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  1. Jaiden Sparks

    Jaiden Sparksיום לפני

    6:32 I swear I thought they would infect him too

  2. val gorup

    val gorupיום לפני

    Minecraft with RTX

  3. Mandy Thompson

    Mandy Thompsonיום לפני


  4. Miguel Szoma

    Miguel Szomaיום לפני

    Why is there this much commentss

  5. NathxnPlayZ

    NathxnPlayZיום לפני

    where is roblox channel?


    AYAN KHANיום לפני

    I am only 8

  7. CookieGod

    CookieGodיום לפני

    Nobody Socksfor1 : If you die your dead?

  8. ScarfPorko

    ScarfPorkoיום לפני

    The reaper Leviathan who swallows and you die+the adult ghost leviathan who swallows you whole+the sea dragon leviathan who swallows you whole:Am i a joke to you

  9. Yura the Bat

    Yura the Batיום לפני

    0:22 Coconut crab: "Are you sure about that?"

  10. Butter Toes

    Butter Toesיום לפני

    8:54 He subtitled Nadwae's voice to TBH's character

  11. NathxnPlayZ

    NathxnPlayZיום לפני

    ive seen a beyblade charachter

  12. Matthew Solis

    Matthew Solisיום לפני

    It’s blaza’s banana blade on 0:51

  13. Evelin Allen

    Evelin Allenיום לפני

    6:18 best part!!🤣

  14. joke queen

    joke queenיום לפני

    School Billie: give me your lunch money. Tags quiet kid: pulls out 2 miniguns

  15. joke queen

    joke queenיום לפני

    Give me moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Max Bouchard

    Max Bouchardיום לפני

    Meme 2021 “you think I’m scared of some enfer dragon” gets flung to the other side of the universe

  17. Lonerr B4six

    Lonerr B4sixיום לפני

    Watch till the end to see me freeze time

  18. Dog Gamer

    Dog Gamerיום לפני

    blaza is the funnyiest player ever. even when thay're playign a horror game lol

  19. Ibrahim Syed

    Ibrahim Syedיום לפני

    Rip oompa

  20. Rick Biddlecome

    Rick Biddlecomeיום לפני

    Yes sock king

  21. Jackson L

    Jackson Lיום לפני

    XD "Nadwe was slain by Bob"

  22. nicolas perez

    nicolas perezיום לפני

    I played FNAF for thee first time as 10 yrs old not even scared. This man that is 20+ years old is more scared than me. LLOL

  23. Jamie Echeverria

    Jamie Echeverriaיום לפני

    i have 300+ fall guys wins

  24. alina ghaffar

    alina ghaffarיום לפני



    DJ ALBERGOיום לפני

    His name is Charles’s but u can call him Jeffrey

  26. EpicDragon Playz

    EpicDragon Playzיום לפני

    Tabs got a multiplayer game mode

  27. Chanel Joseph

    Chanel Josephיום לפני

    Socks you should do a shape shifting mod /hide and seek man hunt pls

  28. moon cake bro

    moon cake broיום לפני

    The monster reminds me about the skinwalkers bc they have a human voice but a monster body

  29. Daniel Stone

    Daniel Stoneיום לפני

    Yessssss 1milll

  30. Abdollah Akbar-Qadri

    Abdollah Akbar-Qadriיום לפני

    7:58 for big boi

  31. Linus Årman

    Linus Årmanיום לפני

    Blaza says its in my leg but the text says its in my back

  32. itsi4

    itsi4יום לפני

    hello ratatouille tbh honest famous last words

  33. Jim Aggelakis

    Jim Aggelakisיום לפני

    When i hear socks im about to chase u im always thinking this ; FLINT LOCK WOOD

  34. Ljiljana Kozoderovic

    Ljiljana Kozoderovicיום לפני

    Btw i am so fu****g upsessed with SCPs

  35. Ljiljana Kozoderovic

    Ljiljana Kozoderovicיום לפני


  36. Clare P

    Clare Pיום לפני

    Did you get demonetised

  37. JV Lopez

    JV Lopezיום לפני

    1 MIL BOIS

  38. Murilo Marchi

    Murilo Marchiיום לפני

    well a good fact and that this kind of tree doesn't drop a apple just the oak ones 4:30

  39. Melissa Trosclair

    Melissa Trosclairיום לפני

    socks, i like your hair best in dis video.

