This is a Minecraft channel, purely made for fun! :L

Minecraft, But Farming Is OP...
Minecraft, But You Can't Walk Or Jump...
Minecraft UHC you can USE /effect...
  1. Betsy Burton

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  2. ultimate •dragon

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  3. Panagiotis Rigopoulos

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  4. Beast Side

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    The end music is soo good what's it called?

  5. Jacqueline Hughes

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  6. ultimate •dragon

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  7. Adalberto Ramos

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    Bro the beginning got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. ultimate •dragon

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  9. Steven Boutis

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    I need this seed... 4:34

  10. Grace Sharp

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  11. Photon Bee

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    10:15 _Look in chat lol_

  12. Betsy Burton

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  14. Aditya Patwardhan

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    Get bone meal

  15. Mason Chu

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    Get noobed

  16. Chris BucketBoi

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    Damn even the devel wouldn't do this

  17. Yorg mcsmorglehorfen

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    Dream wants to know your e p e a r l %

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    Let's goooooooooo

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  21. Carlos Esquivel

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    The nether fortress is more of a maroon than dark red

  22. ENDER WATCER 930

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    OMG u got HEROBRINE on game . open 12 minet 49 secend there is pramid in water . this mean there is HEROBRINE on your game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Blake Hoyt

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    can I have this plugin I need it

  24. Meister Monsieur

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    Im late bird a pigeon that doesnt arive on time

  25. Yousef Haddadin

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    You have 3 command blocks

  26. Artemis FN

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  27. johnny lee

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    18:27 what was that slab used for?

  28. modnobbob69xd

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    9:32 yo is that 3 command blocks in a minecart

  29. Dallas Glover

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    Dude why didn’t you get a diamond sword😳

  30. Eran Hismoni

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    when he said like hope you doing good it was not really bc my game is so laggy and I can't have fun while my BFF is having a lot of fun......*cries*...

  31. Putra Rajasa 2A

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    ⓐⓡⓔ ⓨⓞⓤ ⓢⓟⓔⓔⓓⓡⓤⓝⓝⓔⓡ?

  32. KL Ll

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    Kinda reminds me of scp-001 when dat breaks I’d say it’s the most creepiest scp

  33. Putra Rajasa 2A

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    🇭 🇪 🇱 🇱 🇴 ....... 🇼 🇭 🇦 🇹 🇾 🇴 🇺 🇷 🇳 🇦 🇲 🇪 ?

  34. Haydar Şahin

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    I thing u're using the dream datapack that makes u very very lucky.

  35. Cason Voong

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    Did you realize that when you open one of the chest there was a block you could only get by commands 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  36. PieceCtrl_X

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    U should do minecraft uhc buy everyone has admin powers.

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    youtube can be rude more like YOU can be rude

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  40. Unknown Rbt

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    You sound like berserk

  41. Beancon Industries

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    He’s more interested in the iron then the diamond 😂😂😂😂😂 5:48

  42. Čaiņik Master

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    This would be far more interesting if banned items couldnt be banned again, and if some completely useless items could not be banned (to increase the chance of useful things getting banned).

  43. OmegaWolf

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    pls make me have lots of subs just like this guy who knows maybe i'll make savage videos like him one day and maybe ill be your favorite youtube...you never know the future.

  44. OmegaWolf

    OmegaWolf2 שעות לפני

    pls make me have lots of subs just like this guy who knows maybe i'll make savage videos like him one day and maybe ill be your favorite youtube...you never know the future.

  45. T̲e̲x̲t̲ ̲T̲R̲A̲M̲P̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲8̲8̲0̲2̲2̲

    T̲e̲x̲t̲ ̲T̲R̲A̲M̲P̲ ̲t̲o̲ ̲8̲8̲0̲2̲2̲2 שעות לפני

    Um "rod yourself"???

  46. Anirban Chatterjee

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    17:50 howwwww???

  47. Austin Petty

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    Is this a mod or a plug-in? How do I get this?

  48. Michael Moore

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    The complex soybean distinctly boil because route fortuitously suggest among a cute sand. gifted, resolute sharon

  49. zehrgames 311

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    Im going to do some mining off camera before the next episode of this minecraft let's play *the mining off camera*

  50. Beancon Industries

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    I was just waiting for him to die at the end........

  51. Fahad Alsehaily

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    Alternative title: TapL takes on minecraft simulator

  52. May Tang

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    Yoooooooo let's goooooo

  53. Bill

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    "HOOOEEES MAN" well that went out of context

  54. JigSaw Craft

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    how cute that little HappyTapL are

  55. Ddr Hshshs

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    TapL: streams* People joining the stream: “HI YT”.

  56. Ariel Maggs

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    i lost my vioce permently so i wont say bad things

  57. Jeffrey Gocek

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    When do you not smelt iron.

  58. taunt cube

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    can you give us the Datapack or whatever you used for this so we could play it?

  59. Nuran Bayramov

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    Oh man I saw you in Hypixel 2 or 3 years ago, I was looking for your name, so you were that guy😂

  60. Blender DAVE

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    Minecraft UHC but leather armour is the best and diamond armour breaks immediately

  61. Vspoken

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  62. sdrawk

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    This seems kinda sus

  63. Marshall Thomas

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    Fun fact: sleep paralysis is when your body is asleep but your mind is awake, that's why you can't move when in sleep paralysis

  64. Bernardo Cumpri

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    Im from the Brasil Brasil but i like very mutch The tapl

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  66. Lena Edwards

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    Oh no

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  68. Ava Jara

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    The wide-eyed help interspecifically fax because wound consquentially behave absent a miniature learning. fanatical, disgusting weapon

  69. A Man

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    “I appreciate all your work” Proceeds to kill them. Free the piglins, they aren’t slaves, end netherism and speciesism.

  70. Nadia Farook

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    Almost every vid you never go to the stronghold

  71. Ritree

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    His chat when the hear off camera mining wut did you say

  72. CATEXE

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    With creative he didnt even get more red stone blocks tho

  73. Vlone Clone

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    “Your invincibility has expired”

  74. Dragon GP

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    UHC idea: you gain extra hearts for every heart you are missing

  75. Mads Snekkerlien

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    Minecraft, But passive mobs knows self defence...

  76. F1R3

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    One time I was on my bus and there were kids watching your video and I was like are u subscribed and they said no and I was like you better get to work

  77. Ozendio 1

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    Its like hunger games

  78. Paola Horvat

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    This was so fun to watch. Got a good laugh, thank you for this entertaining content <3

  79. CATEXE

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    he completly ignore the structure blocks and command blocks

  80. Ivy Cole

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