Official ILmines channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

  1. rusty co

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    something is about to bust

  2. Osler Charlie

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    The fretful hook collectively repair because ptarmigan coincidently shiver through a nifty swordfish. thinkable, disastrous windshield

  3. J Violet

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    Imagine if she was a guy butthurt that an average looking girl wasnt into him, you'd all be cringing, but bc shes a pretty girl its okay for her to be egotistical

  4. Morgan Conn

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    who went and watched misfits instead?

  5. John Pearson

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  6. ellie

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    you’re disgusting. ADRESS IT. (and don’t steal jokes wtf)

  7. Tim Le

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    35:14 XD

  8. JestesGruby

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    they should have asked David to stand up

  9. AndreaAldaz

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    Justice for Seth

  10. AndreaAldaz

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    Justice for Seth

  11. isella isella

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    Fuck dude what a disappointment , why couldn’t you just be normal so your fans can enjoy your content, but no now it feels shameful to watch your stuff after the things you have done were brought to light and you still keep quiet about it . I was thinking hey maybe he’ll man up and say sorry and talk about it because that’s what you’re supposed to do even if It puts you in a very uncomfortable situation but no I guess not .

  12. Kaban

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    "I can't hear shit im 50" XDDD

  13. Logan Maynard

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    Is that the girl David rejected?

  14. Sarah Estorñell Cuenca

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    Big Nick, Seth, Trisha.

  15. exhausted

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    Anyone else notice how David brought up the Horse Fact after the H3 podcast made a skit on it...Glad you guys like their podcast 😅

  16. Gabriela Lebeda

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  17. Blade9e7

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    Why would someone ever cheat. Especially on Madison beer

  18. LuisSucksAtFortnite

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    Maddison is so cute It's a compliment

  19. Joe

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    Dave, love you bro and cast.

  20. aubrey Nunley

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    Why did I think of SpongeBob when she said "hiii kevin"

  21. Chfhcjfhryryr Hdhdydhxbuf

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  22. Locker-Room Dwarf

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  23. userACSLSAPPER

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    not the biggest celebs, but can we get Jeff Wittek on the show? Or maybe even... Alex Ernst...?

  24. Cedric Shaw

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    C'mon Dobrick... at least memorize your lines from your sponsors.

  25. Mathew Moss

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    4.3 mil views. And only 1.43 subs

  26. Well Hello

    Well Hello23 שעות לפני

    What about your relationship with Seth?

  27. Maddi Jenkins

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    my fav racists 😍😩

  28. Virginia Jessica

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    Распустится сразу, душа как цветок

  29. Brian Truck

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  30. Monika Christensen

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    Talk about H3

  31. Danny Leno

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    What’s up with all the sponsors

  32. Noah Lasi

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    Madison defenetly likes david

  33. Brian Truck

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    Those awkward microphones look nice

  34. AxcivW

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    I know Double D wants to be a chat show host but the casual format just talking shit w/ Jason was way better.

  35. Wissal

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    Poor nash

  36. Kate Porter

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  37. Teri Ratzsch

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  38. blueewtf

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    David wtf r u doing make a move

  39. FaZe Majin buu

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    She looks like the un botched version of the weekend in save your tears😂

  40. DeRosie

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    Seth deserves an apology

  41. absolute trashcan

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    im not watching the whole pod just to hear what happened can someone summarize it for me

  42. KandiCrazyRaver

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  43. Le Gars Fré

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    thank god Jason was here

  44. FADE Gummy

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    27:26 why does it sound like Madison said the n-word😂😂

  45. Jordan A

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  46. Kehish Panday

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    When your'll going to date

  47. Willow Garcia

    Willow Garciaיום לפני

    I feel so much butter after watching this. I’m insecure and just feel that way that Maddison said. I just get nervous and lies get to me and like doing somthing behind my back I .freaks out

  48. Jordan A

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  49. Unbroken Horizonz

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    That Paranoia game... I knew the question was “who is the oldest” who else predicted that?

  50. zHoldMyLzzz

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  51. Jacob Andrade

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    How can 5k People dislike this this vid


    ATOMIC GAMERיום לפני

    Officially hate David

  53. ezubetru

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    David’s giving Jimmy fallon vibes

  54. Gavin Burnett

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    We want Carly and Erin >:(

  55. kayla lenzer

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    I’m only 11 minutes in and am I the only one that’s so over this Jason & Natalie third wheeling episode? Madison is getting offended over everything that comes out of David’s mouth and it’s really cringe because the only reason that is - is because she knows she’s hot and she’s offended that the dude she wants isn’t throwing himself at her?? Idk, this episode just isn’t it

  56. G X

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    To the person behind the camera filming Jason & Natalie, I hope your vision gets so bad you'll need to wear glasses.

  57. Milun Patel

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    Deep down David just wants to be with Natalie

  58. M Lopez

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    Love that it’s video and audio I hate just listening to the audio and starring a a picture lol

  59. AwesomeAsherK

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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha- everyone after David makes a very dry joke

  60. Amadeus vercingetorix

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    17:18 I kid you not I guessed that easily

  61. Travis Cooley

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    "Bonded real hard"

  62. Andrea Marie

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    Using Jason's name as the code when he only gets like what- 10% of this podcast $$$ ? LOL sad

  63. blhufn

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    WHY IS THERE 3 ads

  64. Adelio Lopez

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    "constumation" ... nice

  65. Ana

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    Anyone else here from h3

  66. Filip Høhling

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    David: What’s your favourite bodypart on a boy? Madison: Hair I guess, what’s your favourite bodypart on a girl? David: bEwBs

  67. Liv

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    Laughing at them praising dr Phil cause he literally came out and said he cheated on his wife 😭

  68. Cassie

    Cassieיום לפני

    tbh the set up sucks, Jason deservers better in my opinion.

  69. Carlee Redditt

    Carlee Reddittיום לפני

    why does he sound like Ted... 🤨🤩

  70. Chrissy Yung

    Chrissy Yungיום לפני

    Not important, but~~~ Madison Beer preformed with Soyeon and Miyeon from gidle

  71. The LaughingCow

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    after this video i can confirm i wanna marry madison beer

  72. Jay M

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    Dr. Phil did cheat on his wife though lol

  73. ImDaEdgar

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    (Jason Dies )

  74. Max provoda

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    There's a podcast in your ads

  75. Mohib Warsi

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    I’m exited for more podcasts. This made me laugh for such a long time

  76. Stefan Dumbrill

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    The amount of money 🥶

  77. Dallas Hoff

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    This was lowkey kinda boring

  78. Lucy

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    I just recently got out of a relationship. My ex had issues with liking his ex girlfriends pics. Madison being so open about her insecurities and jealousy’s about relationships makes me feel a bit better that I wasn’t “overreacting” (as he would say...)

  79. 김형만

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    The cynical screw singly question because lizard medicinally curl down a aboard eggplant. crooked, large name

  80. 『Łvś』 Uncønxiøus

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    Reaches 1million just in 2 videos 😱😱😱