  40. Ross's Hanes

    Ross's Hanesיום לפני

    Sorry call you idiot keep it up the videos

  41. Ross's Hanes

    Ross's Hanesיום לפני

    I am is better than gold idiot

  42. Jaelen Reyes

    Jaelen Reyesיום לפני

    Socks,The more the sharpness the more damage

  43. Jaelen Reyes

    Jaelen Reyesיום לפני

    Socks,The more the sharpness the more damage

  44. Jaelen Reyes

    Jaelen Reyesיום לפני

    Socks,The more the sharpness the more damage

  45. Ninga vs

    Ninga vsיום לפני


  46. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvinיום לפני


  47. Mr. BANANA2016

    Mr. BANANA2016יום לפני

    "I don't think there is such thing as a tree crab" Dude have you not heard of a coconut crab?

  48. LBR F1

    LBR F1יום לפני

    My objective, AS A SPEEDRUNNER, is to break 3 gold blocks... Also soks4one when he’s at the gold block, but the hunters are 1000 million blocks away: NOW WE PLAY THE WAITING GAME

  49. Cavern Gaming

    Cavern Gamingיום לפני

    socks for 2 1 million pogggg.

  50. Virizion

    Virizionיום לפני

    Bloop is cute

  51. Saif Al Otoum

    Saif Al Otoumיום לפני

    Don’t you fucking dare make fun of sao, it’s one of the best animes out there

  52. nazli bahar

    nazli baharיום לפני

    Why is this on bedrock edition

  53. D1nosaur1an animates

    D1nosaur1an animatesיום לפני

    socks: she's just looking at her mask bonnie: well since you said that imma look very close to the camera pro tip: don't call bonnie a girl, please

  54. x êvïl slÿthérìn pàtätô x

    x êvïl slÿthérìn pàtätô xיום לפני

    0:06 SuUUuuPp

  55. Oliver Cafiso

    Oliver Cafisoיום לפני

    Im very excited for when he goes to space! please post a video of you in space

  56. Sabine

    Sabineיום לפני

    tHiS iS tHe fBi

  57. DoggonePlayzYT

    DoggonePlayzYTיום לפני

    Datapack for the golden blocks?

  58. Kobi May

    Kobi Mayיום לפני

    Rip Charles

  59. Justin Jakubiak

    Justin Jakubiakיום לפני

    that was awesome when his head got stuck( :

  60. Frontier Dustice

    Frontier Dusticeיום לפני

    memegod really just picked someone up and said he used a portal gun. Yeah, I’m rooting for Blaza

  61. Legends United

    Legends Unitedיום לפני

    try pixelmon

  62. Wayz295

    Wayz295יום לפני


  63. i don't exist

    i don't existיום לפני

    play MORE robox

  64. Tarsem Singh

    Tarsem Singhיום לפני

    Laff king stroy

  65. james hofer

    james hoferיום לפני

    3 gold rocks

  66. Gucciby L

    Gucciby Lיום לפני

    This video reminds me of those TickTock videos I want it I got it I want it I got it I want it I got it I want it I got it

  67. Bev Wright-Sims

    Bev Wright-Simsיום לפני

    , by the way someone named Charles died in this

  68. kaden wooster

    kaden woosterיום לפני

    gold pickaxe mines faster than diamond pickaxe

  69. kaden wooster

    kaden woosterיום לפני


  70. Floridian Fever Gaming

    Floridian Fever Gamingיום לפני

    R.I.P Barry b. Benson and his family

  71. razrazgamer

    razrazgamerיום לפני

    TBH SAO is actually good and other animes too so nou

  72. MR D

    MR Dיום לפני


  73. David Marsh

    David Marshיום לפני

    Laff: I call it anti-child repellents Laff: **literally made a gun**

  74. Aloura. Alx

    Aloura. Alxיום לפני

    LOG × BALL ✔

  75. Efe Duran

    Efe Duranיום לפני

    3:28 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Berzerk Lion

    Berzerk Lionיום לפני

    One time i put pumped up kicks in a furry game... I shot them all

  77. Edgar Magaña

    Edgar Magañaיום לפני

    EY WISP did first bahahhahahahaq

  78. izuku midoriya Gaming And Gacha

    izuku midoriya Gaming And Gachaיום לפני


  79. Dad’s youtuber Goudjil

    Dad’s youtuber Goudjilיום לפני

    *a lot slaps of arrows in wolf spider

  80. Gavster Murdamer

    Gavster Murdamerיום לפני

    Jeffrey.... the pilot name is Charles...