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Live: Wooden Crafts

Live: Wooden Crafts

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Wood Turning Live

Wood Turning Live

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Satisfying Wood Turning 11  #shorts
Wooden Mech Working OX #shorts

Wooden Mech Working OX #shorts

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Wood Veneer Manufacturing #shorts
Ctoom handmade keychain #shorts
Making 4 in 1 Wooden Stool #shorts
Poping Wooden Cigarette Box #shorts
Walking wooden kangaroo  #shorts
Satisfying Wood Cutting #shorts
Ctoom handmade keychain #shorts
Satisfying wood cutting #shorts
  1. Arwed Bamert

    Arwed Bamert23 שעות לפני

    ??? 🤔

  2. maro arvay

    maro arvay23 שעות לפני

    Killing planets just for this

  3. Jean Paul Carag

    Jean Paul Carag23 שעות לפני

    they wasted almost the whole log just to make at tiny stick?

  4. Narendiran J

    Narendiran J23 שעות לפני

    How much wood ur wasting to make one thin piece

  5. Studıo Ghibli

    Studıo Ghibli23 שעות לפני

    Israfa bak o tomruktan on tane oklava cikar yaziktir

  6. pablo zarate

    pablo zarate23 שעות לפני

    Que estupiez!! Es como tomar todo un arbol para hacer un mondadientes. 😠😠

  7. surena devillers

    surena devillers23 שעות לפני

    Omg! So much waste. It s outrageous.

  8. sponge_ bob

    sponge_ bob23 שעות לפני

    I think They are making wood sheets.

  9. izzy

    izzy23 שעות לפני


  10. Majin Vegeta

    Majin Vegeta23 שעות לפני

    There was about 3-4 sticks you could've got out of that log 🙄

  11. sanjay somai

    sanjay somai23 שעות לפני

    So sorry bad tree 😓😓

  12. 이태형

    이태형23 שעות לפני

  13. Christoph Michel

    Christoph Michel23 שעות לפני

    What a waste of resources. .... can't believe it.

  14. Josh 8thM

    Josh 8thMיום לפני

    We all know what we saw 😂

  15. Up Signed

    Up Signedיום לפני

    Waisting that much wood.

  16. Basit kurta Corner

    Basit kurta Cornerיום לפני


  17. Dogfights

    Dogfightsיום לפני

    What a wood waste.

  18. Graeme McKay

    Graeme McKayיום לפני

    Watched this 12 times waiting for it to show the veneer before I realised it was on a loop

  19. Juam Mateus Ribeiro Enes

    Juam Mateus Ribeiro Enesיום לפני

    Essa poha tá em looping

  20. Сергей Шевченко

    Сергей Шевченкоיום לפני

    Хороший станок из брёвен спички делать!

  21. andrew mabs

    andrew mabsיום לפני

    What a waste of wood

  22. Davek_89666

    Davek_89666יום לפני

    Quarter staff machine

  23. ff lucky

    ff luckyיום לפני

    I been watching it from an year now i know its a loop

  24. DAVON D

    DAVON Dיום לפני

    I absolutely hate to see ppl profit from creating waste! This is stupid af

  25. Tyler La

    Tyler Laיום לפני

    What a waste

  26. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bearיום לפני

    That's how you make pencils

  27. Jacklyn Salleh

    Jacklyn Sallehיום לפני

    Isn't that a HUGE WASTE...STUPID !!!

  28. Max Chauviré

    Max Chauviréיום לפני

    Tant de bois gâcher

  29. Шахта Новатор

    Шахта Новаторיום לפני

    Экономно, вот так и делают черенки на лопаты

  30. Dave Batman

    Dave Batmanיום לפני

    Youd get 4 or 5 out of that log, what a very unproductive way of making a broom handle

  31. 222 777

    222 777יום לפני

    One tree one log come on ur making me sick

  32. John Harpa

    John Harpaיום לפני

    What a waste

  33. Sonja Krämer

    Sonja Krämerיום לפני

    Was für eine Verschwendung 🙁

  34. Emir Oviedo

    Emir Oviedoיום לפני

    Que desperdicio de madera

  35. CHCoutinho Coutinho

    CHCoutinho Coutinhoיום לפני


  36. Denis Ullrich

    Denis Ullrichיום לפני

    Pure Verschwendung 🤐

  37. MrAviganer

    MrAviganerיום לפני


  38. Maximum Effort

    Maximum Effortיום לפני

    800$ of wood right there

  39. Sam Sung

    Sam Sungיום לפני

    Where is your dust collector?

