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  1. 蝶の花mariposa sakura

    蝶の花mariposa sakura49 דקות לפני

    I take cold showers sometimes. It's a cold living hell but I still do it...

  2. Garnett Tomasi

    Garnett Tomasi49 דקות לפני

    Be careful Zach

  3. WetAedr

    WetAedr49 דקות לפני

    Atleast 500k nah about 5m more

  4. Garnett Tomasi

    Garnett Tomasi51 דקה לפני

    I think that trend was for a l s or something like that

  5. Olivia Georgeson

    Olivia Georgeson51 דקה לפני

    I love all the guys but Zack not even putting his whole legs in really bothered me 😂 like it super bothered me. 😂😂

  6. Solange Genevieve

    Solange Genevieve51 דקה לפני

    Does anyone remember What not to Wear?

  7. applextree

    applextree52 דקות לפני

    okay Zach, you gotta drop where you got that bath shelf sitting in front of you. I've been looking for one for ages. And two: did it help with your chronic pain or inflammation?

  8. Valebel

    Valebel52 דקות לפני


  9. Garnett Tomasi

    Garnett Tomasi53 דקות לפני

    Is this similar to the a.l.s trend for ice baths?

  10. ::star girl::

    ::star girl::53 דקות לפני

    Meanwhile me with anxiety: *gets panic attack with cold showers*

  11. Stephanie DeJesus

    Stephanie DeJesus53 דקות לפני

    Zach is disqualified. He was NOT in there as deep as the others

  12. MsSpeakmymind

    MsSpeakmymind53 דקות לפני

    I watched this in a nice toasty bath eating ice cream and strawberries.

  13. kitkatd1

    kitkatd153 דקות לפני

    Keith- sounds like a turkey Zack- bleep bleep bleep Eugene - noises you would hear from a bedroom Ned- someone having a emotional breakdown

  14. Taco Cat

    Taco Cat53 דקות לפני

    I be over here yelling at them but then I realized I don’t even know how to make brownies...

  15. Lily Pop

    Lily Pop53 דקות לפני

    Omg plushie SLIPPERS!! 😍😍😍😍

  16. Ana Pisani

    Ana Pisani54 דקות לפני

    eugene's rank is totally right in my opinion

  17. ::star girl::

    ::star girl::54 דקות לפני

    Why did they have to bring weight loss into this, sheesh? 😒 I’d have been happier if it was just a funky challenge, not bringing in claims that may or may not be true

  18. Naudia Vitela

    Naudia Vitela55 דקות לפני

    The way she was NOT HELPING them understand the question was so annoying Bahahah Keith really showed it too

  19. Natalia Arlovskaya

    Natalia Arlovskaya56 דקות לפני

    This reminded of that one year when my pe was in 2nd period and the pool was cold as fuck that not even swimming for 45 mins warmed us up. My classmates and I were chattering till 3rd period

  20. MirkaHK

    MirkaHK58 דקות לפני

    Watch Eurovision and vote. :)

  21. captainslam

    captainslam59 דקות לפני

    5:32 🥵

  22. abiabipo

    abiabipo59 דקות לפני

    Lol the hotdogs, so polarizing! Also, where are my sundaes?

  23. Niamh Johnson

    Niamh Johnsonשעה לפני

    Me being English and so confused 😂😂 took me a while but I got it 😋

  24. Annie Zirkel

    Annie Zirkelשעה לפני

    Staying in an ice bath for longer than like 15 minutes and emerging your heart and neck is a little dangerous. You can literally freeze your organs from the outside. If anyone does this be very careful of that.

  25. Athena Velasco

    Athena Velascoשעה לפני

    Only Eugene's still had ice cubes in it??

  26. Evan S.

    Evan S.שעה לפני

    Zack does it count if your feet aren’t in DOES IT

  27. v bechtel

    v bechtelשעה לפני

    "when do you wear it?" "..." "oh heh ok" when I tell you I WHEEZED

  28. Annie Zirkel

    Annie Zirkelשעה לפני

    I literally do this everyday. This is nothing

  29. Bridgett Catron

    Bridgett Catronשעה לפני

    Omg the conclusion: "you get boobies in the first episode" i died

  30. imvlm

    imvlmשעה לפני

    Is this like.. safe

  31. milady Pink

    milady Pinkשעה לפני

    I do radical hot-to-cold showers....but only when the heat runs out lol

  32. thequeenofsmiles

    thequeenofsmilesשעה לפני

    I don’t know what’s happening here but Keith is suddenly looking younger. Reveal your secrets.

  33. Rokie Aj

    Rokie Ajשעה לפני

    I’m gonna start taking cold showers now

  34. Sarah Ashta

    Sarah Ashtaשעה לפני

    Eugene.... just hot 🔥

  35. Catty Chatt

    Catty Chattשעה לפני

    I lowkey want one of these but with just TLC shows because I feel like TLC is it's own category with so many iconic shows

  36. MeganRose

    MeganRoseשעה לפני

    I love the different types of thermometers lol idk why but I do haha

  37. Dr. love

    Dr. loveשעה לפני

    OKAY EUGENE THIS IS ENOUGH IS TIME TO STOP PRETENDING THAT U ARE HUMAN 😠 how the f*** can he be perfect at everything

  38. Mike van Vliet

    Mike van Vlietשעה לפני

    Wait nobody ever did this at a sauna? First getting hot in the sauna and then cooling of in an ice tub. Most difficult thing is your head in the water, but such a great feeling! And amazing for your skin!

