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  1. Ni Ka

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    sungchan is such a baby and i am loving it

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    ZIYAO LIAO4 שעות לפני


  5. •Bubu_ Chan127•

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  6. Christy Lara

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    So handsome boy

  7. Saven LeVenz

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    Ayo who said he could be so beautiful like that without warning me first

  8. Loreyn_529

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    me: *freaking out cuz i have the same converse* also me: dumb bitch 🙄

  9. jungwoo zen19

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    You really did well baby, proud🥺❤️

  10. Ella P.

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    "we always do this" hehehehehe

  11. ksj92

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    double visual attack

  12. sprout land

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    They're so prettyyy

  13. Agatha Wijaya

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  14. bong

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    The way Jungwoo said "COSMOPOLITAN" is so sexy and I cannot 😳💚💚💚

  15. bong

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    Serving us their visuals, me be like: HANDS DOWN FOR THEM 🙇

  16. y Iil

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  17. Junnie

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    Gracias Xiaojun por la receta de galletas oreo, te amo 😘💚💚

  18. 이한나

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    심장 떨려서 전체화면으로는 못보겠다

  19. ksj92

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    sungchan cutie

  20. Elok Synta

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    Goes to 3M Lets Go!

  21. Asti Hendrawan

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    Idk why these video of Jung Sungchan makes me so happy 🥰

  22. Johnny Suh

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    wtf he's so handsome here ???

  23. Madi Diaveli

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    Sungchan Sungchan Sungchan Sungchan I loves you okay

  24. Ariel Star

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    His hair is gorgeous (and Sungchan the man himself, too). Such purity and naturalness to him. Loving and caring personality as well.

  25. Gabriele Furtado

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    Ele é perfeito

  26. Augusti Ulina

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    I love you Lee Taeyong

  27. Hensoo Wongdo

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    Sunchan looking freshhh as always

  28. StanAespa Winter

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    Sungchan did an Amazing job!! He’s so respectful towards the staff, honest, and joyful!! 💚💚💚 He’s so handsome!! 😍😍😍 I hope he knows the love we have for him and that we are here to support him in many ways! NCT 2020 best year for us! 🤩💚

  29. mahzalina

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    So cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  30. Andrew Im

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    후드 어디꺼예요 밤비군

  31. 탤'

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  32. Weet S

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    저렇게 생기면 거울 보는 일이 세상에서 제일 재밌을듯

  33. hannah

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    i just want to cry bc how good they look

  34. xiuxiu

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  35. Francine Kyle

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    I bet sungchan does drink a lot of SM water, I want to drink SM water too.

  36. Salwa salsabila

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    Gantengnya gada obat💚

  37. Uri Ten

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    You not have akhlak,😭

  38. sprout land

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    I'm cryinggg Sungchan is so pretty 😭

  39. Wando Yanskin

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    Sungchan vai propaganda de perfume cheio corpo , ele tempo modelo exatamente parecendo ainda photoshop especiais algo bastante

  40. Azziyah Putri Aprilia

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    Lapak perolengan🙃

  41. 32_Twenandasari brata

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    Ahhh... Aku oleng ke sungchanㅠㅠ

  42. resa nana

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    Cakep bgtttt ihhhh sungchan!!!!

  43. hasya dhiya'

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    I can't... with his handsomeness

  44. Paul Jack

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  45. s t a y c h e l l i n '

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    11:40 the way Lucas loves to talk about ordinary things using philosophical or metaphorical ways.. hahahah it makes me think of his speech on why we should sleep naked because actually we should liberate ourselves and relax from head to toes.. lmao love you, xuxi~~

  46. Kadekyuni 1701

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    Ganteng bnget jirr

  47. Salsa Camiliya

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    yang mabok markli cung ☝🏻

  48. yuwinren is love

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    he's handsome and beautiful at the same time.. how can-

  49. ten catboy

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    i miss shotaro😃

  50. 레몬

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    Shotaro deserve his own solo vlive and content.. Solo plz🙏

  51. Daisy Tai

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    yangyang isnt skinny jeans, skinny jeans is yangyang

  52. Katalina Hernandez

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    you did great bebé 💚💚

  53. zoe

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    i love you

  54. SM회식비셔틀

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    우리 주변에 잘생긴 사람이 없는 이유 다 아시겠죠?

  55. Alfiah Fatwah

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    B-but W-why is he so pretty in this video?🥺

  56. Ming Taku

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    Winwin waking up 5am and going to bed after I hr saying gud night I was like.::::::::

  57. /minkim rokie

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    Esta bien bonito uwu

  58. analove hernandes

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    Que ermoso. PresiosoVaVy esmuy beyo

  59. /minkim rokie

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    Our new MC !! Sungchan fighting!!

  60. N_ Creat21

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    sungchan is easier to get along with than Jisung in my opinion, our chicks are still too awkward, haha

  61. Lú!

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    This kid... Why are you so fine?!!! 😭 Unreal!!! Your smiling face in that photo with the cleanser tho... A cutie! 💚

  62. missisipi gonzales

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    ngl Sungchan stealing the work to the models. Also, look at this guy, her smile produces something in my heart, such a cutie.><

  63. Kettelen Casas

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    Aí como eu amo esse menino 🤧

  64. Ming Taku

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    Winwin so amazing person wid pure heart💕💕💕

  65. 호롤로로ᅥ로롤

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    울 아기 밤비 넘 기특행 ㅠㅠ

  66. Jeanette Felix

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    jungwoo is really face genius wow

  67. Adel Mecca

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    really handsome, i like that❤️

  68. Prita Safira

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    His visual is no joke

  69. erxmeeza

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    So he is modeling for what brand?

  70. fantastic elastic

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  71. Franzy Mestiola

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  72. no thanks haha

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  73. Reem Mohsin

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    Just a reminder that this is the most viewed relay.And he was just waiting for coffee

  74. Ronald M

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    Chenle el mejor chico del mundo

  75. Dewi Ewi

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    Yg langsung nyanyi masih kuingat selalu saat ~~~

  76. Luciana

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  77. nathali Moura

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    Quando ele derrubou o golfinho ksksksk a mano o sungchan é tudo

  78. babyjin

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    Sungchan really looks like Taeyong's baby at some angles

  79. tselseya

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    Sungchan handsome!! Pretty face!!! 😍

  80. Ellah Mglln

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    Huhu i wish it was longer 😢but yea I'm still happy seeing Johnny happy