Sabrina Carpenter is on the edge of a new beginning with her new album Singular: Act I. The 19 year-old pop singer has grown considerably as an artist and writer between each release - something that especially shines through on Singular: Act I. Carpenter approached the album a little bit older \u0026 a little bit wiser than she was at 15 when she began writing songs for her first album. She opted to push herself out of her comfort zone, flaunting the confidence of someone who has entered young adulthood and found her own voice. That same sense of empowerment is weaved throughout Singular: Act I: a set of 8 sonic epiphanies (all of which she co-wrote) blending Carpenter's R\u0026B-style vocals with the atmospheric pop sensibilities she helmed on her sophomore record EVOlution. Carpenter enlisted a group of musical power players, including Stargate, Leland, Jason Evigan and Mike Sabath. The result: a record where she comes into her own, pouring her confidence into her powerhouse vocals.

Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

Sabrina Carpenter - Skin

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Sabrina Carpenter - Exhale
Sabrina Carpenter - Paris

Sabrina Carpenter - Paris

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Sabrina Carpenter - Sue Me

Sabrina Carpenter - Sue Me

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    This is why I'm still thinking why is still underated when she have a pure talent like this...She deserve more than this

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    let Olivia have her boyfriend back

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    so rude

  6. Camryn Curtis

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    hate you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. teg tea

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    i remember when my mom said i couldn't listen to this song because of the first few lyrics when the sister gets married to the brother- THANKS MOM. 😑

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    Wow, Sabrina has a song thumbs and now skin...she’s building an entire body!!!😂😂😂

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    im speak spanish xD jejejejejejejejejjejejejejejejejejejejejejejeje respondemeeee sabrinaaaaa soy tu fan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

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    i got a beauty beast rose they said i was rịch and evil with a taste i gave them the rose back and told them im married to money and got new powers

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    I do care about the drama cause they are both great artists they both deserve the world Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo and you can’t forget Joshua Bassett they all do but don’t judge them just Sabrina carpenter is dating Joshua doesn’t mean they can’t be friends comment if you argue and like

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    The amount of times I came here today is just unbelieble

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    This is great, Sabrina! Keep moving up!:)

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    I’m sorry I’m fans of both of y’all and ur one of my favorite song writer I just don’t like it when people fight

  15. Paige Quinn

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    If Olivia wrote a song that says “your probably with that blonde girl” it does not mean u. Olivia’s song is really good just like urs it’s just u should not be going after a teen girl when ur 21 but you also said in ur song about how he’s all mine and I’m happy and u hate hate it so ur fans can go after Olivia but I think y’all should just stop

  16. Salvador Garcia

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    I am not trying to be rude but Olivia and Joshua is a better couple they know each other very well but the song lie lie lie is like a diss track and how much I want Sabrina and Joshua to be dating I really don't

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    Wait isn’t this the subway from girl meets world

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    This is a nice song!

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    Olivia's next song "gun license"

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    2020? lmao hunny no its 2021

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    Sabrina cyrus bergan wu rexha bebe ava sholheim love kiss dek

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    This song is so amazing i luv it <3

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    ok gavin but what about sabrina spellman?😭🛐 LOL

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    Driver's license will always be better. Olivia's song was about Joshua, in fact she says how insecure she is of the blonde girl. Sabrina has an angelic voice but this is just mean girl vibes to me

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    this is soo underrated

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    *Riverdale* vibes. I know most actors hate when they are known bcs of one role, but hey if it is a big one? Something people really like or love. They should be glad that people even know them. Not saying this is *Kevin's* case. Just saying.

  30. april laguican

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    "want my heart to be breakin breakin" this line is just too much . ive listened to olivias drivers license like a hundred times already haha . and beside the word "blonde" , she didnt mention anything about the new girl again . drivers license is about her and his failed relationship with the guy . she didnt even mention that she wants them to break up also . so its just too much 😅

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    Was that Joey king?

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    If you don’t have anything nice to say, leave. Nobody deserves hate for just being human. And if you don’t like Sabrina, it’s ok, but leave her alone then. Choose kindness, it’s easy!

