49. Rain Hollows

    Rain Hollows11 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    The real back story: People had poke' food

  50. Ocean of Black

    Ocean of Black12 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Do they make these maps or..?

  51. Diogo games Soares

    Diogo games Soares12 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Play subnautica below zero

  52. Nectro 77

    Nectro 7712 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    8:50 halo theme

  53. CC

    CC13 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I have a level 91 inteleon

  54. Cat King

    Cat King13 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I thought I had finally escaped the curse of raid shadow legends.

  55. wow kids

    wow kids13 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    im sorry everyone but im socksfor1s doctor and he has COVID-19

  56. Paradise gamer

    Paradise gamer13 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Socksfor111111 he is the best the best

  57. Cool Dude

    Cool Dude14 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Dude could you continue your original modded hardcore series please

  58. Kebbo

    Kebbo14 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  59. The African

    The African14 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I look back on your older videos and I thought, what happened

  60. Anime Gamer

    Anime Gamer14 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Ok I have a good mod suggestion who watches naruto anime if u do u know what I'm talking about its naruto justu like imposters can be naruto or sasuke and the mediccsn be sakura and the crew mates can be sikamaru or Choji or ino or other people u kr just normal crewmate

  61. jackson sanders

    jackson sanders14 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    dude this is trash its always among us junk i say you need more 100 dayes

  62. SouthSideCro g

    SouthSideCro g15 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    when is 2000 days coming out socks i love the among us content but pls

  63. asyraaf faluti

    asyraaf faluti15 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    The Name is pokemon sun&moon nadwe

  64. Khalid valid

    Khalid valid15 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Omg this guy is still milking among us lol

  65. Big boy Breadory

    Big boy Breadory15 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Socks every video: at the end I pull a perfect imposter run

  66. Alex and baylee Gameing

    Alex and baylee Gameing15 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Where's minecraft

  67. Noah Cheung

    Noah Cheung16 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Lovvixe likes your Chanel and wants you to View her/his Chanel

  68. Noah Cheung

    Noah Cheung16 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  69. Hersed Kassim

    Hersed Kassim17 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    That some dating music

  70. Hersed Kassim

    Hersed Kassim17 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Pffffff ha ha mr cap literally got scibbi Bob mmmmmm dada boom by socks

  71. A

    A17 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    whereโ€™s the feet?

  72. The Heckler

    The Heckler17 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  73. sqengineer1

    sqengineer117 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    at any time he wants

  74. sqengineer1

    sqengineer117 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    also the 1 imposter can tirn in to crono

  75. sqengineer1

    sqengineer117 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    can you please realease the video ta do

  76. brandie veltkamp

    brandie veltkamp18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    can you make a smp mod with the sounds of memes voice saying "why did you kill her socks!" then you change in to victoreu and have a power where the player commits cermet sewer slide.

  77. Kenneth Bickett

    Kenneth Bickett18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I love the new map! And let loved the part when u have a pokemon battle with tbh!! Keep up the good work socks!!


    JULIAN RAMIREZ18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™



    JULIAN RAMIREZ18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  80. Miguel Mendoza

    Miguel Mendoza18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I haven't played heart gold and soul silver for a long time... T=T

  81. Savannaโ€™s Food review

    Savannaโ€™s Food review18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    What is your real name?

  82. Joan Sullivan

    Joan Sullivan18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Socks check out Alistrae, the youtube channel.... They are absolute the number 1 fans of you. They show clips of your previous videos.!

  83. star_wars_incoming Marlon and Tim

    star_wars_incoming Marlon and Tim18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Why not apex videos

  84. cool bose

    cool bose18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Can you play subnautica below zero

  85. Bakmi Boy Frozen

    Bakmi Boy Frozen18 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Im sorry... Dynamax snorlax flashbacks

  86. Ihsan Azmi

    Ihsan Azmi19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Oh my god itโ€™s BLONDE MARKIPLIER!


    VEDHAPRIA Moe19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Nadwe face relv

  88. Mike Schlager

    Mike Schlager19 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    They clearly let you win that's not a perfect among win

  89. ercplayzYT

    ercplayzYT20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™


  90. Marwan Abdullah

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  91. Socksfor1

    Socksfor120 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Hello socks I am u from the future

  92. Marwan Abdullah

    Marwan Abdullah20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    6:28 is when socks challenged tbh to a duil

  93. JamesHankGaming

    JamesHankGaming20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Nadwe be like: dont mess with me. also Nadwe: IM SORRYYY!!!

  94. spring dream

    spring dream20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Laff: a purple child i saw a purple child me: ........since you've been longgg I've been singing this stupid song so I could ponder of the man behind the the slaughter

  95. Del RT

    Del RT20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Disgusting raid shadow legends

  96. Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    New task,nurse talk

  97. Jordan Owen

    Jordan Owen20 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I got sockksfor1 dragon :D


    LOGAN WILLIAMS21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    i am subscribed to every member of the team

  99. akar akar

    akar akar21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    I wanna see something else other than among us

  100. Gonzalo Sagardoy

    Gonzalo Sagardoy21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    More subnautica pls


    FBI OPEN UP LSPD21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    Pweety pweas

  102. SoulAlpha

    SoulAlpha21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    6:19 Nadwe: IM SORRY Me: ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  103. Golden Midas

    Golden Midas21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    Meme god is actually Chris from mr beast because when he died the name meme and in mine craft meme

  104. Pepsi Man

    Pepsi Man21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™

    Oh how the mighty have fallen


    FBI OPEN UP LSPD21 ืฉืขื” ืœืคื ื™


  106. Yask Nao

    Yask Nao22 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    Socks... Your hair

  107. Oziel Vizcarra

    Oziel Vizcarra22 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    R.i.p. nadeway

  108. Enderminecraft Mineblox

    Enderminecraft Mineblox22 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    can ya make more mincraft modded series? for like 1200 days

  109. ShreyKashyap

    ShreyKashyap23 ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืคื ื™

    I love Pokemon pls make more videos like this