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H3 Podcast

The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

  1. Jesse Lee

    Jesse Lee15 שניות לפני

    Ethan looks fly as hell

  2. Baby Goose

    Baby Goose27 שניות לפני

    Unfortunately, you can get away with almost anything if you have the right amount of money and fans. Gross.

  3. Manuel Puentes

    Manuel Puentes2 דקות לפני

    8:42 manipulative much Trisha?

  4. Kat Rog

    Kat Rog2 דקות לפני

    USE PURPLE SHAMPOO, and leave it in for 30 mins

  5. Emily Ward

    Emily Ward2 דקות לפני

    Lmao this outfit duo is great

  6. Trisha Clone

    Trisha Clone2 דקות לפני

    This show NEVER gets old!! These two together are everything. I wouldn’t normally watch the H3 channel or Trisha’s channel, but when they are together I click so fast!!

  7. Evie Delacassa

    Evie Delacassa3 דקות לפני

    I feel like ethan just says yes to everyone Trish says she want ont the show

  8. Ily Fritts

    Ily Fritts3 דקות לפני

    Sometimes when trisha talks, I have to just leave and start watching later, her voice just hurts my head

  9. YogiTehBear

    YogiTehBear5 דקות לפני

    Dan are you coming for the UK fans now!?

  10. Kelsey

    Kelsey5 דקות לפני

    The thing about Jason is I don’t even think he would say “I’m just following orders”. I think he would see nothing wrong with his actions.

  11. Alise Linka

    Alise Linka6 דקות לפני

    "you're a danger to society... and i say that with peace and love"

  12. Gemma

    Gemma6 דקות לפני

    Can someone link the time stamp when they talk about the person Trisha called fat texting Ethan cause I’ve heard people think it’s Philly d and I gots to know 😅

  13. casamicha

    casamicha7 דקות לפני

    David Dobrik is giving me major „Nightcrawler“ vibes

  14. Ansel Kunert

    Ansel Kunert7 דקות לפני

    As a fan of the show I can confirm that the best part was when Ethan tweeted to some elevator music, genuinely entertaining

  15. Liv C

    Liv C7 דקות לפני

    im samoan i volunteer

  16. Ellie Newton

    Ellie Newton11 דקות לפני

    Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of either before, their content just wasn’t for me. But I LOVE this podcast.

  17. Abby Benton

    Abby Benton11 דקות לפני

    every time ethan says bullying it sounds like he says bowling

  18. Savanna Rose

    Savanna Rose11 דקות לפני

    There is a movement called health at every size.

  19. Amber-sage Beckhorn

    Amber-sage Beckhorn11 דקות לפני

    With peace and love, tbh Ethan is right about the whole “being fat = being unhealthy” thing to an extent. Research has found that the more excess body fat you have reduces your life span and poses greater risks to your health including higher chance of heart attack and stroke. Studies suggest that the longer you are overweight the shorter your life. So when they conducted research on middle aged men , those who continued to be overweight shortened their lives by about 6 years average compared to those who lost the excess weight and maintained a normal weight. However it comes down to how you obtain the fat. Some people have hypothyroidism which reduces hormone production and slows the metabolism making it easier to gain weight. But if you’re just eating fast food and garbage all day every day with no exercise that’s another story. Either way, it poses health risks and threatens the length of your lifespan. The best way to reduce these risks are to eat healthy and exercise but you don’t have to the eat straight grilled chicken and broccoli every day and hate what you’re eating. You just need to eat low calorie dense foods or healthy alternatives to the shitty foods. You can eat a sandwich on 40 calorie bread, a whole 130 calories less than if you eat a sandwich with regular bread, eat cereal with unsweetened almond milk over whole milk, the almond is literally 120 calories less than whole milk. Small changed like that, or cooking with low calorie ingredients and eating high protein, will guarantee weight loss and a healthy and tasty lifestyle. Cardio is the best exercise for fat loss and for heart health as well. Start with a walk, work up to jog, do HIIT workouts, burpees, jumping jacks, sprints; whatever it may be, it’ll help with weight loss and heart health.