  34. Te-Reinga George

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    Now that I listen to this again, I feel like this is what Christina Aguilera would’ve sounded like when she was younger

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    this song is sooo pretty


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    Me parece repugnante q use su don como cantante para escribir esta canción para Olivia (q conste q no soy fan de Oliva pero es q ella tiene la razón, sorry Sabrina)

  38. Kim Kenney

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    This is young girls drama, she would be better off staying silent. No one knew who Olivia was talking about until this girl wrote a jingle back. Its not a good song like "Driver's License"

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    ame y amo esta pelicula

  40. uriah&ron goggles

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    She plays on girls meets world and other movies and very beautiful and has a beautiful voice

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  42. life_of_cora j

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    I used to love sabrina so much this video just made her look like a asshole😩🙄 I hate her

  43. Slgwime

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    Il y a Elle Evans dans le clip s'elle avec les cheveux brun kissing booth

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    Not to be rude but like Olivia started this drama so DONT BLAM SABRINA!!

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    Her voice at the end like😦😚❤️❤️

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    You do Wildside

  49. EmZ 8403

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    Girl, more songs like this. The purity makes the world a slightly better place to be. I miss these types of songs

  50. Sofia Mbambo

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    I feel like this was planned by their managers to make the songs popular

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    in love

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    This is giving me serious ilegaly blond vibes

  53. Lindsay Gwiza

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    I'm prolly gonna get a lot of hate but i kinda understand her side of view, yea ik Olivia said the nice things about her, she might be younger but she's not a child, yall treating her like sab took her candy or sum, shes old enough to handle herself, and sab said that "dont drive yourslef insane. it wont always be this way" prolly meaning that she won't last long with him anyway because of this situation, she also said that "i just hope so one day, we just can laugh about, when it's not in our face, we'll have to dance around it" meaning exactly what it says, i mean, Olivia started it anyway, she might as well finish it.

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    Jaja ponganlo a x2

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    olivia must love this song :)

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    The song is great. But I don't like how she taunts saying he's all over my skin. Olivia had 3 lines about her and nothing negative or insulting about Sabrina. But Sabrina made a whole ass song about Olivia. I loved Sabrina before. Now I'm not so sure

  58. Vanessa

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    I want Sabrina and Olivia to be friends... I just see two incredible beautiful and talented girls ❤️❤️

  59. Depressed_Girl

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    I love Olivia's song...but lets admit....this one is better....or is it just me?

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    “Don’t drive yourself insane” nice job-

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  62. Terrence Derischebourg

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    No puedo dejar de escuchar este arteeee

  64. Asmr love

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    It's not just about Olivia it about her last 15 years of life

  65. anonymous sun Lopez

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    Theyre literally fighting over someone who looks like that Janitor in Walmart


    HALLEL TAUS20 שעות לפני

    i put three of the smae songs and they sound so good

  67. Kiki Noválová

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    White hair does not suit her well, she looks much more older, almost grandma already. ~I love you, just, don't make a grandma from yourself please.~


    HALLEL TAUS20 שעות לפני

    you should sing with shawn mendes im just saying..................


    HALLEL TAUS20 שעות לפני

    my freind: omg did u hear the song me: what sone!? my freind: WHY omg u didnt hear it Me: uhm....... no! i want to put it on! My freind: ok *puts on song* Me: its ok Me two days later: YOU LIKE NEWYORK CITY IN THE DAYTIME I LIKE NEW YORK CITY IN THE NIGHT TIME i dont ask for u to stay baby on on on My freind: what the hell dude i thought u said it was ok ME: OK! its better then ok My mom comes in: girls what are u doing Me: listening to SABRINA CARPENTER My mom: Hmmm let me listen My mom listeing: DAME THIS IS GOOOOODD! heheh thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye love you

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    hi perfection

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    Itssssss Awesome 🔥❤

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    I love your songs and I love you in girl meets world but you shouldn’t be fighting on the internet net

  74. Matthew Miller

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    Just be nice to each other maybe you can be friends

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    amo esa cancion quisiera ser como tu

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    hola soy sofia soy tu faaaaaaaaan solamente estoy utilisando la cuenta de mi mama

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    hola soy sofia soy tu faaaaaaaaan solamente estoy utilisando la cuenta de mi mama

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    Se te ama Sabrina

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    He's Kevin

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    STREAM “Loco” Anitta