  40. ti cassiani

    ti cassianiיום לפני

    Lol - toothpicks 😝

  41. pub mu

    pub muיום לפני

    Omg a big log into 1 small u could have got 10 in it

  42. Mohammed Fonseca Boukhalat

    Mohammed Fonseca Boukhalatיום לפני

    Wtf...they could also have made a toothpick out of it. 🤦#squandering

  43. jake pernito

    jake pernitoיום לפני

    That s a big chunk lumber just to make a stick your just wasting nature s resources

  44. Aaron Harthun

    Aaron Harthunיום לפני

    That's a waste of wood

  45. Dylan Sabulsky

    Dylan Sabulskyיום לפני

    Yea... this is disgusting . I hope all of that didn't go to waste

  46. Даниил Кудрявцев

    Даниил Кудрявцевיום לפני

    Ееее на циркулярке в махровых перчатках... Как говорится, было две руки, станет три.

  47. Abi NexTech

    Abi NexTechיום לפני

    What a waste! This is a useless machine!! I'm sure there's a better way!

  48. Ирина Шелепа

    Ирина Шелепаיום לפני

    Из них биты будут делать? Потому что черенок для лапаты такой прочности не нужен.

  49. kieto k

    kieto kיום לפני

    What a waste of resources, what a dumb way to produce those sticks

  50. МихалычTV или своими руками

    МихалычTV или своими рукамиיום לפני


  51. Day Life Decorer

    Day Life Decorerיום לפני


  52. Ngọc Hữu

    Ngọc Hữuיום לפני

    Lãng phí

  53. Zbyszek Zolna

    Zbyszek Zolnaיום לפני


  54. Orlando Requena

    Orlando Requenaיום לפני

    Quitarle ala tierra un árbol por un palo de escoba es el trueke mas estúpido que mis ojos an visto. Perdobalos dios no saben lo que hacen😢

  55. James Mcdermott

    James Mcdermottיום לפני

    That is fuckin magically badassery!!!lol!!

  56. [ User Deleted ]

    [ User Deleted ]יום לפני

    You guys need to realize that the wood that is byproduct will be made into plywood. Deforestation still is bad, but we try to utilize as much as we can, because it's profitable.

  57. Lê Hiếu

    Lê Hiếuיום לפני

    Phí phạm của giời

  58. V4 Vivek Pardesi channel

    V4 Vivek Pardesi channelיום לפני

    🌹चलती फिरती आंखों से अजां देखी है,🌹मैंने जन्नत तो नहीं देखी 🌹लेकिन मां देखी है।🌹 😍😍

  59. J Castro

    J Castroיום לפני

    Pero que rayos !!?? Diría Krusty el payaso.

  60. Kong Panit

    Kong Panitיום לפני

    The stick is by-product, they may extract the fiber for paper manufacturing.

  61. Preet Cheema

    Preet Cheemaיום לפני

    What a waste 😒

  62. Igor Castillo

    Igor Castilloיום לפני

    Desperdicio,muy muy mal

  63. The Alpha Doc.

    The Alpha Doc.יום לפני

    Ohh the poor guy.. he is trying to make Toblerone out of the wood 😍

  64. yhia ramon

    yhia ramonיום לפני

    What a waste of natural resources. And this is called 'progress'?!

  65. stewart humphreys

    stewart humphreysיום לפני

    A tree took 78 years to grow (28470 days) only to be chopped down and made into a garden parasol.. 🤨

  66. Max Soprano

    Max Sopranoיום לפני

    Так вот как делают черенки для лопаты!

  67. John Backen

    John Backenיום לפני

    Wish my hand was that steady

  68. Ong Sin Lucro

    Ong Sin Lucroיום לפני

    La fábrica de mondadientes

  69. Nengsih Nengsihsaja

    Nengsih Nengsihsajaיום לפני


  70. Thomas Springer

    Thomas Springerיום לפני

    Waste ! Isiah 32: 7 , Jeremiah 12: 17, and to the point, revelations 11:18

  71. Takuya O

    Takuya Oיום לפני


  72. Renardo Edwards

    Renardo Edwardsיום לפני


  73. Mike Thompson

    Mike Thompsonיום לפני

    Wow they waste so much wood!

  74. ᴄʀʏꜱᴜɪᴄᴇᴅᴇx

    ᴄʀʏꜱᴜɪᴄᴇᴅᴇxיום לפני

    Kayu segede gitu bisa ampe berpuluhan tahun eh malah cuman dibuat beberapa inci ckck

  75. lj Rebel

    lj Rebelיום לפני

    I think that's like a total waste of would like you can make 50 of those words with that one piece

  76. satyanarayan debbarma

    satyanarayan debbarmaיום לפני

    Welcome to Russia

  77. Danilo Candido jr

    Danilo Candido jrיום לפני

    Mother nature take a revenge for her loving trees be ready...she's coming....dun dun dun.dun.....

  78. علي علي

    علي عليיום לפני

    waw pravo

  79. علي علي

    علي عليיום לפני

    سبحان الله الذي خلقك