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Tour of My New House!!!

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    Hi bro, your projects are very interesting, but please help me to earn online .

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    dam i wish my coke bags were that big back in the day

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    ???? u destroyed the flashlight....for a simple charging circuit u can get for a few cents..??

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    Imagine if when he accelerated into the car in front of him it didn’t stop

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    the worst part about the amazon stuff is its not cheap! quality is tho

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    This video has been uploaded in 2018 and in 2021 You are still alive doing these experiments?!?!?!? May be You forgot that when dealing with high voltage, in order to bypass the heart, one has to ground both wrists first connecting them together with a wire passing under the shirt! Thanks for telling the story the right way around... but take care of Yourself! We need intelligent people ... I mean, alive!

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    This guy is an idot

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  20. rumaiz the beast killer karbari

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    Are you a Muslim

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    I performed charging my phone in science exhibition in my university using only one module of this kind.

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    The homie elon is proud

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    You almost done a plasma battery? That will be genius if that can keep the charge

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    The lightning only makes him stronger....

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    There is a conflict between security and safty regarding electronic locks. In reality electronic security doors should always failed unlocked if there is any risk people could be trapped inside in a life threatening situation. Just imagin a gas line blows within the building cutting power and setting a large part of the strucutre on fire If the doors entered a failure state locked then everyone in the building could very well die in a fire as a result. There are ways to work around this. You can have doors fail into a lock state provided there is never a risk this would result in someone being traped, for example if you only allow people into an area while the door is open and it can't be closed while people are in that area. I could never lock closed while someone is inside so a failure state defaulting to locked would be fine. You could also have a mechanical opening system on the inside so people can always exit through a door regardless of failure state. Corse the obvous solution would be to add some kind of battery backup to the locks to avoid power failure, but they would still need to fail into a safe state in the event the battery runs down or they are damaged by for example, a power surge.

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    The sweet spot between harmless and lethal? Is that not ElectroBOOM himself? Love this channel and the humour. Unfortunately, I have a cheap computer that only lets me subscribe once per channel.

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    “Where are my pills!” My favorite joke

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    I figured this out. I thought you might need this, but if you get burned, just leave it be, regardless of the pain. It won't hurt after a while, and you'll end up doing it more good than placing it under something cold. Like warm aloe-vera is perfect.

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    Oh my, and i was thinking that everybody around the world were using DIN standards. Why do use rigid conductors and NEMA breakers/systems there ? Here in Brazil, every single installation using NEMA breakers/systems are being replaced for DIN /flexible conductors. Here we see a house with rigid conductors and say "thats freakin' old! Time to replace to DIN" hahaha!


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