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Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Why I Play Pikmin 3 Deluxe

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Welcome to Nintendo Switch!
Among Us - Truth or Lie???
  1. ShadowS4ar

    ShadowS4ar58 דקות לפני

    True there are some needed updates, but I'm just here loving the added diversity

  2. Silent Mochi

    Silent Mochi59 דקות לפני

    *Yes I did it!*

  3. Isabella Ponce

    Isabella Ponceשעה לפני


  4. Mattblaster237

    Mattblaster237שעה לפני

    Anime only after seeing season 2 episode 17 why Betelgeuse whyyyyyyy Web novel readers mmmmmmmm. Yes. Feel our pain

  5. Jerkmuffins

    Jerkmuffinsשעה לפני

    Persona 5 royal when?

  6. Roberto Dell'Accio

    Roberto Dell'Accioשעה לפני

    Omg I got this in my recommended and my heart rate raised by 50000000000 beats thinking it was a new trailer

  7. Presley B

    Presley Bשעה לפני

    My grandma has that and I'm going to try to get it so I can play that

  8. teep rarr

    teep rarrשעה לפני

    he looks like a kid when he punches the blocks and does the games

  9. Eddie0312

    Eddie0312שעה לפני

    Serious question. Is there a demo on the American eshop yet?

  10. Logan Not the one from Marvel

    Logan Not the one from Marvelשעה לפני

    Isn’t this the PSP game just on Switch now?

  11. ShaeLee Diaz

    ShaeLee Diazשעה לפני

    Shake it birdie!!!

  12. S C

    S Cשעה לפני

    wow! Bowser looks class 👌👌

  13. anythingorz

    anythingorzשעה לפני

    Ah, a game that I could enjoy before SMT V. No persona fans, go get a ps4

  14. IcyLapisYT

    IcyLapisYTשעה לפני

    Yay! Femboy representation!

  15. Bean

    Beanשעה לפני

    Hahaha Ganondorf go brrrrrrr

  16. The Real Tamatoa

    The Real Tamatoaשעה לפני

    Who else wants to walk up to Mario and start quoting his old drug PSA?



    Oh no

  18. Safia Badiane

    Safia Badianeשעה לפני


  19. Jordans Monkey

    Jordans Monkeyשעה לפני

    Why can't p5 come to switch again?

  20. Tony Rodriguez

    Tony Rodriguezשעה לפני

    Joker’s in Super Smash Bros Ultimate 🎮.

  21. Mr Poglin

    Mr Poglinשעה לפני

    . when this came out i was 10 bro im cryin

  22. King Digiman

    King Digimanשעה לפני

    Already pre-ordered. I can't wait.

  23. TheMagnificentGman

    TheMagnificentGmanשעה לפני

    Just port royal to the switch already

  24. lı•丅hε Ǘgเy Pυgliภg•ıl

    lı•丅hε Ǘgเy Pυgliภg•ılשעה לפני


  25. Big Blocka

    Big Blockaשעה לפני

    Adults shouldn't be interested in this.

  26. That One Annoying Pub Player

    That One Annoying Pub Playerשעה לפני

    So Wolf gets shafted from the trailer huh

  27. Sanser

    Sanserשעה לפני

    Guys joker from smash bros is getting his own game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. meow

    meowשעה לפני

    I wish Nintendo could make the villager conversations less childish and more like the GameCube version

  29. Wishful Lps

    Wishful Lpsשעה לפני

    Day b4 my bday

  30. Mitch Katrensky

    Mitch Katrenskyשעה לפני

    SomecallmeJohnny is not going to be happy about this.

  31. Lukeus Nashus

    Lukeus Nashusשעה לפני

    Nintendo Switch just keeps getting better and better, I never knew I would be a big fan of Nintendo. It’s amazing how far Nintendo has come and continues to go, I’m excited!

  32. Smashi 64

    Smashi 64שעה לפני

    It seems like that Reggie became Yusuke’s Persona...

  33. R N Jeebus

    R N Jeebusשעה לפני

    "The Pompous man in the black coat!"

  34. michael fox

    michael foxשעה לפני

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  35. Grimm the bean

    Grimm the beanשעה לפני

    hornet is back! And this time she brought tactical weaponry

  36. Gaming with Bat

    Gaming with Batשעה לפני

    Museum guy: am I a joke to you?