  39. Jessica L

    Jessica Lשעה לפני

    Damn right! I don’t like 1D! 😊 😂

  40. Kara Richardson

    Kara Richardsonשעה לפני

    10:16 -I declare a thumb war

  41. Tal Katie

    Tal Katieשעה לפני

    1:39 The ocean in your hemisphere is cold, not all over the world, specially when you're in South East Asia.

  42. Sandra Smilek-Edwards

    Sandra Smilek-Edwardsשעה לפני

    The fact that I had 7 separate ad blocks come up while watching this video is crazy

  43. v bechtel

    v bechtelשעה לפני

    Keith and eugene putting their heads on each other's shoulders is so cute omg

  44. Mads

    Madsשעה לפני

    The try wives should have taped themselves outside of the bathrooms during this fiasco lmao

  45. episode and bloxburg

    episode and bloxburgשעה לפני

    yall im a pisces and this shit is too real

  46. Vixe the female Fox

    Vixe the female Foxשעה לפני

    6:25 cold Keith noises

  47. *v dyme

    *v dymeשעה לפני

    Keith looks like Joe Biden lol

  48. Reeeemer

    Reeeemerשעה לפני

    Did Zach get in?

  49. I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!

    I WANT ŞĘX !!! SEE MY VÌDEÓ !!!שעה לפני

    GROWWW ok* Alones fine

  50. Kush Kumar

    Kush Kumarשעה לפני

    9:25 when people lose their virginity

  51. Victoria Sofia

    Victoria Sofiaשעה לפני

    My family and I moved to a new house back in June, and I remember when I cleared out stuff from my room. I agreed with Ariel's "one-year rule" so I used that idea when I decided what to throw away. But later, I regretted throwing away some stuff. :( If you're also clearing stuff out before moving to a new house, to just do a big clean-up, etc. think more carefully about throwing stuff away!

  52. Demetrius Miquel

    Demetrius Miquelשעה לפני

    Lmao. Ned doing the donkey kicks at the end chanting “booty” is literally me in the gym 🤣

  53. Isabel Deangelis

    Isabel Deangelisשעה לפני

    Be careful with the hot cold method its a little dangerous. The process is linked into going into a cardiac arrest due to a rapid change of temperature



    I'm gOnnA gO Eat A sAndwIch

  55. Jeanna Saunders

    Jeanna Saundersשעה לפני

    Why did my whole body tense up at 3:10 LOL OH MAN

  56. Nicole Hood

    Nicole Hoodשעה לפני

    Oh they’ve gone titanic.

  57. Abi Amaya

    Abi Amayaשעה לפני

    literally need one of these right now, this lower back injury is killing me and the ice backs aren’t doing enough. our MRI request to figure off if i have a lumbar hairline fracture, soft tissue damage, or a torn ligament got denied so i’m struggling with the excruciating pain every waking minute and a below freezing ice bath sounds fantastic.

  58. Sarah Wulf

    Sarah Wulfשעה לפני

    eugenes bathroom pothos are goals af 😍😍

  59. Miranda Farrar

    Miranda Farrarשעה לפני

    is it bad that I wish they hated The Biggest Loser more

  60. Kara G

    Kara Gשעה לפני

    So You Think You Can Dance is typing......

  61. Ree_michele

    Ree_micheleשעה לפני

    Yea my cold urticaria says pass on this challenge

  62. Shiann Cummings

    Shiann Cummingsשעה לפני

    I think they need to revisit this.

  63. Charlee Haller

    Charlee Hallerשעה לפני

    10:01 for Eugene sex sounds. You're welcome.

  64. Nat Nat

    Nat Natשעה לפני

    Eugene was the only one with ice in his bath... Zac didn't even sit in the bath...

  65. Faviana Sosaya

    Faviana Sosayaשעה לפני

    I love Zach

  66. Joseph Pellerito

    Joseph Pelleritoשעה לפני

    Ned and Eugene killed it. Zach and Keith were like testing the water the whole time. Ha

  67. stussycat77

    stussycat77שעה לפני

    There’s no part of zach’s body that is submerged. Nut up man, submerge something... all the other 3 did

  68. JohanneNJA

    JohanneNJAשעה לפני

    Wauw you guys, you've come a long way. You all seem so happy now, and it's obvious you all are being loved and cared for ❤️ It's amazing to watch 👏👏

  69. VocaloidLux

    VocaloidLuxשעה לפני

    I am SHOOK that 90 Day Fiance wasn't included anywhere in this video.

  70. midorishiwa

    midorishiwaשעה לפני

    Next winter when we can travel again you should try like a Christmas Eve swim in a cold lake somewhere

  71. Leon Youm

    Leon Youmשעה לפני

    Kind of late but ok

  72. sassysockss225 sass

    sassysockss225 sassשעה לפני

    Watching them do the breathing just made me realize how much I love the try guys hahaha

  73. LynxChan

    LynxChanשעה לפני

    Zach is looking way more fit these days! I hope he's feeling as healthy as he's looking!

  74. Anthony Smith

    Anthony Smithשעה לפני

    14:45 I beat you to it Keith(;

  75. Depressed Potato66

    Depressed Potato66שעה לפני

    Keith won!!!!!

  76. binkotsu

    binkotsuשעה לפני

    isn't this something you do to increase your fertility?

  77. Morgan Cole

    Morgan Coleשעה לפני

    *laughs in cross country runner*

  78. Tiffany Mielke

    Tiffany Mielkeשעה לפני

    I would love a tea cup with a hot ankles stand. That would be sooo cool.

  79. Thatguy Dylan

    Thatguy Dylanשעה לפני

    Screw the ice baths can we talk about how Keith has a shower that can instantly switch between hot and cold

  80. Karla Rivera

    Karla Riveraשעה לפני

    Zack barely soaked his butt lmao that's cheating my dude