  20. Harley Harley

    Harley Harley12 דקות לפני

    It must be really scary for Trisha to hear voices like that

  21. Desarae Joy

    Desarae Joy13 דקות לפני

    I feel like Austin is the one who replies on Catherine’s page about tweets that have to do with drama between them . I can tell she’s in a very toxic relationship. Idk I just can feel it something about their relationship seems off. I feel so bad for her. She seems scared to reach out . I hope she leaves and takes those beautiful babies with her . Nobody likes Austin anyways , she’d be fine exposing him and leaving. 🤷‍♀️

  22. Sarcofaygo

    Sarcofaygo14 דקות לפני

    "it is i, rabbi klein, temple, cantor" yea yea we get it u saw challah ween and ripped it off

  23. Savanna Rose

    Savanna Rose14 דקות לפני

    Saying obesity and being fat is unhealthy is not an attack on fat people. It is so hard to watch Trisha attempt to make sense.

  24. Nevena Đošan

    Nevena Đošan14 דקות לפני

    health at every size is a thing that exists in the fat positivity movement, but as Ethan said, its not healthy for you to be UNDER or OVER weight, so its not healthy but that doesn't mean you should hate yourself! it should be love at every size but with love has to come care. So take care of yourself, love yourself, get help if you need it, be healthy!

  25. Evie Delacassa

    Evie Delacassa15 דקות לפני

    Trish was right will and Katie got married in 2011 and Meg and hazzer got married in 2018???

  26. Meredith Nolte

    Meredith Nolte15 דקות לפני

    Some of those are intrusive thoughts Trish, not demons

  27. Anna Familo

    Anna Familo16 דקות לפני

    I would leave my boyfriend for Andrew tomorrow if he wanted

  28. Dani Marie

    Dani Marie17 דקות לפני

    I really don’t think Ethan needs to lose much weight at all

  29. valérie vu

    valérie vu19 דקות לפני

    Fav duo

  30. Dani Marie

    Dani Marie19 דקות לפני

    I love the teddy fresh merch, the prices are completely reasonable I just can’t afford them. ONE DAY !! Please don’t stop making merch hila ...

  31. Raven Rose

    Raven Rose20 דקות לפני

    9:50 Trisha (an not like hitler) Present: frenemies- Trisha/ who is hitler, what did he do 🥴🙄

  32. Amna Yasir

    Amna Yasir21 דקה לפני

    Trisha trying to educate someone Jewish on their own history and culture has me on the floooorrrrr

  33. Completely Kiki

    Completely Kiki22 דקות לפני

    If you don’t have a mask, don’t ask.

  34. Kylie De Go

    Kylie De Go22 דקות לפני

    Trisha has the best karmic justice, she talks about things and then her enemies give themselves away

  35. pearl hill

    pearl hill22 דקות לפני

    not me thinking he was supposed to be palpatine

  36. taylor ann

    taylor ann23 דקות לפני

    Ethan you should try taking apple cider vinegar shots every morning it helped me lose 60 pounds in 4 months !!!

  37. i dunno

    i dunno25 דקות לפני

    I have feeling like if it was james charles sending nudes to a teen girl it would be taken much more serious by everyone

  38. Baby Boom

    Baby Boom26 דקות לפני

    Fuck David

  39. cassandra sotos

    cassandra sotos26 דקות לפני

    Casey isnt a misogynist, he's a typical little shit that is more than likely intimidated by a self-made self-reliant woman.

  40. Fearless the Swan

    Fearless the Swan26 דקות לפני

    Best frenemies episode soo far

  41. DξLΤΔ χ

    DξLΤΔ χ28 דקות לפני

    It's fucking PhillyD..... lul

  42. Crystal

    Crystal29 דקות לפני

    love The Britney a Justin outfits though lol

  43. Shelbie Hensel

    Shelbie Hensel29 דקות לפני

    Oh my gosh, I love you guys and this show. Yous always talk about having people on but never actually do . Yous are entertaining enough :) ... 🙌🏼

  44. negativeorange

    negativeorange30 דקות לפני

    it's pronounced Jimmy SAV-VELL 😂

  45. Juliana Monteiro

    Juliana Monteiro31 דקה לפני

    this duo is everything

  46. Gabby Grace

    Gabby Grace32 דקות לפני

    On behalf of eating disorder sufferers - Hey guys I love your guys' show so much and obviously discuss whatever you want. But would you be able to include a TW for weight discussion? So that when you have discussions about that we can just skip that section of the podcast. That'd be amazing. Love you both ❤️💔

  47. Sara x

    Sara x33 דקות לפני

    I dont understand "why would i risk my career for a snapchat" as if there hasnt been a ton of famous predators that chose being a perv over worrying about their career.

