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Live with Cardi B

Live with Cardi B

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Cardi B - Money (Official Audio)
  1. Jakhi Moore

    Jakhi Mooreדקה לפני

    You are amazing

  2. park_ zina_

    park_ zina_דקה לפני

    I love you I am your fan Arabic From Algeria 🎀💓💓💓🎀☪🇩🇿

  3. Maira a

    Maira aדקה לפני

    Gringos adelante de sus Padres:👁👄👁 Latinos: BAILABLE

  4. Leslie Anderson

    Leslie Anderson2 דקות לפני

    Super MegaStar!!!😍

  5. Nicky avakin

    Nicky avakin3 דקות לפני


  6. Trent Gibbs

    Trent Gibbs3 דקות לפני


  7. rxqa

    rxqa3 דקות לפני

    5:43 umm yall see what i see.....

  8. maream- Saif

    maream- Saif5 דקות לפני

    Love you

  9. Erika

    Erika5 דקות לפני

    "eating halal, driving a lamb"

  10. CAPA FF

    CAPA FF5 דקות לפני

    "Literalmente 99% não vera isso mais que Deus te abençoe sempre"😘

  11. Yorick Betfort

    Yorick Betfort6 דקות לפני

    Kinda sound like some Iggy Azalea song

  12. charles avila

    charles avila6 דקות לפני

    With music like that I wish I didn’t know English! But wasn’t she the one that said she was gonna leave the U.S. to another country. She’s still here? FUCK!

  13. Ghost Killer

    Ghost Killer6 דקות לפני

    Now I want to kill myself. Thank you Cardi

  14. Hernan Popritkin

    Hernan Popritkin6 דקות לפני

    Motivation by Normani as a reference.

  15. Jaffo

    Jaffo8 דקות לפני

    Just a quick reminder, this video is monetized.


    MARCCNE_ KISSES8 דקות לפני

    My mom said cardi is so inappropriate ahah

  17. Camila Paulino

    Camila Paulino8 דקות לפני

    I Love You

  18. Daouad Solide

    Daouad Solide8 דקות לפני

    Where are you, sons of Algeria 🇩🇿

  19. Badare joy

    Badare joy9 דקות לפני

    When is part 3 coming,pls we need it😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Badare joy

    Badare joy11 דקות לפני

    I cannot stand in front of those many people half naked

  21. javi Collao Venegas

    javi Collao Venegas11 דקות לפני

    The song is bad i don t like dardi d

  22. kokolatte825

    kokolatte82511 דקות לפני

    Not tongue kissing in the video in the middle of a pandemic with new strains and variants every month!

  23. Hewra

    Hewra12 דקות לפני


  24. Edgy

    Edgy12 דקות לפני

    "Macaroni in the pot!"