  37. _ C0balt _

    _ C0balt _שעה לפני

    Fox: "My body is ready...!" This trailer was one of the best so far! I can't wait for my preorder to arrive!

  38. Wario man • 30 Years Ago

    Wario man • 30 Years Agoשעה לפני

    I love this game!!

  39. Gaming with Bat

    Gaming with Batשעה לפני

    Just wondering, why aren't you adding brewster? Alot of animal crossing fans *from new leaf atleast* have been really wanting this

  40. Digestion

    Digestionשעה לפני

    I have no idea what this is but I want it

  41. The Speakers

    The Speakersשעה לפני

    Can you add waluig in smash please

  42. n sixties 4

    n sixties 4שעה לפני

    2:02 All of a sudden this turned into kinikuman

  43. Finlay Clifford

    Finlay Cliffordשעה לפני

    Keith from Friday night funkin should be the next smash character

  44. michael fox

    michael foxשעה לפני

    The adorable mouse hypothetically destroy because vest typically compete per a zippy ounce. silent, diligent pound

  45. Figment83

    Figment83שעה לפני

    If you find yourself with a unicorn and you have a over

  46. LilyPlayz_LilyBugs

    LilyPlayz_LilyBugsשעה לפני

    Omg pls update on Mario Carts 8

  47. Sync 89

    Sync 89שעה לפני

    WOW THIS GAME MUST HAVE BEEN INSPIRED BY THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU! this is a joke don't take it seriously

  48. Gradient. Exe

    Gradient. Exeשעה לפני

    now i too can die hundreds of time in painful grusome ways

  49. canada isnt fake

    canada isnt fakeשעה לפני

    Can't believe they let you play funny persona cat

  50. Sarah White

    Sarah Whiteשעה לפני

    How can they strike back if Sony won't let them ever be on the Switch in the FIRST PLACE!? The bullies of gaming 🤮

  51. SpyD_98

    SpyD_98שעה לפני

    Is the joke that we can’t have the actual persona 5?

  52. derek El heroe del tiempo

    derek El heroe del tiempoשעה לפני

    Hyrule warriors age of calamity × Persona 5 strikers it would be a good crossover

  53. JicoJoJo

    JicoJoJoשעה לפני

    Ok sorry but of all people, the one actor that has caused so much controversy from her acting being like a bland piece of bread, to the controversy of the stuff she does and says in real life.

  54. Building Up

    Building Upשעה לפני

    Ahh, memories

  55. Simon Willingham

    Simon Willinghamשעה לפני

    being Brewster back and I will literally breathe

  56. The Supreme Lord of Poyos

    The Supreme Lord of Poyosשעה לפני

    can we have akechi later down the line or kasumi?

  57. Sanser

    Sanserשעה לפני

    As much as I like this update: here’s a list of what we need: -QoL (bulk crafting, etc) -More upgrades for the shop -The white fences you showed off in the trailer. -Special villagers from older games given new roles -More design slots (for whatever reason) Otherwise the updates make me look forward to the game, unlike New Leaf.

  58. Everyday Criminologist

    Everyday Criminologistשעה לפני

    Rated M for Mara

  59. ShadowSkully

    ShadowSkullyשעה לפני

    1:27 Haru with lipstick looks cute 😭👌

  60. Ezekiel Lockman

    Ezekiel Lockmanשעה לפני

    He looks like a Funko Pop when he's not in cutscenes

  61. Flooperton Gaming

    Flooperton Gamingשעה לפני

    I really need to get Animal Crossing New Leaf. It is the only Animal Crossing game I do not have.

  62. Behzod Nishanov

    Behzod Nishanovשעה לפני

    May the person who reads this comment live a long and healthy life

  63. Requiem

    Requiemשעה לפני


  64. Ezekiel Lockman

    Ezekiel Lockmanשעה לפני

    Oh goodness, I'm EXCITED

  65. Normal Kid

    Normal Kidשעה לפני


  66. Clapped his cheeks

    Clapped his cheeksשעה לפני

    I remember when I saw the Mario game commercial for the 3DS

  67. Igor Dabrowski

    Igor Dabrowskiשעה לפני

    the only thing i hate is that showtime attacks aren't the same but i will still buy it

  68. Matt Lurking

    Matt Lurkingשעה לפני

    They referenced an opening to the latter half of the second season, maybe we will get to hear it by episode 11