1. •may •

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    i like how jordan said purple scar for purple midas lol

  2. Twins Fan 10

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    So today we have another amazing Fortnite video!!

  3. Alexander Stevens

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    Can you pls teach me your ways

  4. Avatar 287

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    Heart this comment or else I will do nothing so I would heart this don’t say I didn’t warn you

  5. Zodiac XD

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    Imagine he hits the shotty flick at the end a clutches it

  6. Slurp !

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    Ayyooo bro u can’t disrespect my tribe like that

  7. Nixi

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    Do lazar vz ninja agan

  8. Mujtaba FortnitePro5A

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  9. Eileen Murphy

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  10. Abed Hussien

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    Seson4 omega

  11. Meme Bois OP

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    Hey can you do rapid fire vs P90 kill race. Please?

  12. yashwanth varma

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    I laughed when Jordan says it's to make some sugar

  13. rafa playz

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    4.30 purple scar for purple midas

  14. Mais Omar

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    Purple skin for Purple midas haha lol

  15. The Void HD

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    Massive flex

  16. Luke Carter

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  17. Keneツ

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    the biggest flex 5:01

  18. OW3nplayzz XP

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    I’m kinda early

  19. William Burns

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    I’ve only been watching these guys for a small time (new fan) and there already up there for my favourite youtubers

  20. cloudz -_-

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  21. Jacques Stofberg

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  22. Zaid Qadir

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    : )

  23. ICON •

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    New challenge og skins only

  24. Angad Singh Chhabra

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    I feel like it's wrong to upgrade a weapon there is no "challenge" that way

  25. シHamoody

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  26. Carlos Escoto

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    Most disliked comment?

  27. ARP 79 Gaming FF

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    "Hey I'm Poor" "I want to raise my family with poverty" "But ILmines is not giving me views" "Ya I am worse then others"😭😭😭😭😭

  28. ARP 79 Gaming FF

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    "Hey I'm Poor" "I want to raise my family with poverty" "But ILmines is not giving me views" "Ya I am worse then others"😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. ollie dawson

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  30. MiasculosXD pro

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    lugar 3000

  31. Shayden Leggett

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    here before 10 ins


    BRAVTA YKING3 שעות לפני

    When Jordan says “purple midas" 😑😐🤔🤔🤔

  33. VanexFN

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    we just new was coming

  34. fortnite robin 6752

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    Why are they called twins

  35. Henry Van Der Lith

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  36. Flewid

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  37. ChessMaster_YT

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    When u wake up at 12:30 just to watch these 2 legends

  38. Joshua Payapag

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    Joshiewashi fortnite User add me 😉

  39. adelzz FN

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    Did the io gaud kill Jordan through walls

  40. rickyrock

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    I miss the old season 4🥺🥺🥺

  41. Mohammad Eskandari

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    Love You

  42. Cod_swet _Mobilelol _yeet

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    Hi big fan btw

  43. DLM_Josh ツ

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    I love these people

  44. Nogz

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    “Purple scar for a purple Midas” -Jordan 2021

  45. dyemfn

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    Midas is not max LVL skin its banana

  46. Miro Kostadinov

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    Please somebody answer me how they enter In the same solo game

  47. gammer x family x

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    Hii I love u vids jesse and Jordan u so good

  48. Brian Eardley

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    jordan said a purple scar for the purple midas hahaha

  49. reyzz bs

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    Jordan has a ton more taller chair than jesse

  50. vanisz

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    Why the heck was my notis delayed 😤

  51. Beast

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    Level 300?

  52. carolina brengdahl

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  53. 999 WRLD

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  54. 4k_ quad

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    Love this

  55. DW_Fishy

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    “Purple scar for the purple Midas” 🤣

  56. Fluid

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  57. Gamergirl PlaysRobloxFortnite

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  58. Fresh

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    Congrats to Everyone who is early and who found this comment

  59. Anonymous Gamers

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    Claim your before 100k ticket here

  60. Broment 88

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  61. Genee' Burrows

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    10 mins ago

  62. Geneva Wallaçe

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    Hi everyone god bless you

  63. Laser Games

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    4:30 Purple Scar for the PURPLE Midas... Oh yeah.

  64. Tam Rex

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  65. Ammar Noman

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    4:32 Jordan: Purple Midas Me: WHATTTTTTT!!!!

  66. Cooper Ryan

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    I think the twins are joining pwr

  67. Micheal McLean

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    You guys forgot gold peely was the max level you had to be 350

  68. Mohammed Karolia

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    Are they streaming

  69. Mais Omar

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    X2Twins: Win every video Me: Win every week

  70. clapeddBy Tim ˋ— ́

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  71. Shizal Tariq

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    Are there pump shotguns in season 5

  72. A big Muffin

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    The new pirate dance makes me think mabe season 8 map

  73. Opgamer

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    Mides failed on spawn island lol

  74. Thm qasim

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    Day 15 of trying to get famous off comments to “live the dream”

  75. Rufus Howe

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    Purple scar for the purple Midas 🤔

  76. Milkky

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    Still mad I never got max omega 😔

  77. OSP_Fr1zzy

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  78. keatenlol

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    For me its literally 5:38AM

  79. G4LXY

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    U guys are 2 op

  80. Darth Vader

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