Joshua Bassett
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    Driver License Skin Lie Lie Lie Me: Am I watching a disney movie 👁👄👁

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  4. Gwendoline Valles

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    Can't stop listening to this !

  5. Alexander Mathe

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    One question........was this song referring to Olivia Rodrigo?????

  6. gabriela 123

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    This is insanely good. Like. Insanely good. Those vocals and those lyrics. Instantly became my new favorite song.

  7. Aarti Jain

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    Can anyone just apperitiate how high his voice can reach? This song is 💯 amazing

  8. Aaron JudgeFan

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    I’m not even kidding when I say this one of the best and rawest live performances i’ve seen on yt

  9. Jennifer Calicdan

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    Can I know that you love Olivia more than Sabrina carpenter because you never looked at Sabrina carpenter ever the way that she look at Olivia go so I know that inside you love her we're just not breathing it out She can't get remind you know he loves you and you don't get that Olivia I made a song for you but instead of Sabrina carpenter she said skin and that was making really upset because she said You are under Sabrina carpenter skin And it hurts Olivia And Sabrina says the messed up stuff Olivia in her song said she perfect and stuff and said nice stuff and all you guys wanna do is get her out and That's not how it's right You guys were best friends and that's not how Best friends work In high school musical the musical the series you guys were all lovey-dovey and Guys broke up into and Does it make sense

  10. Marshai Busby-Peterson

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    All this drama in his song Sabrina song and Olivia song

  11. dosieseed

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    2:34 he raises hiss hand and its dope

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    I love it

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    wow, how good has been his dressing in this song 😍

  15. Nevaehisaweirdo

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    why do i feel like he's wearing a cheap spiderman suit lmfao-

  16. Sadie Stilwell

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    i really like this song. heck the drama

  17. Jennifer Calicdan

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    And in interviews you look at her so stop the fake you know you love her Go get her and KISS her

  18. Jennifer Calicdan

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    And in the show you said it I know it was not a lie cause how you look at her it does not look like you don't love her so you do

  19. Jennifer Calicdan

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    Go to Olivia and tell her you love her cause I know you do than Sabrina I am not stupid and in driver's license she did not lie if you are talking about in her song. You love her go tell her I know she loves you because she made a song for you

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    surprised this was not made with VEMO.

  21. Alicia Pau

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    he goes from darling what the hell to darling ill be fine

  22. Jordan Lee

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    The Only Things a Song needs Is Instrumets Vocals Lyrics and that is a Masterpice

  23. Victoria Grazette

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    I just love watching as they play y'all. There isn't drama lol. It's either a way to market each other's songs or it's all planned. Plus Josh was writing this song before driver's license. And he heard driver's license soo long ago. Way before we all knew it was going to happen. So maybe when he heard it he was like let me make an r4espnse and Sabrina did the same thing. Im actually dead on how y'all could be so fooled lol.

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    No encuentro ningún comentario en español Tu tampoco lo encontrabas ajdjdj😅

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    But I like the song

  26. bk2126

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    Why would you do that to Olivia!

  27. Imari Swartz

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    Is this song for Olivia?

  28. Imari Swartz

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    Okay I love this song way better then sabrinas and olivias

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    Sooooooo the tea is hot but like ngl this is a GOOD song

  30. cry for me

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    No talent

  31. Vanesa Villasenor

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    wow it all goes together now😮😮😲😳

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    I love this song❤️

  33. Melissa Kaleka

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    This song gives me "Summer of 2016" vibes

  34. Celestial K

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    Ok wow like the person from the comment section of Lie Lie Lie was right his voice and songs are like drugs oh I’m fucked🙂🥲

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    Eu amo..

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    “Driver’s license” “Skin” “Lie Lie Lie”

  37. Cara Regina V

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    I don't see what she sees in him oh no 😫😭

  38. Emily Sangster

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    I bet oliva cried when she heard this song. She prob psst

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  40. Kathy Gee

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    I kinda like the girls' music videos better ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    No offence but u sound like a two yr old

  42. Lujain Yaish

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    I memorized the whole song this is so good!

  43. Error 57

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    *chefs kiss* The “bye bye bye bye bye” at the end 🥵

  44. Jill Fifield

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    he sings he dances he plays basketball hes the real troy bolten

  45. Jill Fifield

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    how could you do something like that to Olivia? shes amazing. i thought you loved her. and so did everybody else

  46. Mike Marchialette

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    I feel like this video only has 10 million views because Olivia Rodrigo

  47. Salome Sing

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    I uploaded a cover of this beautiful song, if someone wants to check it out, feel free but it would make me happy!! :)

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  49. JustBeNisey

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    Joshy ooooo i love you <3

  50. Helline Marques

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    I love his work, he's a wonderful writer

  51. Helline Marques

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    This song is so freaking good!!!!!

  52. mia lomuntad

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    why does this song make me feel guilty for something i didnt do

  53. Rohan Hiatt

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    1:34 my g u know ur on disney right?

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    I love this song and so excited for season 2

  55. Aliyah Vargas

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    Olivia makes one song guy coming right at her IsInT He DaTiNg SaBrInA

  56. Aliyah Vargas

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    Is this song for Olivia or for Sabrina

  57. Vicky Montiel

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    In real life he knows what Olivia has to go through in hsmts

  58. Terezka Kasparkova

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    I love this song so much😍

  59. Darionna Shorts

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    skin lielielie driver license witch is better me: SKINNNNN and lielie i dont really like olivea rodrig songs but i like her acting

  60. Nayzinha Leticia

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    Homi podi

  61. Patricija McCauley

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    Lol next thing we know Sabrina will be on High school musical the series

  62. Patricija McCauley

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    ok but- I-- why did-- oh no-- what-- ohhhhh my goshh-- nooo I just found this in my recommended and its 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Vanessa Feeney

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    i feel like i am in the middle of it all sorry oliva but im on sabrina and joshua s side

  65. Gymnastics, Beauty And more

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    To be honest i like this one better.

  66. Jean Tin Liew

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    Olivia Rodrigo made Joshua Bassett! Plus, c'mon guys. Olivia Rodrigo is way prettier than Sabrina Carpenter. He probably just dates her for her money and fame.

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    Shawn Mendas wannabe

  68. weysdffg xx

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    This is how we have fight in 2021 people if you're mad at something shut up and write a song about it. Bonus points if you deny all associations.

  69. Tyler Evans

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    I cant stop singing this lol

  70. Junior Cain

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    Tell me why there's an Olivia Rodrigo ad in the video of Joshua Bassett? My theory is this is all one big scheme collab with Olivia, Sabrina, and Joshua, tbh, anyways, lmk what y'all think... Not that I don't like their music, I LOVE THEIR MUSIC.

  71. Sophia Knightley

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    People really should stop accusing these singers and just appreciate how wonderful these songs are...

  72. oitsbea

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    there is something about the live version. this has so much emotion that I couldn't not get so captivated im in awe

  73. oitsbea

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    this was so authentically perfect. my favourite raw performance I have ever heard, wow

  74. Adi Atlas

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    Who else saw the middle finger. 👁️👄👁️

  75. Sakura Ake

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    His voice sounds so good Waaaa

  76. Saara Fatima

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    Did u really have to write this. Olivia if u are reading this I am sry for you and I am a biggg fan :)

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    This song is amazing



    It feels they made all this just for attention and seld promotion.

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    youre so talented