  25. Nicky avakin

    Nicky avakin13 דקות לפני


  26. Nicky avakin

    Nicky avakin13 דקות לפני


  27. Anthony Harper

    Anthony Harper14 דקות לפני


  28. Jahnaysia Oneal

    Jahnaysia Oneal14 דקות לפני

    This my song

  29. Jahnaysia Oneal

    Jahnaysia Oneal14 דקות לפני


  30. Jahnaysia Oneal

    Jahnaysia Oneal14 דקות לפני

    Aye this my song

  31. Eda Berra Dertli

    Eda Berra Dertli14 דקות לפני

    Kılıp güzel olmamış

  32. Ibrahim harluschka

    Ibrahim harluschka14 דקות לפני


  33. evilmatrixgaminj1

    evilmatrixgaminj115 דקות לפני


  34. Jaden Engelhardt

    Jaden Engelhardt15 דקות לפני

    So this can be here but god forbid a coco melon distrack as a joke

  35. MC Henrique

    MC Henrique15 דקות לפני

    Nois E Pika Cardi B E Buraco Foguete Não Tem Ré 😨🤔🐊😇

  36. Team Sonic All Everyday Real SremmLife Family

    Team Sonic All Everyday Real SremmLife Family15 דקות לפני

    I’m Said Creakilfed Freak Seven Days A Week Wet Wet Give Everything You Got For This Wet wet and gushy bring and mop bucket water 💦 big Mack truck little grange I don’t cook I don’t clean but I tell this how ring gooble swallow dip side of me down Inside Of me talk your bite lip shi Swipe Your Nose Created Card Big Stand D Big Feeder Bottom He Ate My Ah Put his Knees Never Lost a Fight Beat if Hang My Feelings Hurt But I Like Pain Your honor freak handcuffs leashes switch my wig make ya bust before ya bust switch my wig make ya

  37. ashton kassi

    ashton kassi17 דקות לפני

    1.1 m dislikes y’all haters asf took the time to click onto the video thoo 😭😭

  38. Jessica Willie

    Jessica Willie17 דקות לפני

    I think cardi and sweetie should do a collaboration

  39. Howto

    Howto18 דקות לפני

    So much energy and dedication 🙌

  40. Dilşat Arslan

    Dilşat Arslan19 דקות לפני

    çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş çüş

  41. andrea

    andrea20 דקות לפני .

  42. Shania Belizaire

    Shania Belizaire20 דקות לפני

    I see you cardi 🥰🥰 you my favorite rapper

  43. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger21 דקה לפני

    If yall think this is bad..... Search up deepthroat 😳😭💀

  44. Emilia Pelesz

    Emilia Pelesz22 דקות לפני

    the cheetah sitting there like :|

  45. Mark Creative

    Mark Creative22 דקות לפני

    Great day

  46. Melanie Gayle

    Melanie Gayle22 דקות לפני

    This song makes me wanna tell covid " lil bitch you cant fuck with me if you wanted to".

  47. She - Is - Tel M

    She - Is - Tel M23 דקות לפני

    I just want to know why she is only wearing one heel on the platform? 😆

  48. Sabrina Trache

    Sabrina Trache24 דקות לפני


  49. Soccer Man2030

    Soccer Man203025 דקות לפני

    WAP Weaponized Assault Penguins

  50. Nyssa Patel

    Nyssa Patel26 דקות לפני

    She’s kida invert appropriate

  51. Valeria Aguilar

    Valeria Aguilar26 דקות לפני

    you should do a remix video with Megan Or Doja Or Ariana

  52. maru kal

    maru kal26 דקות לפני

    1:50 ummm she is sitting on a naked dude lol

  53. latania honeygan

    latania honeygan28 דקות לפני


  54. Orange

    Orange29 דקות לפני

    this song is a bop, for what? Why?

  55. jose Matias

    jose Matias29 דקות לפני

    Who else here waits for "wap" making of part ll😪💔

  56. A

    A30 דקות לפני

    *Exci exci excitante*

  57. Kk Queen

    Kk Queen30 דקות לפני


  58. BarbzStudios

    BarbzStudios30 דקות לפני

    Waiting for part 2 ☠️

  59. Briauna

    Briauna31 דקה לפני

    Cardi went tf off on this one🔥🔥👏

  60. POPADOC LifeStyle

    POPADOC LifeStyle31 דקה לפני

    I don’t care who did it 1st she did it better

  61. BarbzStudios

    BarbzStudios31 דקה לפני

    So where is wap part 2

  62. Buse Kaya

    Buse Kaya32 דקות לפני

    Iconic queen

  63. Manuel Peres

    Manuel Peres32 דקות לפני


  64. Angel Spivey

    Angel Spivey33 דקות לפני

    The song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Diallo Dicko

    Diallo Dicko34 דקות לפני

    Cardi b est belle


    BARACOUDABOY34 דקות לפני

    bonjour de FRANCE

  67. Ana Alves

    Ana Alves35 דקות לפני

    we know that most are Brazilian kkkkk