1. NYB 1IQ

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    Cappp more bri

  2. Erika Rodriguez

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    You can’t unlock him yet and his not in game and you can’t get him in a box yesssss

  3. Erika Rodriguez

    Erika Rodriguez4 שעות לפני

    Wow yesssss his for 10000 trophys and his a tryophy brawler yesss

  4. Erika Rodriguez

    Erika Rodriguez4 שעות לפני

    This lie is coool

  5. Crazy wiz

    Crazy wiz5 שעות לפני

    Can you tell me how Brain dead is this

  6. Sharan Sharan

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    Anyone Can Tell Me When Stu Release Date!!??

  7. Jaisuriyaa8D

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    U cant lie with us because we watch brawl talk.

  8. Gameplay YTB

    Gameplay YTB5 שעות לפני

    This looking A edit you 😡

  9. Monawar Abokor

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    and either way i got 20k trophies

  10. Monawar Abokor

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    this lie is amazing

  11. Arif Apu

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    I have 12000 trophy but I don't have the brawler stu

  12. Rupert Matienzo

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    where is emz he doesnt have 8k

  13. Daniel Barajas

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    He said secrets not questions🤦🤦

  14. Daniel Barajas

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    2:13 cursed images😂😂😂

  15. Daniel Barajas

    Daniel Barajas7 שעות לפני

    He had 11k Trophys 🤦 just the he did not want to show it so kids believed he got stu and if he is available than how come i dont have him i have 15k Trophys 😑 frickin click baiter! 🔥🤬

  16. Daniel Barajas

    Daniel Barajas7 שעות לפני

    Frickin CLICK BAITER!!!!! 🔥

  17. Ibrahim Hussain

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    By watching this shit your paying him

  18. стью

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    Я невыподаю из ящикав я за 10 тыщ купкав

  19. Builder Wølf

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    Lie God

  20. Maxam

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    who came from reddit

  21. Francisco Almeida Silva

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    Bruh you have [email protected]@@ trophies youre a noob and do clickbaits

  22. Carlos Celestino

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    Worst edits but you added edfert

  23. TheGamer123

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    Wow he got the fake stu AWESOME man AWESOME fake vidio I love it 🤡👍

  24. Thiago Craft

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  25. bruhify 2.0

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    Imagine liking this video

  26. 5C_30_Taksha Maulana

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    stu is free at 10.000 tropy stop it

  27. Shadow Gamer_YT

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    Doesn’t have EMZ lmaooooooo

  28. matty boi

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    Lie lie lie l

  29. Flash

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    Who else hates click bait.-.

  30. Jacek I.

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    You just stupid liar, S.T.U is a trochę brawler and his don't come out to game

  31. Ovidiu 509

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    I was waiting to see this

  32. Darth Snøhm

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    yunga: * sees colette * yunga: is this stu?

  33. Bacons Rule

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    No there are diffrwnt time zones 8n different countries that's how he got him BEST ILminesR EVER THANKS FOR THESE VIDS

  34. awake

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  35. bhardwaaj mohabir

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    Stu didn't even come out yet

  36. Miah Gideon

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    Lol what a faker


    EMİRHANPRO11 שעות לפני


  38. Raye 579

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    Hes not even realesed

  39. •Hah BS•

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    It's called get 10k trophies like a normal person I mean I have 19.5k which only took since Nov 2020 to now😐

  40. HideAway Gang985

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    Its not ingame yet

  41. Dark Snow ツ

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    100% fake

  42. benjagamer221

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  43. Ayxan Pro

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    0:08 montage

  44. Ayxan Pro

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    Says: stu open Real: colette -_-

  45. Mariela Gaviria

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  46. Shadow Playz

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    Wooooooooow this is so fake wooooooooow

  47. SpongeBobCircleTrousers

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    Roses are red, Violets are blue, I just got clickbaited, And so did you,

  48. كاروسا مخقق بوزا

    كاروسا مخقق بوزا13 שעות לפני

    Bruh the update isn't even out yet

  49. Xy gaming

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  50. •Wof Dan•

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    Don't dislike, this is just entertainment video

  51. Craby Rubis

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  52. Mavim784

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    My favourite

  53. Mellow YT

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    can see that stu moved at 0:18

  54. MR FOOD

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    Nice edits😀(not a hater)

  55. Dominika Gaska-Obojska

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    Es waren keine 11

  56. fafik games

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    So basicaly: trophy road brawler from mega box xd

  57. 4MiauATIopYThun4 #ATI#

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    Wow Good editing bro!

  58. fafik games

    fafik games14 שעות לפני



    POLAR MEDINA14 שעות לפני

    100×100 Fake

  60. Тумба

    Тумба15 שעות לפני


  61. Abeer Mahmoud

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    Good lie he didnt even get in da game

  62. Ilirjan Ymeralilaj

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    BRUHHH thats Fake 🤣🤣😂

  63. David Lobont

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    Is fake

  64. Hamodi Tech

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    It’s not in brawl stars

  65. Hamodi Tech

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    When I go in brawl stars I see there is no Stu in trophie

  66. PMY - Bs

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    Dislike gang rise

  67. Emir Gültekin

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    This assembly

  68. Martin Sdurka

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    1. Stu is not in game currently 2. It is chance to get him only in 10000 trophies 3. you are big liar 4. You don' t get him

  69. Brawl Stars Matthew

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    Good editing

  70. Brawl Stars Matthew

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    Its nice

  71. akeems random wheel of games

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    Everyone dislike this because he was lieing and getting our Hope's up just to get views so theres my point for disliking this video