  48. Unlucky Angel

    Unlucky Angel34 דקות לפני

    Please dance on the tour too lmao

  49. cassie

    cassie35 דקות לפני


  50. mel i

    mel i36 דקות לפני

    awww trisha was so happy with that food thing they made for her

  51. Mariam Shergelashvili

    Mariam Shergelashvili36 דקות לפני

    I love how Ethan just knows that when Trisha posts food, it's a hint to him. True friends read each other's minds, true enemies recognize each other's patterns. Frenemies at its PEAK.

  52. Unlucky Angel

    Unlucky Angel36 דקות לפני

    One ticket for the “hate tour” please

  53. allanis paredes

    allanis paredes37 דקות לפני

    Jason and David are so disgusting

  54. Reeve

    Reeve38 דקות לפני

    You guys should talk about the jamescharlesnsfw subreddit ....

  55. Bellicose Hippie

    Bellicose Hippie39 דקות לפני

    Can we just acknowledge how actually beautiful Trish is like she’s actually stunning and nobody can say anything

  56. Nichole Lopez

    Nichole Lopez41 דקה לפני

    ethan is right there is a healthy at any size movement

  57. Kay Dawg

    Kay Dawg41 דקה לפני

    WHY is nobody talking about Trisha literally licking Ethans HAIRRRR!!!?

  58. myri

    myri42 דקות לפני

    Trisha saying she brings moses everywhere to make sure someone can back up what she says shows how much she’s been gaslighted and told she’s lying. It’s worrying.

  59. John Saucier

    John Saucier43 דקות לפני

    Electroconvulsive therapy is used mostly as a last resort when medications and therapy alone have not helped. Electroconvulsive therapy is painless and safe. A person is given a general anesthetic before the procedure so they feel nothing during it. You are then injected with a muscle relaxant. The machine delivers a small electrical pulse that traverses intermediary tissue depolarizing neurons causing them to misfire simultaneously. This is felt as a seizure. Seizures cause the two hemispheres of the brain to rapidly communicate, as electrical signals rapidly move about. This can have a threefold positive effect: New Brain cells are created, Neurotransmitters flood the brain having a lasting effect on conditions like depression and schizophrenia, and new neuro pathways are created that can allow people suffering some conditions to feel almost immediate relief.

  60. Naomi Kolawole

    Naomi Kolawole43 דקות לפני

    I've been waiting for this one

  61. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles45 דקות לפני

    Ethan has his own issues with fatness :-) go to therapy! Ethans obsession with weight is unhealthy. He does not want to be fit, he wants to be skinny. This is an eating disorder! Check ur brains out m8. For your own happiness.

  62. Alison McGann

    Alison McGann45 דקות לפני

    Could it be post malone they’re talking about since they recently had spoke about him? 🤔

  63. catgirl

    catgirl46 דקות לפני

    i feel so bad for seth </3

  64. Brit Doo

    Brit Doo47 דקות לפני

    Ethan and Trish having heated debates makes me feel like mum and dad are arguing.

  65. Destiny Vargas

    Destiny Vargas48 דקות לפני

    I love how they even make the ad reads great. I skip ad reads on all other podcasts but I don’t want to miss the content during these ad reads.

  66. Little Miss Poltergeist

    Little Miss Poltergeist49 דקות לפני

    Ethan: *mentions ww2* Trisha: is that a Schindler’s list reference?

  67. Sal Saucy

    Sal Saucy50 דקות לפני

    Secret beef is definitely Philip Defranco

  68. itsmegowd

    itsmegowd50 דקות לפני

    trisha thats psychosis. you should see someone

  69. Kristie Collins

    Kristie Collins50 דקות לפני

    Trisha seems high in this episode, could be totally wrong but just an ex addicts opinion! Hope she's doin alright